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Whitby, Ontario, Canada:

Written by: A. George Dave Prince

Inspired by: Steve Farnell:


Teen Younger: George:

Mr. Smith read an excellent speech a creative story a student whom  once wrote: Hunger. The Home Room Educator stated his report in front of the whole class to everyone. I remember before I wrote the next pro-writing poetry: Drinking and Driving. Memories of this Student wades my thoughts while moving away from Oshawa Vanier High School to Ajax Harwood Secondary High School. The name of the School has changed is no longer called Harwood High School.

With the same  projections George created another interesting story written in Harwood Secondary High School. It was published in the School Year Book. Taught by Miss. Carrot Kokocono’s our class mates were told to be creative and write a story against Driving and Driving.

I could visualized a  parent whom cause the death of his Innocent child, his own son. I could see the Father cry why! Oh Why! The child cross the street pulling away from his drive way while his father not noticed him walking on the C resent ash fault road. The car is in direct collision to hit his son. The Father not paying attention to his son he hears a thump. Coming home while drinking he get out of his car then covers his face realizing who he is.

My mind reverted to a previous statement Authorship writer who wrote: Hunger. I wonder what would it be like to be in the shoes of the driver.  Police asking the question to whom cause this indecent that disturbed the area of their residents. A person that need to be debilitated who needs help His father.

Separated from that as a child, George  created similar stories with depth. The Child that wrote Hunger his  name was Steven Farnell.

Kris Kringle:

Lyrical Composed: By A. George Dave Prince:

Another person I must thank sharing soul of harmony, singing My songs of Lyric’s with, without Instrumental music, Accoppelo Partnership My Teacher: Mr. Jackson.

Harwood Stage Performance of A. George Prince and Mr. Jackson

We sang a duet  Song: Kris Kringle:

About Hunger:

For the record  memories of the past no one ever thinks about the people involved

not until later in life.


Authorship: Steven Farnell:

Flying in a plane through the dessert with a Friend. The Tank of the oil and gas suddenly empty,

Descending down gliding through the dessert with out oil and Gas we crash.

Sweller ting hot walked with a canvass  of water sudden the supply is empty,

Trekking through the dessert we found a little Hut.

Hot Sun exhausted  us causing images mergers.

Found a little Hut, they check every cubbert shelves, the Shelves was Empty.

Check the ion water of the well, The water is dry.

Check if any Plantation grain plants were planted,  the surface environment was dry.

His Stomach start to growls No food to eat I can not bare.

How does feel to be Hungary?

Now you know.

Authorship: Inspired by: S. Farnell:

High Secondaries School’s:

After Ridge Way High School near Wood Crest:

George went to Wavery Pubic School with the Same Teacher’ then Vanier Secondary School with a different Teachers, then Harwood Wood Secondary High School.

The Educators change the name of the School to Excelsior Pubic School. I left in 1989.

Between the two years of Vanier High School

I spent three years in Harwood. I wrote this Article in the School Year Book was Published.

Authorship: By A. George Dave Prince:

Drinking and Driving:

I think I will take a drink.

I will prove to all my friends that I have fun too.

My Parents tell me not to touch that bottle but who cares.

I heard stories about accidents only adults get hurt.

Hey I only 17 years old. I heal faster than my Parents.

What could it hurt? To make this more fun maybe I should my father car.

Now look at my drive I Feel that I am doing better than my parents.

Way to go! This is Fun.  Now who’s boss? It me.

This is like playing a video game but better I’m actually doing the real thing.

Maybe I should turn up the radio. Ya, this is a party.

Why does that sound hurt? I should shut off the radio, but I still keep hearing that sound.

Could it be someone who wants to race me? If so I will show them.

O.K. Turkeys if you want to race me come and get me.

Weee, this is so much much fun that my parents should see me drive right now.

They would have been proud of me but that too bad they not here.

They are missing out on a lot of action which I’m doing right now.

Why is that car in front of me? Hey, you’re not road King, I am, so Get Lost!

Out of my way, you’r in my way.

Now I see headlights heading my way.

So you want to play chicken, we will see who get the last laugh.

Authorship Writer:

A.G.D. Prince: