Lot Story: Genesis 19:

Sodom and Gomorrah: once were Pedophilers, explication, Gore, assault, combative, Dispute, Battle; War, conflict of violence. The Public searching for an angels at Lot Door. The Community committed Random acts of Sin: perpetration act of crimes.

Lot’s Daughters knew no man, their Generation even their children were instinked: wipe out: Abram Once asked God “How many he could Save”? God Stated: None:


Warning to the Gay and Les-Bing:

Lovers of the heart is a passionate an opening feeling:
Nether Man or Women: Romance love has no barriors.
However Born Identification: to weather you are male or female is Heritage conformation is a standardizer for always and forever.

Perilous Minds, Perilous Times: Hard trouble times to follow: Jesus is Neither, Either, or Nor Against, stated his warning: to those who could do not understand.

I Tell you: Gay or Les-bing: Male Bullock must not sleep with a other Male Bullock, ladies must not Sleep with another lady, No Lude Nudeness, or hypocritical slang language, Perilous Minds, Perilous times: Trouble Hard Times are to follow, This is suppost to happen in the future. Jesus Stated his Purpose: Neither, Either, Nor against, brought a warning to the public and to those who did not believe his words.

(Galatian): Being: Gay, Les-bing: Jesus stated this was suppost to happen in the future, with disbelieve Society of the Public took a section out of the biblical detail. This cannot be, This is not suppose to happen.

Sodom and Gomorrah and the City surround the angels: Jude: Verse Seven:

Sodom and Gomorrah then turn to ashes: Peter: Chapter 2: Verse 6-8

Walk in the Spirit: Galatians: Chapter 5: Verse 16-26, Chapter 19

Holy Matrimony: Leviticus: Chapter 18- verse 1-22: Chapter 22:

The Lord stated his warning Purpose: Neither, Either, or Nor against: Perilous Mind, Perilous Times: Trouble hard times is to follow: this is suppost to happen, weather the public like it, or not.