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: Each chapter tells a single saga life time message of Important:

Compose  Lyricials and Histrocal Research:

A. George Dave Prince

God  Servant Job: The Test of faith:

(Intrudution): Narration:

Whence you came from Devil? God questions Satan?

He said “To and Fro about the earth and had access toward the Heavens”:

The Devil set Plagues and create tragedies over the earth: The Devil challenges the God to Corrupt every soul. God Chooses person on the globule Nation: “Do you see his servant Job?” “He will always remain faithful. He will never given into temptation”: just do not parallelize his soul. The test of faith. Without a touch of corruption God never laid a hand on his servant. The Devil touches Job Surrounds hoping Job will lose respect for the Lord but never did.

God Servant Job: The Test of Faith:

Compose Lyricals: A. George Prince

(Lyricals Intro):  (Narration)

Do you see my man Job,?

Born with fear, (respected God,)

Do not touch him devil,

Do not go near.

Narration:  {Touch his surrounding}:

(Lyricals:)  Verse 1:

The Devil came to and Fro, (the Heavens)

Job will curse God to his very face,

The Devil will touch his heart, (Touch his Surrounding).

Job will surely lose his Faith.

(Bridge 1):  Job’s Servant’s:

Job, the Cattle died, I escape to tell you. (Stolen),

Job: there famine I cry, (and tremors)  I escape to tell you:

( Narration:),

{An Controllable Incident: Hurricane-winds,

Earthquakes happened in the community}.

His heart was broken, however he kept his faith}.

(Corus):  Do you see my man Job?

Born with fear, (respects God)

Do not touch him devil,

Do not go near.

(Lyricals) Verse 2:  The Devil came to and fro, (the heavens)

Job will curse God to his very Face,

The Devil will touch his bone, { With boils on his hand and Feet.}

Job will surely lose his faith.

(Bridge 2:)  (Job’s wife)  Curse God to his very Face:

(Bridge 2:)  Bone to Bone, Skin for Skin, Job remains Faithful.

(Job’s Qualities):

(Gap 1:)



Shew Evil:

My Servant Job:

(Repetition Gap 2:)



Shun Evil:

Do you see my man Job?

(Repetition Gap 3:)



Shew Evil:

My Servant Job:

(Repetition Gap 4:)



Shuns Evil:

(Corus:)  Do you see my man Job?

Born with fear, (respected God)

Do not touch him Devil,

Do not go near.

(Appollela: passive:)

God Gave Job twice as more

God allowed this so

Job Remains Faithful:

Do you see My Servant: Job? 

He Remains Faithful:

God never corrupted Job’s Soul: 



The God was challenged by the Devil against the nation. The Lord however will never harmed or touched a living soul upon the Planet of Earth or the Heavens. Job alway Remain Faithful to The Lord Creator God no matter what:

Compose Lyricals; and  Narration:  A. George Dave Prince


Friday, August 19, 2011

Easter: Element of Surprise:

Research Fact:  A. George Dave Prince:  

Whitby, Ontario, Canada:

Ester: Element of Surprise:

Hamen may have decite,  a setup against Majsety the King. His Influnance the royal Hinest  to plan an invite, an Invitation. Provindanece Regions, Chamberlins, From  the border Kingdom’s, and the public  from North, West, South,  East, each everybody was welcome to celebration.  Haman plan was to snatch the crown.

Haman may have Intructed Vishy:

Haman Instructed Vishy separating from the mens from the ladies asking them to go to another area room from the Kingdom Throne. The King will send a Chamberlin who will come retrieve her, The King Wife is suppost to be in the presents of his Royal Hinest, the kingdom and public. After all  she the  best dancer.  Vishy refused. The Provindence pause in while upset stated these questions to ask the to the King.

What if the their wife’s went against husbands?

What if their husband wife’s went against the Palace and the Township?

Husband’s Following orders from their wifes’, What would they say?

Will the King  have to give up the crown too what is next?

