Composer: Funk: Rythem Pop:

Composition: A.George Dave Prince:

It’s Got to be you:

Corus: 1. yew! it is got to be you,

Oh baby don’t you go,

Oh baby don’t you go,

2. Yew! it is got to be  you,

Oh baby do not go away from me.

Verse 1. I Love you from the bottom of my heart,

Please do not try to tear my heart apart,

Be with me, and I be with you,

Don’t you go a way from me.

Course: Yew! it’s got to be you.

Oh baby don’t you go,

Oh baby don’t you go,

Yew it’s got to be you.

Oh baby don’t go away from me.


Verse 2.   Will you commit to my love,

Engagement and Marriage is still yet to come,

Be with me, and I be with you.

Do not go away from me.

Bridge: She part of me,

She is with in me,

She always be, Part of my Life,

No matter how, far or near she would be,

She always be in my heart:…….


  Corus: 1 Yew! it’s got to be you,

Oh baby don’t you go,

Oh baby don’t you go,

Corus 2;   Yew! it’s got to be you,

Oh baby don’t go away from me: (I Love you).


Oh baby don’t you go away from me,

Oh baby don’t you go away from me.


Little Miniature Midget’s Economic Community:

Author: Serge

Word count: 9006

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Internet Page: WEbook:
Written Name: Serge:

Whitby, Ontario, Canada
    Revise Vision Visuals Repair:

: : A. George Dave Prince

: : Little Miniature Midget Globe Economy Neighbour Hood:

Conesus Ability:


Tiarai: Telepathic Wild Animal Soul Creatures:
Sophie: Telepathic Domestic animals of society:

Divan: Telepathic: Tiny Creatures: Insect and Species:

Soaria : Aquatic Telepathic: Motion impulse and sound vibration:

Sea Creatures of Depth of the Deep:
: : Ronny and Susan: Velocity acrobat stellet, and stamina endurance quickness speed, Bravery muscle with Strength Competitors,  Challengers of sport’s that competes. The challenge to bow with honour with respect or shake hands with no hard feelings not to be a spoil sport, this is not Marshal Art of assault combat, Weaponry battle of war defense or attacks. Competition of sports based on Strategic, contest teasers, state brain of mind Billiard, Board games, Competition of the Strategy sports and the Olympics.

:: No should be hurt.

: :

: : Tito: Telekinetic: Tec Connective:

: : Residential and Industrial area residual Inventorial, Recovery:

: : Pieces of the puzzle search clue Finder: Detective Solver:

: :

: : Tonia: Telekinesis Partnership: Conesus Connective Elevation movement, rotational state of Mind.  Brain transference object pattern movement elevated with directional path.

: :

: :

: : Shane: Compositional Composer:  Notational Note, Instrumental, Lyrical Writer,  and Leader

Jamaal:  Telekinections: the push; manipulates the state of mind Images, and Imitations the craft reshape:

: :

: :  Shania: Field Impulse Nome: Forester or Gardener soil root field Meadow Channeling   Konnecticut and Environmentalist: Area location map locator: Forest or Garden, Cottage Lake: plants  and their  Best Friend:

: :

: :

: :

: : Zoologist: Field Studier of Wild, Safari Soul Creature

: :

: : Farmer: Dale: Pulse Tele-Conesus fix mechanism operation repair, farm animals of the corral control and through the brain telepath state of mind: Telekinesis: Elevation stable, barn repairer:

: :

Fire fighters: Pharaoh Kenosis Detectors of residential and Industrial of component of Hydrogen heat and Gases.

:: Undetectable elementary elements odor of the visible and unseen misty viper’s of deadly gases. Scamptic map and escape areas. No eating on the job. Breaks or must be off Duty when not working. Vehicles must clear the area in case of emergencies:

Shelia: Body Kenosis Conductive Serge Electricity, Serge Induce body Protector:  Zap Static shock fusion. Energy: Electricity Carrior: Endurance, or Excises Participation, Shelia conserves her energy: Early to rest, Early Riser.  She is well rested.  Hydro water station is separated another story.

:: David: Barrior:  Materialization Conversion Phase through: Transportor, portal Inter-dimensional Gateway channeling. Through Stone hedge Wall and Barrior Walls, bricks, doors, or gates.

The Cook: Chief: Recipe Compound components elements of food the Restaurant. —————————

: : ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

: :

: : Conesus Ability: Evolution Consists elevation state of minds transference connective with objects, height abilities, mechanical shift pattern movement:

: : Teleportation: Transfer beam of particle light from to and from stellar galaxies worlds.
: : Lavation: Flotation floatation ascends or descends

: : Telekinesis: State mind of: Elevation movement, rotational state of Mind.

Brain transference object pattern movement elevated with directional path.
transference and direct with object movement:

: :

: : Telekinections: the push; manipulates the state of mind Images, and Imitations the craft reshape:

: :

: : Notational Instrumental Notes: Rhythm and soul of connective pattern of music Performance and music art:

: :

: : Telekinetic: residential and industrial Tec connective through the Region area tactical Scamptic locater: Puzzle solver: Internet servers:

: :

: : Magnetic-Conesus: Mechanism repair

: :

: : Phase Through: Shifting transference in or out pass thought Barriers.

: Phase Channeling: Mind Meld Realm distance contact:

: : Channeling transmission: Ghost spiritual realm contact connection with other Origins ion       spirits, Mind Meld distance contact:

: :
: : Instant Transmission: Teleportation:
: : Vortex Portal particle materialize transference through dimensions, galaxies hyper space. Quadrants vectors Scamptic throughout the Universe. Warp hole.

: :

: : Telepath: Mind reader

: : Mind Meld: Union readers of mind unite:

: :

: : Jolt: Unified Fuse combine: attach formation

: : Morphic; camouflage change integration,

: : Changeling: transformations switch change.

: Transporter: shuttle Beam of light transference.

: : Dreamension: State mind, brain of the imagination:

: : Pharaoh Cone sis: Fire:

: : Invisibility: Disappear:

: : ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

: :

: :

: : Whitby, Ontario

: : Canada

: :

: : Authorship: A. George Dave Prince

: :

: :                      Little Miniature Midget’s Economic Community Communities:

: :

: : Short Miniature people live in a little place called Tiny Town. Amazing children and adult’s sharing working together in union harmony. Plenty to do they are creative, imaginative state mind with fascination.


:: Their practical realization work of duties and mystical idealist philosophy may is possible or is impossible. The formation must be carefully realized. Illustration visual art designs produces heighten technical tricks realization cannot be performed in a rational world. Print design is written on scroll, paper.  ‘’


Science elements of chemistry components, compound, tapestry, metals and Handle meant materials brings completeness practical safety and the dangers adopted in our in environment.

: They have a special gift, abilities with cultural differences. With a great big hug their willing to greet their neighbour’s welcoming the pubic with open arm of friendship.

: Not always recommend in the real world acquaintance or Loner Strangers.

: :

: :

: :

                                             Midget Economic Community:

                                             Rectangles and Squares:

: :

: : The Zoologist’s studies the environmental the soul creatures of the world: From the fields of the wild meadow, forest, swamps, aquatic sea’s all whom visited are welcome letting themselves in the Zoo. All are welcome with the freedom to come and go as they please back to the wild wilderness.


:: \

Thick wall’s with cages barriors or windows protectors separating the public from the zoo animal soul creatures. The Zoologist feeds them thanking them for coming. Opening the doors preparing landscape Soul Creatures, Sea Creatures, Flyers, Swamp Creature, Insect and Species those that are not afraid of Spectatorship soon to be carefully examined by the Public discovering their awareness existence, Zoologist educated the Community.

