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Writen Name Serge:

Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Authorship Lyric’s: A. George Dave Prince

Kris Kringle:

Jingle Jangle Jingle, rock with Kris Kringle,

Rock around the Christamas Tree.

Have a holiday, this is almost Christmas day, sing along with me.

(Every body)

Sleigh bells keep on ringing , while the choir keep on singing,

listen to the sound they play.

Ding a Dang a Dong, Dance and swing along,

have a merry Christmas Day.

Were Going to rock ,a round, the clock at night

celebrate until Christmas night.

Were going to ,swing, along, and have some fun,

until Christmas Eve is done.

Jingle Jangle Jingle, Rock with Kris Kringle,

Rock around the Christmas Tree.

I Look in the sky, while the raindeers goes by.

Merry Christmas

From me: To You:

Authorship Lyric’s:
A.G.D. Prince