The Provdinence’s decided that the King needed a new wife:  The King wife was banded from the Kingdom, however Haman remain upset,  He almost got to swiped the crown from the King while Vishy was exorted out the palace.

The King felt no wife was good enough: Decree a law to the soldiers and the town: the Lady were to be drafted, in search for the King new wife:  Posted:  Banners, Scrolls. the message was sent to the whole community.

Malil-Kai: Ester Uncle: Cause of death: unknown: by an Incidents. He treat Ester as  his own: Family:  Beauiful lady whom did not shew it. Her Beauty Marvel by men. She live outside  the long stretch balcony of the castle.

The Solider discovered her trading in the market place. Ester did not get the memo.  King’s Chamberlin’s is in charge of ladies, how they Dress, Bath them in heavenly sent oils, and fragent perfumes, performance taught how to addressed the Kings for Serveral Days before Introduced.

None He thought was simular to Vishity: deppressed he wished the ladies away while he felt sorrel. The Solider brought the Last Lady in. Sudden his eyes sprikled, He know Ester was the one. She was gorgeous but did not shrew it: Kost men.

Ester discover with an Element of Surprise she will be his new wife. Haman however did not appreciate the new ladies that got involved. Secretly with out the Kings knowlege want to assinated the Her Root Heritage the Jews ; over heard by Maili-kai.  Brought Warning to Ester in the front balcony ridge porch he saw Ester.

Hamen even in the hall discussed with his associates: to get rid of the Easter Root Heritages: the Jews. She invited the King and Hamen while in supplication over three time, for dinner.

The King could see her heart was troubled.  He asked his wife ”What is wrong,” ”why are so  worried”. He waited patiently, when she ready  she will tell them what happen. She got down know nees ask of the King not assassinate her Root Heritages: the Jeth people.  The King had no knowelege what she was talking about pointing a the finger at Human who does taken way by his guards. The Punish cause of death for Haman and his associates was death: The Hanging. Vishity was Banishment: Ester rescue the King and her people.

Reseach: Fact:  A.G.D. Prince:

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tower of Babel:  H istroical  Research:

A. Georg Dave Prince   

Cush: begot Nimrod: The Mighty Hunter In eye of the Lord.

He began to be the mighty one on Earth. Lost respect in beginnings of his kingdom

The pubic built a spectacular city of Shinar and a famous tower.

The pubic visited came to see explore the area or live there. Gather together the pubic and Nimrod tried to be more famous than the heavens and the earth.

God saw look upon he stated in deed the city is one they did nothing worth while

(The Rock, The Structure) should be base on foundation.

Let us go down and confused them they may not understand one another language. What they did not know was held back (refrain) from them. Not known to them.

Babel Built Cities; Erech, Accad, and Calneh, in the Land Plains of Shinar.

He Kingdom ceased before the Lord.

The Whole earth had one language: one speech.

It came to pass, as they jorurnyed from the east

They found Shinar: Land of the plains:

They dwelt there.

The People said to one another come

Let us make brick and bake them thoroughly.

They had bricks for stones and asphalt for mortar, Mud.

Come let us build ourselves a city, tower and make a name for ourselves

Famous, Spectacular, Be Glorified;

We will be famous scattered abroad all over the face of the whole Earth and be famous over the person whose on top of the heavens.

The Lord came down to see the city, and tower which the people have built. The Lord said indeed the people are one, they have one language this is what they begin to do, nothing that they purpose (support) to do, they do nothing worth while.

The stone should be built based on the foundation the structure.

This is what they should be doing which they do not this will be with held back (refrain) from them (Not known to them). Come let us go down and confuse their language that they may not understand their speech.

The Lord scattered them abroad all over the face of the Earth they could not understand one another. They separated from each other: Their languages were confused they ceased stopped building the city. Therefore the name was called Babel:

 Histroical Research:   A. George Dave Prince


Noah: Dround in the Tears of God’s Eyes:  

Compose Lyricals: A. George Dave Prince:


(Verse 1):

The world is Violent,

The world Corrupt,

God was sad to what the people have done,

Destroy them all through out this Land but he found favor in Noah’s eye.