Shane and Dave were studying rectangle and squares they could not tell which one was which. They were depressed. Wondering sitting on a wooden park bench the Zoologist saw how sad they were. They told him their situation the Zoologist asked them to come to the Zoo in the morning and to bring Dave’s Phase Convertor.

:: At the Zoo, The Zoologist brought the Graffiat. They were on the other side of the thickest lengthy high wall without an entrance. The Zoologist called to Dave to try a rectangle or a square. Dave asked about the angle “what shape.” The Zoologist said “try a box shape: Stout Thick Thicken, Wide expanse area volume of the cube with a tiny compressed contraction thickness of a dot or Rectangle: Length, Height or width stretchy long expanse. A Narrow, thick or thin slender cube compression thickness of a dash.

: Dave uses the phase Convertor and tried to let out the Graffiat through the square box. The Area expanse of the square cube box is: Width, Length, height that is thick or thin, stout wide, Volume range of a square. Vertical, horizontally the cube box is condensed shorter then stretchy slender expandable long cube Box. The wide, widen range of the square Cube box is too thick or thin big however did not fit the long neck of the graffiti. The box is too wide, thick, thicken stout. The square did not fit the extended stretchy Length, width and height, neck of the Graffiat. The Cube Box was a wide stout too short.

: Dave tried a rectangle shape. The Length, Width, Height is narrow longer volume range of the area cube box, raise the bar higher: horizontally or Vertical. The Rectangle Slender cube box is thick or thin but Expandable stretcher than a square cube box.

. The Square cube is compact, compressed contraction cubit tinier small but stout wide, thicker than the Rectangle cube box. The Rectangular cube is small however horizontal; Vertical stretches the length, width and height longer but contraction Impact is not too wide: widen stout. The Rectangle shortens by the expanse volume range of the wide square cube, The Cube box is compressed too stout wide not slender long Narrow: The Graf fiat is able walked out Rectangle box through the Materialization phased wall.

The Zoologist gave the children permission to borrow the graffiti ask them to responsibility take care of the Graf fiat. Bring him back safe.

Shane and Dave went back to their house recovering the differences’ between which was which. The gate: fence was a rectangle shape, the glass windows was a square.

The house of the doors was a rectangle shape to small for the graffiti. The Graffiti needed shelter the problem the Graffiti need a rest area place to stay. Shane and Dave knew they are suppost to send the Griffith back to the Zoologist. Everywhere they searched, the area was too wide stout, rectangle too short that did not fit the Griffith, did not fit the slender shape length and height of the animal. The creature was too high.

: Shane found the perfect place for the graffiti tall side of the animal soul creature where he could fit. The animal would fit in the Barn. The volume area is horizontal, vertical slender rectangular cube space: fit stretchy, long shape, the perfect size of the graffit until tomorrow.

: The Square shape Cube Box is Vertical, Horizontal: thick, wide, stout bigger but tinier small than a Rectangle think of a dot. The Rectangle is Horizontally, Vertical: Length, width and Height slender narrow longer: thick or thin. Cubit: Contraction stretcher than a square box: think of a dash: Leave no room for volume area cube expanse.

The both were laughing now knowing the different between square and rectangle in angle depths of measurement. Shane and Dave invited their friends to the farm.  They Rode a Horse, Deer, Lion, Fox, and a Graf fiat. They jumped over the Carrel Narrow fence. They had fun.


                      Midget Economy Community: Shane Return Arrival:

Shane came back from the air port returned from a far city. Tonia, David, Jamaal arrived at the air port searching for her plane to arrive. Shane at the check point, his pass port must be in order. A window divides them while he in the lineup. He could see his friend through the window before he could enter the doors. They could see Shane luggage’s on the convertor Belt traveling around and around. Jamaal artistically created an origami convertor belt separator towards the window. Tonia use telekinesis: Elevation movement, rotational state of Mind.  Brain transference object pattern movement elevated with directional path separating the luggage suit case from the public. Pushed to the door,

David transportor teleported: the bags, putting them on Jamaal’s Roller Cart.
They were all glad to see Shane. Mean while Ron, Susan, David and Sheila, Divan: planned a surprise get together. Everyone is waiting to see Shane again.

Ron Lifted the heavy equiptive load in mix order in Shane backyard. Not pre-arranged Ron muscles lifted with easily. With dexterity speed Susan set the kitchen tables, Chief Cook, and Preparation of the fruits, salad and cleans the dishes. The kitchen place mat is placed around the table. The dining room is guess service area. With speed, quickness, she maintains the whole house sprinkling clean. Shane is sure to be impressed.

Outside the house was a warm summer day. Mind testers contest board games, and field competition of sports set to have fun. Recording Music everyone danced on the field of the backyard if any person feels to grove?

Keri-ki-ko-ke of memorial songs once played tried selection to pick. If this is the song is their chosen of choice? Shania picked stems buds integrated Origami Napkin, and place mats change link them into flowers placed by the table. Susan did the rest.

Decorations of designs, organization of party ordainment, designs cards, and gifts were done by Jamaal, David, and Tonia before they left.

Real Flowers ribbons were tied to the tail string of the balloons. Vases with fresh flower were picked by Shania. She watched Shane garden while she was gone. Shania picks up seeds planting them in the front yard of Shane flowers beds. Creating a meadow flower sign banner shared to perfection stating welcome home Shane.

Dave uses his Phase Convertor bar graph put the table and chairs in placement of the computer grid. The mix order organized the tool setting of the computer. The Table and chairs were centered in the backyard. Whip Cream cake with inside fruits, party equipment with responsibility and enjoyment they were going to have fun.

Sheila, Divan, Sophie senses her arrival she was close. She ran out of the house first to give Shane a hug with Element of surprise. Her house was in tip top shape. Setting on the bench giving thank you cards welcoming back Shane to Tiny Town.


                  Little Midget Economy Community:
Shania Garden:

: :

: : Daffodils, Roses, Coca shells, Staples Fields, Sun Flowers,

: : There are many flowers and trees growing in Shania fields of Gardens.

: : Field’s of bud flowers growth in her the back yard. Insects and birds visited.

: :

: : Spring in the regions April showers bring May Flowers to her garden

: : Is paradise near the waterfall? Plant seeds underneath the earth of the ground.

: : Pixie twinkle sprinkles seed grew blooming fresh. Stouts out while rising to the photo symphonist of the sun, The Flowers blooms the leaves regenerate with return.

: : Orchards, Organic and bulb Roots: Fruit and Vegetables is back in season.

: :

: : The wind shifts many seed of petal leaves drift carried towards the environmental meadows fields, forest, and Garden.  .

: : Realization: seeds may fall at the on ash, brick, cement, or be ran over, at the side of the road. Seed Carry away where they may in the wind.

: :

: : The Dog Berries item’s of trinket or his bone by switching flipping over the field covering the property  with flat earth circumference of soil dirt. The Dog smooths the pile of dirt back in place. The Dog turns over the field meadow of Grass. Soil dug whole is buried into without getting caught. Then Dog walks away.

: :

: : Fillers chlorophyll fills colouration of flowers and leaves . With the help of the symphonist’s sun the leaves become radiant bright however to much sun will wither wilt away.

: : Cayon Barrior weakens branches, twigs, leaves and flowers break down and shrivel in the season of fall. Snow is much too heavy although glistens the trees in winter.

: :

: : The holding storage of Glycols is the nourishment within the bark or stem.

: : Relaxing breeze of the wind was enough take a petal stem or a leaf drift in the wind.

: : Shania hold on to the stem levitated towards the sky drift in the air of the wind, shifting towards town meeting every one for lunch. The chief searching for idea’s to brighten his restaurant. Organic Vegetables Shania change link pieces of garnish set on the rim press on the plates into decorative design.