God said “Take three clean animals (two unclean) of each kind,

Build a boat before the rain came down,

Noah Tried to warn, the people of this land,

You could hear them laugh, you could hear them say.


Not a water, not a drop to drink.

The land is bone dry.

Why build an ark Noah?

When the sun is in the sky?

That’s why they drown in the tears of God’s eyes.

(Verse 2:)

Ham, Shem, Japheth took their girlfriends from their homes,

They headed toward the boat, before the rain came down,

They escape it into the Ark.


Hear the people plead, let _ me _ inside,

The door seal shut, you could hear them cry, they were warned.


Not a water, not a drop to drink,

The Land is bone dry,

Why built an Ark Noah?

When the sun is in the sky,

That why they were drown in the tears of God eyes,


God set his Covenant with Noah, (his agreement) a rainbow in the sky.

That the flood that covered the Earth, shall will never happen again.

(Adults) Noah’s Children separated from Noah,

(As Noah blessed the table and the release the animals).

Separated from their father, them.

Not a water, Not drop to drink: and Land bone dry.

Not a water, not drop to drink: Sun in the sky.

Not a water, not a drop to drink, and land bone dry.

Not a water, not a drop to drink sun in the sky.

(Compose Lyricials):  A. George Dave Prince


Narration :   Son of Ammittai: Jonah:

A. George Dave Prince:

Son of Ammittai who preached about God through out the land his voice rolled like thunder.

The Lord approach Jonah with a task.

Jonah told the truth about the Lord without himself knowing his stories they were Vibrant.

Jonah overwhelmed, discourage he try to escape from the task at hand

Though his depression Jonah did what God asked of him.

Compose Lyricals:  A George Dave Prince


Compose Lyricals: Som of Ammittai:

A. George Dave Prince:

Son of Ammittai go to Nineveh:

Son of Ammittai go to Nineveh:

Disaster may be brought upon them:

Jonah went to Joppa on a boat tried to escape to Tarrish from the Lord.

Hidden in the captain cabin away on sea:

Hear the rain come down with the sea with a wave and roar.

The sailor could not make it to shore.

Son of Ammittai go to Nineveh

Son of Ammittai go to Nineveh

Disaster may brought upon them

The Captain called to Jonah call to your God’s name.


Where thy will be? (Where is your God?)

What thy name? (What your person name?)

What occupation thy where from? (What occupation your person is from?)

What thy does?  (What your person does?)

To who concern thy person is? (To whom your person is?)

We are standing in the presents of The Lord.

I am Hebrew who freed the people Lord thy God toss me overboard and the sea will calm.

The Sailor threw Jonah overboard in the belly of a big Fish.

Near the coast Jonah was depressed he did what God ask of him.

(God Guideth directed the way.)

(In the belly of the big fish Jonah spends three days.)

On ward to Nineveh he went:

Told the people to Repent:

The King decree they would never sin again:

When God saw disaster was never brought upon them again.

God saw (They did not know their left or right).

Disaster was never brought upon themselves again.

(Compose Lyricals) A. George Dave prince):


Astrologers: Follow the Star: Histroical Research:

A. George Dave Prince:

Went to the east of Jursulsem:

For where is he the King who is born

So we may Bow to him:

Jersulehem was agitated and so was their king.

He ordered the death of the first born but could not capture born new King.

He tried to attack the born new king.

King Herod called his scribe men and his caldrons

To secretly obtain when the star has came to find out when the king was born.

They said “not lest not of Palestine (None from Palestine) a governor,

A Prince shall be born,

Ye shall be born in Bethlehem Judah.

Ye shall shepherd my people.

Ye shall rule over my people.

Go now carefully, search for the child bring ward back to me.

Tell to me where he may be so I may bow to him too.

Three Astrologers follow the star in the east went to Judah gave and praised to the Highest Oh Lord until they reached to Bethlehem Judah.

Three Astrologers’ presented gifts Frondescence, Myrrh, and gold

(In the dream) the Divinely Being told them not goes back to Herod.

They went their separate ways.

King Herod did not hear again from the

Word of the astrologers:

King Herod was exceeding angry (with contempt)

He orders his solider on his way.

He ordered the death of the first borns.

You could hear Bethlehem morning way morning away.

Jersulehem was agitated so was their King.

They order the death of the first burns but could not capture the born new King.

Jersulehem was agitated so was their king

He ordered the death of the first borns.

Jersulehen did not want a new King but could not capture the born new king.

Mary and Joseph escaped to Egypt Jersulehem confused they morned.

King Herod died in Jersulehem.

Jersulehem went after the born new king, Prince of Prince, Prince of Peace no more.

Whom to be born: Lord Jesus.

Histroical  Research:  A. George Dave Prince


Histroical Research:   The Great Outer Doors:

A : George Dave Prince:

Bethlehem: country shepherds were living out doors in the fields they were watching their flocks at night. The Angel of the Lord stood before them the glorified of the Lord.

Shun around them they were greatly afraid.

The angel said to the shepherds” Not to be afraid behold I have bring tidings of great joy in the city of David a Savior is Born Christ: The Lord. This will be the sign to you the baby wrapped in swaddle Linen Cloth who lay in the manger”.

Suddenly there was with the angles a multitude of heavenly host praising God saying “Glory to the highest on the earth, peace, good will toward all”.

The angels left from them back into the heavens.

The shepherds told one another:” Let us go to Bethlehem come to see the born new king who comes to pass which the lord made known to us”. The shepherd came with sin.

Found Mary and Joseph with the baby lying in the manger.

When they saw the born new King They made widely known the saying which was told concerning the child.

Mary kept these entrees and pondered them in her heart.

All those who heard marveled which were told by the Shepherds and the travelers whom came from a far.

The shepherd and the travelers return praising God for All. Miracles that they heard and seen. As the story of truth were told by them the travelers and shepherds.

Histroical Research:  A. George Dave Prince


Histroical Research:  Jesus: God With Us:

A. George Dave Prince:  

God gave his only Begotten Son whoever believes in him shall not parish shall have lasting life.

Whom I approve my beloved Son his is name Immanuel God with us:

Prince of Peace, Prince of Prince his name will Lord Jesus;

God gave his only begotten son whoever believes in him shall not parish shall have everlasting life.

Michel:  Prince of host,  Daniel:  Chapter:  8: Verse: 11

Michel: Prince of Princes: Daniel: Chapter: 8: Verse 25

Massiah The Prince shall be cut off: forefilled his duties:

Chapter 9: Verse 25

Massiah The Prince: Daniel: Chapter: 9 Verse;  25

Michel: Prince of chief,   Daniel: Chapter: 10: Verse: 13

Michel: The Great prince: Daniel: Chapter: Chapter: 12

, Messiah  your Prince: Daniel: Chapter: 10: Verse: 21

Michel your Prince, He shall stand up His name will be Lord Jesus.

Prince of Peace: Isaiah: chapter: 9, Verse 21

Michel Jesus Crist the Archangel:  Jude: Verse 9

Lord of Lord, King of King,

Governor, Princes,

He shall shepperd my people

His name will be Lord Jesus:

Histroical Research: A. George Dave Prince:

Moses; and The Promise Land:

Compose Lyricals:  A. Georg Dave Prince  

Moses: There is no place to go.

We want to go back to Pharoal

Moses we have no place to go.

We want to go back to Pharoal.

Behold: There is a place to go.

God lead you out of Eypt toward the Promise land.

Behold: The red sea opens up for you.

There a path we must lead on to.

Moses: There is no place to go.

We want to go back to Pharoal.

Moses: There is no place to go.