: :

: : Garden of flowers in the pottery beds were outside garden of the restaurant and inside’s of the Food Store. The spurt Raynexisis seeds were set in place drop in soil.

: : Petal flower growth flourished. Shania also placed Boca vase of flowers centering them on the table. Pick many stem of flowers she gave the flowers to Shane.

: : With Telekinections he reshaped shift the flowers materialized the into plastic bud stems. Shania reshaped the napkins in origami shape.

The chief restaurant was open to society ready to serve the host of pubic with success.

: : The Breezy morning her friends were going to school. She took a petal of flower giving to her friends. Shane reshaped transformed morphed the flower into a kite that became a glider.

: :The wind shifted levitated Shania and her friends high in the sky feeling the drift weather of the breezy air currant. Aviated flight guided, directly them towards school.





                   Little Midget: Economy Community:
Split Personality Sophie’s Dog:

: : Bright early morning the sun shines through the window is a glorious day.

: : Running through the house is a domestic animals jumps on the bed waking Sophie.  It was her dog’s and cat feeding time. Sophie wakes given them their nutrients. Not over feed her companions who is her family pet.

: :

: : Driving in the car receiving the radio on the air she could the news reports and singing animals.

: : The Dog tried to copy one of soul creatures. Sophie Shopping in the mall the dog tried to sound like a sheep the problem did not mimic the sheep voice specking on the microphone.

: :

: : Employee’s heard the howling searching for the Dog whom tried to sound like a sheep

: : The dog left the area. Morphing into the sheep the Dog went to the town square.

: : Crossing the Intersections lights the pubic noticed something different about of his height of the sheep.

: : The sheep is much taller than the dog. Mayor saw a Sheep digging in his yard was worried about a sheep condition. The Sheep is usually at the country not in the city.

: :

: : The Play ground the sheep was to playful retrieving Items. Playing fetch catching the stick the children enjoyed the sheep performance a circus owner must own this lost sheep.

: : The Animal Control tried to capture the sheep. The Sheep with hidden talents escape the area like the dog walking up to the Farmers Country side.

: :

: : Sophie noticed her dog was gone while the Employers called the owner to the front.

: : Employer played back the video tape the spot on his chair howling on the micro phone last seen going out the door.

: :

The Mayor call a town meeting worried he thought he saw a sheep at the town square.

: : The Sheep acted differently like a Dog. The Pubic saw the sheep cross the Intersection turn toward the park.

: :

The Children saw the talented sheep at the play ground who act a like a dog playing fetch.
They were worried the sheep act like a dog. Security received a report the dog was at the farmer’s house.

This strange phenomenon  occurred at this time a farm animal acted strangely a sheep with his hind legs scratching his back fur.

The Pubic followed by the Mayor drove Sophie to the farmer house to sort out the situation.

: : Sophie sorted the idea by singing: Farm Brown: B.I,N.G,O. forcing the dog to bark.

: : The Dog realized been a sheep meant staying in the country side away from his friends fenced. The Morphic Sheep Dog transformed back to the domestic house dog. Rather be his self.
: :

: :                            Little Midget Economy Community:  

                                  Sundaes and Ice cream delivery:

: :

: : Hot suffocating heat is terrible. Too hot to concentrate sweat droplets pours down from the skin of the children faces. Boiling to go walking they hid underneath tree for shade.

: :

: : Passing sundae, Ice cream truck pass by slowing down. Four children came to the counter asking for ice cream. One out four times:

: :

: : The first truck: One out of four carried glass, cones, cups, containers severed the children.

: :

: : The second truck: two out of four: Severed different flavors: Vanilla, chocolate, straw beery, mint each scoop with four layers.

: :

: : The third truck: three out four: Severed sprinkles, fruits, whip cream, Fruit or vegetables.

: : The Four truck final truck: four out of four with element of surprise blasted fire crackers ascended in the air crackles, Rica shading in the atmosphere to their most value customers also this was Shane birthday his friends and their neighbour hood our invited.

Alter of Marriage:

Whitby, Ontario, Canada: 

 From the Composer: Lyrical  Funk Rythem Rap:

Composition: Lyric’s: Funk Rythem Pop Music:

Compositionist: A. George Dave Prince:

The Alter of Marriage:

Verse 1: She Can’t believe her eye’s,

As I get down on my knees to show her a dim-on ring,

She in for a surprise, I ask her you could hear me say.

Corus:  Will You Merry Me?,

Will you Merry Me?,

Will you say yes, I- Love -you,

If you do, I will go to the alter,

Say yes I do.

Verse 2: She been with me a long time,

forever, like together,

We both share something special,

I want her to be part of my life!,

Corus:     Will You Me,

Will You Marry Me,

Will you say yes, I-Love-You,

If you do I will go to the Alter,

Say yes I do.

Bridge: She part of Me,

She with in me,

She with me, she will always to be.

no matter how near or far,

She always part of my heart.

Corus: Will You Merry Me?,

Will you Merry me?,

Will you say yes?, I- love- you,

If you do I will go to the Alter,

Say yes I do?

Corus:  Will You Merry me?, (Split part) Merry Me,

Will you Merry me?, (Split part) Merry Me.

Will you say yes? I Love you, (Split part) Love you,

If you do I will go to the alter,

Say Yes I do,

(Ending): Say yes I do.

Canadian Caribbean Books:


Galaxy Universal Planets:

Earth Inhabitance: A World with a Difference:




Author: Serge
Word count: 1789
Views: E-mail:


Web Display:

Web Display: WEBook Serge Profile: Come and See:


Fiction Mystic Fantasy:

Authorship Writer: A. George Dave Prince:


Galaxies Universal Planets:
Earth Inhabitance: A World with a Different:


Universal Planets are alone in the World: Earth visualizes a dream restless he could not sleep. He dreamt visuals Imagery realm images sight of the future.

A strange new Planet of Inhabitance, fault Landscape surfaces, EARTHLING humans, Soul Creatures are connected to circumference circle atmosphere of this Planet.

The round tilt sphere ball wake up in sweat seeing a connecting dementia barrier Code Hand links: a connected chain. The round sphere ball floated in the stellar of space.

The Dwarf Star: The Sun, and the Super Nova’s educated the whole class. The Sun taught with a hypothesis of thought and Philosophized theory. (Not theatrical).

Stellar of space once is empty with void, from the word eggs: Proton shifting with abundance of Neutron particles, Big Bang microwave white light Energy give formation to the Planet Earth.

Asteroid rocks collected trap in the atmosphere created the formation: Galaxy Universe and the planet Earth.


The Sun’s and the Super Nova’s
believes that they were alone in the Galaxy.

The Planet component is surface desolated, Eighter: Clusters heat of Gas; Vesta Misty tint Vapor cold, Vaporous Toxic, Frost Plank Glacier freezing partial flacks of snow, Surface landscape: Crustation clay or Minerals, Ion: hemisphere, troposphere, Stellar Ionosphere Skys, that divide from Ion partial Immersive Aqua Liquid water depth of the Oceanseas. Other galaxies worlds without mass breathing air and moister, World of stellar nations if at all exist, Carbon form of life is thought not to exist. The Dwarf Sun explains we are alone in the Universe the Sun tells his students.


We are alone in the world stated the sun repetition repeated himself the Sun once believed planets could not evolve any further. The Planet Earth, who kept to himself but was in confliction, stunned at the Sun’s statement but could not say anything. He did not take a stand, also could not prove his theatrical facts.

We are alone in this world. The Galaxy stood alone. Planet Earth visualization dream was not recognized by the educators, or the Universal Galaxies but he told his best friend Mars.

The Sun told his student not to venture off the boarders boundaries of the mysterious beyond wonders away from the Planet solar system. The Sun asked them to stay in the region.

The galaxy space stretches across the Universe is a tall infinite endless Region.

We are alone in the world stated the Sun. The Earth whom kept to himself quiet was in confliction, stunned by the Sun statements Mars is a little worry about Earth’s state of mind, that he may be ridiculed by other worlds.

To take his Mind off his troubles The Planet Mars took Earth to Cosmos Jupiter Restaurant. Cosmos Restaurant: The Planet Earth needed to relax.


Metallic Meteor Surfing:

The Cosmos Rotation of Planet enjoys Sports competitor competition, to who is competing. Sport Games: Bump Deflection Basket Ball, Marble Bull Eye target BD-AMON,

Rotation Soccer, Bounce Deflection basket ball, Tint snow bank Asteroid gulf, Polarizer ball Hockey with landscape Asteroid Metallic Mineral Rocks Stadiums. Meteor Deformed Construct builder Metallic Asteroid Rocks craft shape, Creative art in the stellar of space Galaxies found fascinating.

The World Mass Planetary Galaxy:
World of Planets.

Magnet native and positive: connection, Graviton Gravitational down words descends, Polaris’s orbit shifts distance Parallel from each other, Repel deflector pushes away. The Glow Moon Creator levitation polarises rotation shifts around the galaxy planets and the planet Earth. Crystallized refractor glows at night rotation beam emination from the sun energy.

 Object Axel spindle with in a Circumference. The Triangulation of a Circle: without Square, Rectangle or triangle.

Triangulation Location of the circle: Latitude width and Longitudes length.

Bored The Planet Mars and The Planet Earth left the Restaurant they went surf boarding on Flaming Comet having fun.

The Exosphere is the smallest Ex-Terrestrial Planet in the solar system. Beneath the Crustation is Silicate iron molten core. Crustation surface landscape molten rock that looks like a Bowl known as a caloris basin. Within the Crustation surface beneath molten crust is ice and water untouched from escaping into the exosphere.

If the Exosphere is converted into atmosphere the ice and water is not Seal tight. The Exosphere is untouched so far by Humanity.

Earth and Mars floatation sphere surfed through the cool surface of the Milky Way. They were caught by the Exosphere (atmosphere) of Mercy. He rotates cycle around the Sun by lower than half, by thirty day per secound of speed, from the cycle Planet Earth year rotation three hundred and six five days.

The Planet Venus rotates two hundred and twenty seven days from the rotation year of the Planet Earth.

Mercy tries gain friendship with the Sun and the Super Nova’s be part of the crowd even if they were not interested. The Radiant Sun told The Planet Earth and Mars not go surf Boarding.

The Sun was worried about the Precipitation temperature May change the surface landscape. He views the spectrum window of both Planets through the global scope window.

The Planet Mars covers for the Planet Earth claiming it is his fault. Through the glass global window the Sun saw a surface change in the landscape of Mars: Brown sand shifted converted to red and badge white. Mars detention was suspended for seven weeks. The given Earth’s traveling distance to visit Mars. The Sun asks the Earth not to isolate himself from the other Galaxies surroundings.

The Vast Universe of Planets is a big part of the family, remember them. The World of Inhabitance Does not exist Sun required actual Prove.

The Plant Earth is excused from detention to think about what the Sun has said. The planet Earth visits a Friendship Warm, Cool with Stern Realization, Vast misty tint, Gas of Acid similar to a boiling stove Venus.

About Mars: is the side of Canada famous for Crustation Red and Badge white land surface, with dusty wind storms and dry rock beds. Rumor has it that stellar Nation could have live in the planet however there is no is actual prove to suggest these facts.

Venus is thoughtful to the Planet Earth she recognizes the world could be filled with Infinite number of Possibilities. There is no right or wrong answers. Map Triangulation of Realization Fault Link could be fact or fiction where is center? Planet, Stars and Moons is constantly shifting in the sky.

If there is a strange new world of another Planet: Inhabitance. The Galaxy Planet probably might welcome the galaxy world in our solar system even if they do not know yet.

It Just Galaxies Worlds right now are not prepared to give welcome Cultural differentness. Universal Planet of another Orb who shares the Vast Galaxy we breathe. Venus was open up to possibility that Earth Visualization world may exist.  The Planet Earth depressed thanks Venus with a hug and wonders about the possibilities if the sun is right with frustration.

Before the star pulled in a Vortex Black Hole, the Emanation metallic crystal Star saw how depressed the planet Earth was. Asking the question “what is wrong”? The Planet Earth told the star his dilemma, his problem. The star could not help but he knows who could. Shifting in a circumference circle the star is pull swirling closer to the middle abyss.

The Star asked him to finds Halley Comets from the out boarder of stellar coldest region of space, the Asteroid Debris Belt comet region. Star caught in the cycle port was Pull in the Whorl vortex port hole, the Star elemento’s starry light of energy relapse. Fade away into the cosmos of space. Starry crystal Releases his faded Energy.



Halley’s Comet:

In the Farthest Region of Space, Debris Asteroids Metallic comet is Deform shape of metal rocks. Asteroids that could be Simi attach combine with each other, Iron Solid tuff or shrink break in shorter pieces like a golf ball that burn up in are atmosphere with surface dirty landscape of snow. Asteroids Comets are Artistry performers and dancers, the metallic rocks are very creative.

Halley’s Tail Comets particles debris rotates shift behind the tail of the Asteroid with velocity speed that Gains. Asteroids are known to crash in other planets while rotating in the vector of space. Asteroids Rocks blocked the Planet Earth from asking Halley a question about his Visualize Dream. Halley’s invite him in.

The Planet Earth knows he could stay in presents of the protected Sun or ask his revelation question that might be revealed. The Planet Earth was fore warned to never leaving the outer realm boards of the solar system. In able to Gain bravery of knowledge The Planet Earth came all this way asking to be heard. Halley insisted to listen to the Planet Earth visualized dreams.

Halley shared his secret to Planet Earth. In Comets: mode they shift changinlink into cosmic star: micro wave of white abundance of Energy since the Big Bang formation theory. Comet Asteroids orbit spun latitude and longitude rotate cycle revolve around the Planet Earth.  Halley tells the Planet Earth he is evolving developing landscape fault lines. Inhabitance, Habitat, Soul of life is in you. Cycle of new life begins within you.

Back at Dormitory Class of the World Planets noticed something different about The Planet Earth. Galaxy Planets through the global window Scoop. Micro wave white light Proton of energy developing on The Planet Earth Environmental fault Escape Surface: Environmental habitat and the Aquatic water that is divided are evolving.

Through the view of the Global glass windows of Planet Earth. Triangulation map fault lines, mass soul of life and Soul Creatures is developing. Earth became the talk of the town.

In creditable as this seems The Dwarf Star: The Sun may not be happy with the inspiring evolved developments that might be discovered. What will happen to the Planet Earth? “Will the Sun say”?

The Sun saw each student they were worried. Students tried blocking path from entering the school doors. The Planet Earth knew he could not hide forever and told Galaxy Planets to stand side. The World Planets created a par split from each side letting The Sun enter class room.

The sun eventfully saw the Planet Earth’s surface changed of the fault landscape, Environmental habitat, Environmental meadow, and Inhabitance Soul of life. The Super Nova Sun thought this was amazing to see the area region that came alive, the discovery of life.

Then the sun remembered his statements and then said he was “sorry”. The sun became open minded to possibilities of Inhabitance and world creation. The Sun and the Super Nova discussed the subject decided that Planet Earth has Passed.

The World that was sup post to be either once a Crustation land Surface desolate, Mass Vapor; Misty tint snow, Practical Ion aqua Immersive water Liquid water, Custer: Heat of Gas; and other worldly Composition Components the Sun now open minded discovers there is endless possibilities.