We want to go back to Pharoal.

Behold: God directs the way.

I would not go back there no way.

Ye have Faith God will lead all this way.

Moses: The army comes.

What will they do to us?

Moses: The army comes:

What will they do to us?

Behold: God is our sword and armor:

He will be our protector.

With the staff in Moses hand

God will smite the wicket with his mighty hand.

Thank you for leading (Moses) us towards the promises Land.

Compose Lyricials  A. George Dave Prince


No Buyer will buy No More:

(Fall  of Babylon) Revelations:

Compose Lyricals: A. George Dave  Prince

Verse 1:

 No more silver, No more Gold,

No more copper, No more Cole,

The Government will say too bad too bad,

Nobody will buy no more.

No more rubies, No more diamond,

No more Crystal, No more Jaspers,

The Government says too bad, too bad.

No buyer will buy no more.


The Riches are devastated

The buyers will buy no more.

The Merchants will cry and wail.

Oh no! no one buying no more.

The Merchants will cry and mourned.

No more silver, No more Gold,

No more copper, No more Cole,

The Government say too bad, too bad

No Buyer will buy no more.

(Fall of Babylon Ending:) The Merchant’s will cry and mourned, Too Bad:

Compose Lyricals  A. George Dave Prince


Histroical Reseach:  Cain and Abel:

A. George Dave Prince 

This Generation is about Adam and Eve.

God created man and woman in the likeness of God.

Adam and Eve, Male and Female created them their children and God blessed them.

The People called their name Adam and Eve in the day were created. Adam lived an hundred thirty years.

Adam is now Eve’s husband and Eve is Adam wife.

She conceived and bared a baby child Cain.

She said “I gotten a man from the Lord”.

She again bared a baby child his brother Abel.

Abel grew he became the keeper of the sheep’s.

Cain was the tiller of the ground.

In the process of time it came to pass that

Cain brought an offering unto the Lord.

Abel also brought an offering unto the Lord.

Cain brought fruit from the ground to the Lord.

Abel brought the firstling sheep of his flock to the Lord.

The Lord respected Abel offering but did not respect Cain’s offering respected.

His Heart filled with Roth, his countenance fell with anger, and jeliously.

The Lord said unto Cain” Why are you full of Roth, upset.

If a person does it well should I not accept?

If a person does not well sin loath at the door to his desire

Jeliously shall rule over him. The Acceptance of Cain’s offering is for Cain only his desire was in (conceit).

Note: [The Firstling Lame may have represented Jesus coming to Earth.

[The Lamb of God may have been accepted].

Cain’s countenance fell: with (Jeliously) not respecting Abel: his sins lyeth at the door his face full of Roth {up set this desire shall ruled over him].

Cain talked with Abel his brother and slew him.

The Lord said unto Cain,” Where is your brother”.

Cain said “I do not know I am not my brother keeper”?

“What have you done? The voice to your brother

Blood crieth unto me from the ground “.

Are now cursed from the Earth, which has opened her mouth to receive thy

Brother’s vile blood from your hands.

When now tillest from the ground.  The Earth shall not henceforth, yield unto her strength: Cain became a

(Fugitive, a vagabond) He shall be (outlawed) from the land. (Cain brought to justice with advenges) with discipline.

Cain said “to the Lord, My punishment is greater than I can bear.

Behold you have driven me out this day from the face of the Earth and from the face shall I be hid. I shall be a fugitive, vagabond in the Earth and it shall come to pass that they findeth me, shall slay me”.

The Lord said unto him “whoever slayth Cain vengeances:

(Revenge upon revenge) will be taken on the person who will pay seven times fold.

Revenge of Surveillance in the mist will exceed.

The Lord set a mark on Cain head

“(Lest), anyone findeth him should kill him”.

Lest; not anyone findeth the person none should cause the death of the person.

The Person committed criminal disobedience.

The price of Vengeances (revenge over revenge) leads to death.