Universal Galaxies were given Graduation Diploma’s Certificate with honours. Aliment Organized in order. The Planet Earth received a special Graduation Degree Diploma for his originality of Inhabitance soul of life, Share humanity development of the world.

The Sun agreed to help warm the Planet Earth, The third Planet away from the Dwarf Star.  World of Inhabitance, Habitat animals, Fault line Environmental Landscape, Sea Creatures, carbon form of life from this day still lives within The Planet Earth. Despite what the Galaxies Planet once thought, The Planet Earth realized he is not alone in the world.

(1). Mercury:  Exosphere is the atmosphere of Mercury: compression density: The smallest ex terrestrial Planet in the solar system. Crustation Silicate iron molten core and water depths below is inescapable. The Crustation surface landscape of molten rock Look like a Bowl known as a caloris basin. Mercury rotates half speed from the year of Planet Earth. Thirty days-per secound.

(2). Venus:

Thick Misty cloud Pent ration shielding of heat of acid.
Hot heat temperatures in Morning or Drop cold, temperature at night. Venus Rotates faster than Earth. Boiling hot is similar to a stove or a gauzier. Rotation: two hundred and twenty seven days per secound.

(3). Earth Graduation with a Degree Diploma World of Inhabitance, Habitat, and environmental Land scape: The Planet within is Inhabitable. Mass Air: Soul of life. Rotation: three hundred six five days per second.

(4). Mars: Cold Surface of the Desolate Red Sand wind Dumez Dust storm: The Side of Canada:

(5). Saturn: and Jupiter is Opposite:

(5) Saturn is Insolated hot planet with orb Ringlet Rain in certain parts of the Planet in the Ionosphere. Suffocation, Cluster Harness Heighten Heat, Sand Crustation Iron, Vista mist wind chills; with longitude: Ringlet Rain: stellar particle of ice molecules: from the Latitude Planetary particle orbit Rings: small amount of liquid: little rain.

Cluster Heat Hydrant Gas with Heighten cyclonic Winds: Every So Often Saturn Rotate around the sun for Three Days creates its own Trap Cluster Heat.

Methane, Helium, Helios: Argon:
Nitrogen’s of Heat: Uni-monium and Oxy-Winds:


(6). Jupiter: Nimbus Misty rain is Cyclonic:

Component: Orb Meteor Polarizes is in alignment,

Meteor Crustation rotation Ringlet Orbs: Orbit Rings keeps comets in place.

Yellow, White, Brown Methane, Helium, Helios, Argon,

Uni-monium, Nitrogen of Heat, Oxy-Winds that releases a Hurricane, Typhoon Woreller wind, Nimbus Misty rain Temperial dry Ice rain storms: Mountain ridgit Surfaces: Red spot Known as Crusher Planet:

Methane Heat: Helius, Helium, Invisible tint, wind and Oxy-Hydro, Releases’ of rain: and Condensations of water heavily covers the clouds: The planet so large: It big as three Earth’s:

(7). UNrainous: Ore Rings Mass Vapor of Ion Practical Water: Sea:

(8). Neptune: Glazier Plank of Ice, with little Ground Surface: Known as Dark Spot Planet:
Dwarf Planets: Known as the Kipper Belt: Oval Shape:

(1) Pluto: the Oort Clouds of snow and Ice Freezing temperatures: misty tint blue:

(2) Ceres: Stellar Cold Dark Planet: Ice Cave Coves:

(3) Eris: Known as Metallic Heat of Jupitous
Rather than Saturn Electric Storm
creator Metal Hot:

(4) Planet Cameron:


(5) Planet Triton:

Asteroid Meteor Dwarf Planets:

(4) Make-Make Haumea


Authorship: A.G.D. Prince:



 The Visitors Station:

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Canadian Caribbean Book: 

Whitby, Ontario, Canada:

WEbook Serge Profile:
Come and See: 

Inspired Inspiration:
Nut Cracker:
Alice and Wonder Land:

Fiction:  Mystical Fantasy:  

Authorship: A. George Dave Prince

 The Visitors Station:  

Their Father’s Children and his Wife missed their Dad distance away
it only been a couple of months.

Father is on business trip attending a conference.

Good News, Father was suppost to arrive today but did not happen that way.

The road was flooded also his battery was out he needed to stay to spend the night at a hotel.

That Evening:  Zirra Halolloza family was invited to spend the night with their cousins at the new house.

Her Sister Asked Zirra to bring the children: Altha-tina Halolloza and Alex-zama Halolloza.

Zirra would not go without her husband. She waited for his arrival, he was suppost to come but he could not.

Jazzierry Halolloza tried to call the moment on the phone once the connection was working.

Digital cell phone: He told his family he would meet them at his cousin house unless he gets there to the house first.
Altha-tina and Alex-zama both left a picture drawing on the fidget rater door. Mother also wrote a note they were leaving on the train.
Father came home a couple of minutes late. Oh where, oh where could his children and wife be? Father saw the note rush out the door to catch the train before the train leaves without him.

Father tries to call out over crowd barrior of people. The train Conductors calls: “on aboard”.

The children hop on the trains with their mother behind them up the steps. Father was blocked by the landscape crowds of Rats in the station.
In a Few Minuets again father missed his children and his wife the train left the station.

Mother guided the children to the cabin room number and told them not to wonder too far and remember this number 5, she will be near.

The Children left to explore each train sector car isle.
Images of Imagination passengers in the first cargo seat seem like accessory of toys.

Clicket rickety neck, Polymer plastic joints that connects, similar to robotic robots but more flexible that moves freely.   Puppets, Muppet string reel on the roof is sitting beside them.

Passengers who is Fidgeting nervous:
Passengers reading a newspaper:
Passengers writing on the internet,
Loner passengers egoisted in his seat asleep.
Another mother tries to keep her children still from hoping over the seats, jumping over the moon.
The Children checks the next passenger cargo dining area:

Mice and Rats creating dishes: Prep, Preparation Cook for the dining setting:
Service is well maintained service host, welcoming costumers.

Cargo also held in passenger seat for forest creatures. Each sector area with different personalities the Train took everyone. Then the children saw from the top of the booth the area rout of the map hanging on the train ceiling wall. Area’s that lead to different station. The Conductor reaches in his pocket and took out his golden watch.

The Conductor told the children they should not leave the train not a minute before or after, until the train arrives to the visitors station the place destination of direction where you belong.

Monkeys’ swing in and swung out on the handle bars on a vine into the jungle. The Train slows to a stop, and then checks for passengers coming on board and left toward the next station. They could not stick around, they cannot stay to long, and they have a schedule to keep. They are leaving.

Each Passage comes off and on. Duration of time slows down. How long before they got there?

Zinnmen Quarrymen is a dare devil decided to take off leave the train through open and closing doors: in a portal landscape lost? Train will leave then the subway will pick him up to arrival stop.  Station terminal levitate floats in stellar space the child could see the global world of the map.  Lucky for child Duration of time freezes for twenty minutes. The younger has to decide before the train leaves on the next Station before the train is gone.  Zinnmen Quarrymen decided to stay with his mom and told her leaving was bit scary. He should not have left and said he is “sorry”.

Only their Mother knows best: “Be Patient”: she says, “Until destination placement time finally has arrived”.

Not a minute before and not a minute after the clock bell rings: getting off the train.

Rat’s Pack rushes out in packs they leaving search for a vehicle, Taxis, Bus, Car, Family, Friend, An acquaintances, walking and possible strangers rushing out the door they went their separate ways.  No time for discussion, hi or bye,

Keep an eye on the clock, they are ready to go.

Mother waits until the crowd slows down: catches the taxi herself she is going to the Plaza mall to search for her sister a present.  Mean while Father has to wait for the next bound train to arrive.

Stranger came with their pets let people groom their animal fur with distraction forgetfulness.

When the train arrives: Strangers Rats pushes and shoves from behind wanting to get in.

The Train conductor orders the passengers to get in line, not minute before, not a minute after the train will leave on the clock. Father quickly hops on the train went got on board. The train wisp away leaves the station.

Father met a Lady who sat beside him. She was a quiet beautiful fair cat. Father remembers his children and Wife and pulls out a holographic photo-graph.
Sorry she did not know he was married.  But then she said to him you do not
know what you are missing. The Lady left at the next stop.

Entertainment on the train: Members greeted guess, everyone was welcome.

Father spun watching the grievous and greed with profits take over the passengers.

The Father broke the cycle hold and decided to go back to his cabin.

Rested with relaxation until he also reached the visitors stations then took a taxi.

Mother rode in the vehicle and went shopping for presents.

The children were allowed to stick around the accessory toys section, or go to the book store.

When mother calls they should leave immediately.

The lost store of Retails when parent call their voices may fade.
The children may stay forever of forgetfulness not knowing where
anyone is lost Retails of motion of distraction and disappearance.

The children realized to whom they are hanging around with. Acquaintances and strangers then left, they rather stay with their mother this why children should listen.
Taxi drove Halolloza’s wife and the children to their cousin house their relatives.

To who arrives to see his children first the Majesty the King their father Jazzierry.

Both children and his wife gave them supportive hug of greetings. They reached the Visitor Station celebrated Christmas with their relative cousins.

Not minuet before or after:

Authorship: A.G.D. Prince:

Misty Star Dust: Auroara Bouroara Alice:

About Simon:

Auroara Bouroara Alice:
Friday, February 26, 2010
Misty Star Dust:
Auroara Bouroara Alice:


Sila’s family camped out in the deep forest. Sila plays hiding go seek with his little four year old brother.

He hides a little too far away from where Sila cannot see him from a distance.

Auroara Lights dances in the misty night sky:
Precipitation winter wind speed up separating her from Sila’s brother. The snow hover over them and her family had to retreat back to the camp site until the snow dies down.
The blizzard storm is to follow. Sila left her family since she was a younger age of eight to find her brother.

Four year later her heart has not been fully fore-filled.

Kobold Elf gathering star Dust for Santa Sleigh while
not ware there is a sabotoager in the mist hidden in the back
back sleigh nap sack. The Elf crashes near by the Orphanage.

A child with a leather Bright Blue Winter Jacket and white winter Gloves appears surveillancing the Elf. The child confronts him asks if he could help.  The Elf tries to cover his ears from been spotted, the boy checks out his sleigh notices the cold fusion proportions air panels adapted to winter weather hovering sleigh air flight. The child is a tool fixer repairer. He likes to build construct. He cannot help just like the Elf said but he could turn the proportion hover sleigh into a sliding sled. The Elf had only three days.

  1. George Dave Prince: Misty Star Dust: Animation Magazine;
    Monday, March 15, 2010
    Misty Star Dust:
    Auroara Bouroara Alice:

Winter Blizzard:

Sila Heart will not heel until she finds her brother.
Searching since she was a youngster eight.

In the mountains her heart will not mend.
Deep temperatures’ high speeds winds pushed her back towards the orphanage.

Nun brought Sila from out of the cold to warm them up.
Sila partnerships share a room with Simon with two separate beds.

In a morning Simon went for breakfast
while Sila sat in the closet crying then she found a little small toddlers red bright winter Jacket and silver gloves that said on the Back of the jacket Auroara Bouroara Alice. In-side the Jacket said “Simon”.

Sila Ask the Nun to where did she get the Jacket.
The Nun told her she saw a lost toddler wondered their arms not know where he lived he could not talk.

They found him in the woods brought out from blizzard cold.

The Nun search high and low for the parents could not find them.
The group of them searching but the wind picked up with high speed.
The Priest decided to return to orphanage and search in the morning.
However the Nun would not give up. A couple priests had to carry her home and the child.

Could be the child wonder too far? They call and Call in the deep wood of Disappear Misty Forest:
The Blizzard got harder and harder the Priest decided
that they must return a search in the morning.

Simon was an orphan ever since sadly never found his parents.
Kobold mission brought them to together as a family.

Sila realized the fairy gave her brother back.
Simon and Sila are family return home where he actually belongs
with his family bond members.

Welcome Home:

A. George Dave Prince: Misty Star Dust: Auroara Bouroara Alice: :

Animation Magazine:
Monday, March 15, 2010
Misty Star Dust:

No One was kidnapped Sila wanted to believe in her heart
Auroara Bouroara Alice: Simon was kidnapped.

Nun name is Cordealious: Sila and Simon heart will not heel built developed an imaginary beaver.

                               The Proportion hovering Sleigh:

We all draw to conclusions Kobold Project sort it out.
The child asks him \\\” if he needed help\\\”?
The Elf could have said a word to the boy but the Elf
was afraid the child could not able to solve his problem?

He told the child he has the situation well handled.
The Sabotoager snuck out from the back of the sleigh Nap Sack
tried to leave the area he thought he won.

The Sabotoager saw something shifting in the bushes
try to run. He ran in the open field notice by everyone.

Another child younger appeared and told them not to look into
the bears eyes. She banged on the trunk wood distracting the bear.
The Bear turned around frontal forward facing her.

She slowly back up with a staff in her hands.

The Labrador Wolf Dog eco\\\’s with his bark distracting the
bear also from other side where the sleigh, the elf and child is. The Bear turn toward the Dog.

Then Sila threw the Staff knocking the wood bark tree causing verious of holler eco\\\’s of sounds.

The Bear left chasing the distracting staff in the forest to whoever was in
the landscape woods.

The Bear move away in forward pursuit of the sound of the beam while the dog chased the bear returning to the Brave younger youth child.

The covering hood of the elf came off when he saw the bear.
Both children noticed his ear\\\’s. He is an Elf.

Kobolt Introduced his name told the children he was on an important
mission but he need to fix his sleigh.

Simon was fascinated, an actually Elf was right here at the orphanage, an actually real life Elf.

Then Simon asks \\\” if he could meet the misty fairies. Kobolt said no.

Simon is mechanically smart, but he could not fix the air panels of
the hover jet but he turned the Sleigh into ski slide. The Sleigh will able to descend down towards the cavern of Mirrors.

Since Kobolt and Simon were not endangered the next child was about
to leave them behind then Kobolt stopped her and asked the name their rescuer?
She told Kobolt \\\”her name was Sila she is an explorer\\\”.

Kobolt asked her to come with them? He could use all the help he could get.

Sila decided to help them however this is temporary she will leave after they were done.

Sila caught the Beaver from separating from the three of them.  The Beaver stole away captured agitated the bear.

Sila and Simon could explain where they came from but not the Beaver.
The Beaver told Kobolt he was a lost soul creature that was taken away from his family. He is trying to find his home.

Kobolt decided to help the beaver he would take him home after their adventure.
Sliding downwards towards the cave mirror but first they must pass the narrow bridge.

They had three days to find the Cavern of the crystals Caves.
Fairies depend on him. Night fell fast they camped near warm mountain ridge cave caverns.

Misty Star Dust: the Cartoon:
Auroara Bouroara

Ridge Cave Caverns: Kobolt fast asleep Simon restless at night saw Sila near the camp fire crying. Simon approaches her cautiously ask her about her troubles what is wrong, Sila told Simon her brother name: Auroara Bouroara Alice.
The Cause of death he fell deathly ill while searching for a cure nothing could be done. Medical reason she could not save him. Crouching down she cries. Simon could not secure her torn heart at all. All He could say he sorry Simon turns in for the night went back to sleep, tired. Then Sila stated without being noticed blaming herself she lost her brother like all those who are connected to her: A Hypothesis:

Sila’s Brother disappeared eighter deathly ill or he is lost?