Deadly physical combat battle conflict of war and hypocritical negative thoughts mind set conflict battle of war.)

He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Is a mark man like Cain is in Imprisonment? (Debilitation): The Purporator suspect is close to death.

Advengeance push to Revenge is not Discipline take down apprension capture of Justice

The victim does what this person desires. Taken the law in their own hands personally could lead to death, or jail. Severed consequences of decision not based on defense.

Advengeance (vengeance) to serve the morality of law and justice of the peace;

Debilitation re-introduced them back to society with repentance with out sin with forgiveness however may change when they sin again Jail or debilitation center with out payroll.

Mend, Defend and Maintain, Responsibility, To Protect,

(Debilitation) may also lead to imprisonment apprension capture.

Every person is innocent with freedom until proven guilty:

Case is not closed: just reviewed servallance of privileges is on going.

Depending on the crime Defensive Disciplinary take down.

The Lord punishment Cain: Wandering alone about the earth.

None should cause the death of Cain none touched him, none slayth him.

After Cain Punishment the Lord left.

Cain dwelt in the land of Nod on the

East of Eden with his wife with a moral life.

Cain wife bore a child Enoch. The city Cain built was name after him.

Warning: After Cain’s death those whom follow in his foot steps:

Woe to those becareful for they have gone in the ways of Cain the same direction.

They have gone greedily in the error of Balaam for profit and perished in the rebellion of the Korah. Serves as reminder for Debilitation apprension capturers

Imminent death is close at hand.

Enforcement assault attack is use when all option are depleted or failed, with no choice solution.

Eye for Eye tooth for tooth:

Do you remember eye for eye tooth for tooth

I tell you love thy enemy as thy self.

Hit me in the left cheek, you hit me in the right cheek exgoisted fuel near death, When does war end?

Hurt me:  Pursing my heart with feelings, Wiped scorched my soul of my body badly, finding the inner bravery of strength but afraid to feel, from my heart.

Crieth held back the tears with heart of courage.

Scorching my soul of the body with torrment

May or may not able to hold back those tears.

The Soul of my body in pain held the tears in bravery.

May or may not able to hold back the tears.

Hurt you: Pursing your heart with feelings of tears with remorse, however The Cold Hearted: The Persecutors held back their tears burying their hearts with no feeling with heartlessness, No remorse.

The pubic with dought afraid to look upon cry in pain and anger, may try with courage to do something about this.

May able or may not. Eye for an eye will make you cry.

( Histroical Research): A. George Dave Prince


Histroical Research:  Satan Bound 1000 Years: Revelation Chapter 20:

A. George Dave Prince

I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key to the bottomless pit with a great chain in his hand.

He’s laid hold the Dragon, the Serpent who is the Devil, Satan bound him for a thousand years.

He cast him into the bottomless pit kept him quiet.

Set a seal on him that he should deceive the nation no more till the thousand years were finished. After these things he must be released for a little while.

I saw the throne and they sat on them and judgment was committed to them. I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God who had not worshiped the beast or his image.

They had not received a mark on their forehead nor their hands. They reign with Christ for a thousand years.

The rest of the dead did not live again until a thousands years were finished. This was the first resurrection.

Blessed and holy is he who is part in the first resurrection.

The second death has no power but they shall be priest of God and of Christ and shall reign with God a thousand years.

When the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison will go to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the Earth.

Gog and Magog gathered Christian whom they manipulated and deceived by the numbers are like the sand of the sea of death.

They went upon the breadth of the Earth and surrounded the camp of the true saints and the beloved city. Fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them.

The Satanic Rebellions so call Christian of The Saints.

The devil that deceived the rebellion was cast in the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophets were.

They (Carried the Inner soul of heart of torment, punished day and night, from beginning to end remaining years (fraidle age) until death.

Tormented, Blinded in darkness, those whom not discovering radiance of light,

Illumination stern of night of truth: will not receive Every Lasting Clarity:

Prolong life.