The Mirror caves: Deep in the caves Simon carried a flashlight shining through the tunnel. Quarts sticks in the wall of the caves. Quart Dimon, crystals bounces bends the lights, Refractors Reflects all over the room removing the Crystals.  Kobolt with the help of the children were able to collect enough cave crystals to run the sleigh. Kobolt and the Beaver returns the children to the orphanage then disappears.

Sila about to leave she pushes on however the Winter Blizzard sends her in retreat, she end up roommate with her brother until the hovering blizzard wind is over.  In the closet of his room she crouches down, cover her face and cries. She discovers a red jacket, and silver gloves written Auroara Bouroara Alice: on the back of the jacket said Simon.


                                                     Why Sila Ran Away:

Asking the question when did Sila ran away from home? She was about eight or seven.

Her Brother was four a toddler, she May have separated, lost her brother in the Auroara Bouroara winter blizzard in the forest. Sila is twelve; she is still searches for her lost brother exploring the whole region.

What about her family members? They must be worried about her.

 Sila is not aware her brother was found in the forest by a Nun.

The orphanage could not locate Simon’s Parents. Simon lived in Orphanage ever since.

Simon and Sila are closely related more than you think.
Bond Members but does not notice.

  1. George Dave Prince :
  2. Auroara Bouroara Alice: Misty Star Dust:
    Wednesday, February 03, 2010
    Movies Deservers credit but I am a Reviewer Adviser:

Was Sila chasing a Mirage hoping Auroara Bouroara Alice would come back or is he lost forever?

How she dearly missed him:

In Sila Statement: Auroara Bouroara fell deathly Ill since he was young.
They could not find a cure for him. Then she blames herself for
losing all her Bond Member, her brother. Simon turns in for the night to sleep.

In her next statement stated she was lost.
Auroara Illumination: night sky beam dances, solar flare orbs of light could be

Winter Snow: or Blizzard:

She believes he is very much alive searching her bother since she was twelve:

Could Auroara Bouroara Alice be Simon?

Bond of Family or Families Acquaintances:

Sickly Deathly ILL or is he lost:
Sila Spiritual Heart will never be free until she let\\\’s
Auroara Bouroara Alice ascends to the in the twilight:
this why I ask my questions?

A. George Dave Prince:

Misty Star Dust:
Auroara Bouroara Alice: :


Beaver: Kidnapping:

Animation Magazine:
Sunday, March 21, 2010
Misty Star Dust:

About: Auroara Bouroara Alice:

Sila state imaginary dream of the Beaver she believes her brother is missing.

Her heart will not mend unit she find she find his brother not knowing he is an Orphan: Guardianship Parents: The Nun: adopts:  Sila Searches the entire area since she was younger youth twelve.


Simon also state mind imaginary imagines believes in the Beaver. :

Simon also has no knowledge of his parents and his family.
He also believes they disappeared, missing, kidnapped.
Guide attain needs prove of Records or suspect suspensions fear the worst/

Do not think about it while still searching for Simon real family.
Beaver was searching for his home: He had a brother as well. Simon does not know about his sister.

To whom is Responsible?

No one has been kidnapped:


A. G. D. Prince:

A. George Dave Prince:

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Cabbage Patch and the Delucitible Patch Children:  

Field Farm Gardening:

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Authorship [P1] : Xavier Roberts

Review: A. George Dave Prince:

Cabbage Patch and the Delucitible Patch Children:

Characters’: The Boys:

Berry, Vernon”

Nick, Billy

Trevor, Miles

Characters: Girls:

Mary Beth Duncan, Norma:

Meldeania, Shauriana,

Clessa, Melody

youngster tot: Megan:

The Twins: Gabby and Lisa

Cabbage Patch and the Delucitible Patch Children:

The Delucitible Cabbage Parents bought a Real-estate country farm far away from the city.

The Children is given the graze prairie earth rich soil Landscape to plant the seeds under the ground. Environmental Botany farm gardening Plants: with the choice of Fruit, Vegetables, Petal flower they could grow. Plow the field, Plantation scattered the seed six inches deep, Soil ditch open a hole, then covering the seed roots.

The children have morphic abilities: Changeling switch change: Circle Circumference: Rotator spindle: Similar to a wheel; Cabbage, Delucitible’s cycle mode. Example: A Porcine Rotators Spin Rolls: The Delucitible Children could walk, run, Rotation spindle roll.

The Cabbage Patch Family learns they are not alone:

Lettuces Patch:

Water Melon Patch:

Pine Apple Patch:

Radish Patch:

Onion Patch:

Brussels Sprout Patch:

Papaya Patch:

Banana Patch:

Pumpkin Patch:

Potatoes Patch:

Cauliflower Patch

Broccoli Patch

Delucitible Patch next Door Neighbours who became friends, Partner, and a team helped grazed the fields in a row. Their Passion to Grow a Botany Patch Field with the help of the Photo synthesis from the radiant sun, breathe in wind of carbon, Breath out Oxygen,  and from the Roots drinking perception rain.

The Delucitible Patch Children could be is spotted exploring the meadow fields near the park discovering  butterflies, grass hopers, Dume Beatles, Pray Mantis, Ants, Insect and Species with the magnet flied Glass and telescope. Others were near the School playing Tactical Touch Football, and Tactic Soccer in two different fields. Everybody glances while the moving Truck and member of the Cabbage Patch family spindle roll passes by them to the new farm house.

Welcome to Delucitible Patches Universe:



Berry Cabbage Patch: Wild Imagination:

Berry Cabbage Patch Move into the Country. His parent bought a Real state Farm. He was unresponsive before he met the Delucitible Patch Gang. He did not say a word. Neighbours once were clued out with his thoughts what was he thinking? Children tried to make friends with him however he was in his own world. They were not sure to stay or go. Children did not give up they kept their Patients. His mom is bulged fat she was having a baby.  He watched her mother have a contraction. The doctor told Mr. Cabbage Patch “not to be alarmed the baby is not ready” calming him down. Berry watching his neighbours plants seed in ground he traveled throughout his community pondering the question “where a baby comes from”.

He went back into the back yard, Prairie Meadow Acre Span. The forest is distant closer from the acre fields. Berry rotated transforms into a Rover Circumference rotator. He Spin off away from acre meadow in to the botany flower meadow fields that grew pollen: sugar water that grew. Honey sickle flowers, Purple Nectar flower, Bloom flowers.

He followed the Puff up Bees, Bumble Bees transferring to flower to flower toward hive. Watching them collect honey the child uses his imagination followed acrobatic bunnies’ air flipping toward a wide cave, the sign expression to dig a hole. The Bunnies back tracked toward his house the Bunny Double flipped phase Materialize through the soil ground Earth. . High above his head a bunch of stork flock flies casts a shadow the sunshine reflecting the surface ground passing the child. The bird fly pass the prairie meadow towards the lake Wood Area. The Soil needed something, Berry was not sure something was missing.

Berry riding his bike Berry observed Gardeners plant scape their flowers digging into the soil six inch deep on their front yard, rake the top soil and add luke warm water.  He saw his neighbour Meldeania take a flower out of the pottery bass, landscape planting into the ditch hole, soil covering the roots. She saw Berry for a moment he left pedaling home.  Berry tugged his parents to buy Plantation seeds for the prairie land scape.

Berry saw a large selection of flower seed. Search through the Isles meadow flowers, fruit and vegetables he imagined a face in the roll up petals. Berry chose Cabbages Patch, and Delucitible seed. He held a seed in his hand he would never let go.

. Sun set the children were invited to Berry house outside the porch watching the sun go down. His Parent thought it was important that Berry make friends.

Shauriana notice he was hanging on to something clinching his fist. Shauriana ask him to open his hand, so she and the rest of the gang could see what is inside his hand? At first he would not let them see. Then he opened up his hands slowly like a shape of a cup Berry finally spoke his first words he said “flowers”. The Children realized he wanted to plant flowers in his back yard.

They all agreed to help Berry give plantation harvest to his back yard with fruit and vegetables. They would aid him and teach him how to soil root plant his own seeds.

Children loved hobby pass time growing pottery flower with interest. They work as a partnership group. “All Berry wanted to do is plant flowers” The children would plant fruit and Vegetables in the morning welcoming Berry as their new member.

Farm Garden: the children decided to come by and help out. The Delucitible Patch Children brought more friends. They gathered at Berry’s back yard. They Graze Grove the earth soil ground surface in rotation mood. Plow the field, Plantation scattered the seed six inches deep, Soil ditch covering the seed roots. They rover Rotated spindle race in eleven straight lines in a row planting a Patch field. Raking the top soil and adding water. Berry socializes with his new companions and partners at school. Berry still image Imagines now and then in private or brain storming but does not always isolate himself with those around him. He has friends to share with. Ponders Wonder he thinks with his brain not afraid to ask questions, similar to the Cabbage Patch soil seed he grew. Berry’s began to realized that there is a seed in his Mother stomach. The heavenly baby toddler is born on to this world sprouted out when ready. The tiny plant prop out pushing into the Photo synthesis the sun breathe life into this world.  Berry has a baby brother his name is Trevor. They share a special bond forever. Berry met another Delucitible Patch new child, Norma Jean Becknell: who became his Next door neighbour in the country they met next day at school.


Cabbage Patch: The Delucitible Child: The New Kid:

A Moving truck rolls in the drive way arrives at the new house.

Cabbage, Delucitible mode the new child spindle rotates moves in the neighbour hood community in the country side next to Country side of Berry. Norma Jean Becknell: Yellow Pony Braids that stick up, Green bow tie and Glasses. Wearing a Blue, Red mix dress, green sleeves, Blue Belt with a red Bow flower.

There is no time to greet her new neighbours, Sun set, Illumination of night descends and school is tomorrow.

The Bus arrive picked up Norma from her home. The Principal guides her to her new class room she meet her new class mates. In the afternoon the children leaves the class room dormitory they went directly to the cafeteria.

Norma carries a fiddle searching for a quiet place to practice. The Gymnasium is on the other side way from the auditorium. She went to the Auditorium and met Berry, Clessa, Shauriana, Vernon, Melody: Wondering if she would sign up for the school talent show? Their teacher Miss Norton is not in however she put the twins Gabby and Lisa in charge of the signup sheet. No one allow without their permission. Her new friends notice she is not a familiar student from their school she is the new girl. Berry told Norma there is lot of kids that will be performing he wanted to know her hidden talents, what she could do?

Over Whelm by the crowd: she tells her colleague: I had a tap lesson once; I could twirl the baton,

Another child Kenny asked her if she could play the fiddle. She hide the fiddles behind her back the tell him, she fiddle with it.

Clessa already promoted Norma before she could ask. Clessa introduces the new kid telling the twin how she is champion baton twirler, and also a champion tap dancer leaving the stage. The twins sat on the Auditorium seats pondering wheather Norma could enter. To dissolve the situation they required actual proves.

Nervous: this was her first audition Justin accompanied Norma in the Composition: The Mephitis March, everything went wrong. Nervous on Stage trembling she dropped the baton stick three time miss her queue. Twirling, then tap dance, then she toss the baton in the air shattered the lights. Split partial burst scattered all over the floor the glass surround her for magical effect.

The Twins decided to make her prop stage manger behind the scene of the stage. Afraid Norma might embarrass the Twins if on stage.  Did not include violin fiddle, and sing. The Twins were ad emit this was end of discussion.

Weeks before the talent show: Shauriana is suppost to be front runner who suppost sing. Norma mesmerized Listening to Shauriana every song Lyric, watched Vernon’s magic tricks, Kenney tranquillest Act, Melody notice her whispering the lyrics even thou she was not on stage,

At home watering the flowers, Norma Imagery Images herself on stage, it was time to shine. One day the will be recognize her for who is. They will soon see from the Lyric’s Any Day Now” soon. After School returning from home the twin waited outside her door, from the lyrics: “Put your trust in us” They searched her closet discovered a white silvery colour dress for the talent show. Her Mother a tailor put in her closet for Norma to wear.  Norma dressed elegantly. They all went to the school concert together. Audience surveillance: Stage Performance:  The Magic Magician act and the tranquillest act were successful.

The Problem back stage: Shauriana was suppost to show up. She came a little bit late. Shauriana could not sing her lungs had the hiccups that would not go way.  Even her father tried to scare her it did not work.  What is worse the Band could not perform Instrumentation composition “Country Music Hoe down Dance”.

None could show up for personal, Medical reasons letting The Principal and teachers know. A member student had to stay home and do his home work.  Kenny the tranquillest was suppost to introduce the performers might have being, instead let the audience know there will be a last minute changes.

Cut off short. No one mesmerized the words except for Norma, who studied the whole lyrics. Members asked for Norma to help them. Norma is the only one who could choose to help them if she wanted too. That if Norma wanted to go on stage?

Norma trembling looking down, she bow her head away from the crowd look at the floor. A Little scared,

Norma gulping her fear and she agreed. Kenney had to tell the audience there will be change in the talent show introducing Norma on stage: while the Audience clapped that worried the twins: Gabby and Lisa.

Norma pick up the microphone a little shaken, first verse little bit shaky, Gain Confidence in the secound verse and the end. She Lyrically Sang:Find a way to your heart”, with soul beautifully. Norma the new child saved the school Stage performance in front of her new friends and the audience.

The twins were puzzled if she could play the fiddle violin? After the talent show was finished, she performed in front of the twins. Her Friends decided to join in with Norma forming a band. She was not alone anymore. They played Instrumentation Composition:Country Music “The Hoe Down Dance”. The Audience were suppost to leave were outside the auditorium. Unsuspected Crowd heard the music and came back in.  Norma and her new Partnership friend‘s team up, not just a duet and they performed beautifully.

The Orphan:

A Delucitible Orphan Child that live in society and went to school with the Cabbage Patch and the Delucitible Patch Children. She often ate at the minster church without being notice. She lives in secluded empty house until one visitation day after school Gordon one of the Delucitible Patch Child went to the city visited her house. She was discovered. Could the Cabbage Patch and the Delucitible Children keep a secret?  The Orphan child asked “him not to tell anyone?

A Married couple: A father soon to be, dropped his wallet while visiting a hotel. The orphan child returned the wallet in kindness. The Married couple appreciated her monisty.

The married couple’s house: The Little Girl was invited to dinner. She saw another young little Girl her age hanging on the mantle. Six inch square Piece Picture. How the mother miss her daughter with droplet of tears in her eyes offering the little Girl to drop her off at her house, her parents is probably waiting for her.

Backing out of the house she said no thanks leaving the house immediately. Told the marry Couple her parent is around the corner escaping without being chased.

The Public eventually discovered the orphan child was alone. Authority Parents and Authority Police kept a close eye Surveillances her without prove.  Follow ever intersection block Residents, to where she goes.  Berry Cabbage Patch and Gordon, and the other member tried to detract the resident by leading them away from the little orphan Girls house. Eventually the Little Girl caught is sent to the orphanage.

The Married Couple went to the orphanage to adopt the Delucitible the Little Girl who returned her future Father wallet with kindness. Offer her a place to stay as their parents. Guardian Parents adopted The Little orphan girl as their Daughter.

That lifted up the little girls Spirits:




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