However who does not received the radiance of true light, the Illumination stern of the night, the second death: Is Cast in fire and brimstone:

Those whom cause abomination to themselves: with sin.

Who were not found in the book of life: are destroyed.

I saw a great white throne the Devil who sat on it from whose face on the earth, and the heavens, fled away there was no place for Demonic Demons they were Cast down. They were cast out.

I saw the dead, the small and the great standing before God.

The books were opened another book opened which is the book of life.

The dead were judged according to their works by the things which were written in the books.

The sea gave up the dead who were in it.

Death and Hades delivered them up.

The dead were in them.

They were judged each one according to their works.

Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This was the second death.

Any one not found written in the Book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

(Histroicall Research): A. George Dave Prince


(Histrocial Research):  The New city: Revelation 21 Verse 1-14:

A. George Prince:  

Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth the first (former) heaven and the first (former) Earth had passed away (The new era) or may even to the end (destroyed) also there was no more glass sea (Death and Hades).

I John saw a holy city coming down out of the heavens from God prepared (the city) as a bride adorn for his husband.

I heard a loud voice from heaven saying

“Behold the tabernacle of God is with us”.

He will dwell with them and they shall be his people.

God himself will be with them and be their God from the heavens.

God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, no more pain the former things passed away.

He who sat on the throne behold I make all thing new

He said to me “write for these words are faithful and true”.

He said to me “this is done! I am the alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give of the fountain, the water of life freely to the person whom will thirst.

The person who over comes shall inherit all things. I will be his God.

He will be my God and they shall be God’s (Son’s and Daughter’s.)

(I shall be their God the father’s of Generation of son’s /daughter.)

The cowardly unbelieving; abominable; abomination, murderers,

Immoral sexuality, Demonic Demons, Sorcery of Dark art Obia Magic, idolaters, Demons with all Liars of Manipulation in deceit: shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone.

(Histroical Research) A. George Dave Prince


(Histrocal Research) The New City: Revelation 21 verse 1-14,

A. George Dave Prince  

One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls filled with the seven last plagues come to me and talked with me saying come I will show you the bride the Lamb’s wife.

He carried me away in the Spirit to the great and high mountain the great city descending out of the heaven from God.

Having the glory of God her light was like a most precious stone; jasper stone clear as crystal.

She had a great and high wall with twelve gates, twelve angels at the gate, name written on ten of them, which were are the name of Twelve Tribe of the children of Israel.

Three gates were on the East, Three on the north, three on the south, three on the west.

The wall of the city had twelve foundations on them were the names of

(Come pitcher I will you the bride the lamb wife.)

The Twelve Apostles of the Lamb: They built on foundation with exception of two have sinned.

Mary Magdalene and the Apostles John are appointed as true Counselors of Faith.

Given Counsel to light of true hope, faith and truth: light radiance.

Illumination night: serious matters stern discipline Disciple of true faith,

Fishers of person’s companion friendship.

Jesus teaches apostles true courage and bravery of light of hope, Illumination of the night of seriousness toughness inner stern discipline of true hope, the light radiance and the Illumination of night.

(Authorship Revised Research):

A. George Dave Prince

(Histroical Research):  

The Lord God almighty  and the  Lamb of the Lord Jesus is the Temple:  

A. George Dave Prince

Revelation 21 Verse 22:  

I saw no temple in it for the Lord God almighty and the Lamb is the temple.

The city had no need of the sun or moon to shine for the glory of the sun and the night of God. The Lamb is the light, and Illumination of night.

The nation of those who are saved shall walk in its radiance light, and Illumination stern of the night. The kings of the Earth bring their glory and their honour to their nation.

The gate shall (not) be shut at all by day there shall be night.

They shall bring the glory and the honour of all nations but there shall by no means enter anything that defiles or causes an abomination or lie, but only those with moral truth who are written in the Lamb’s of the Lord and The Creator.

The Book of Life:

Histroical Reseach:  A.G.D. Prince