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Title: Spontaneous Guard and the Princess:
Canadian Caribbean Books:
Carizzian Animon: Black, Dark Television:

Fiction: Children Mystic Fantasy Books:
Authorship: A. George Dave Prince:
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The Spontaneous Guard and the Princess:

Queen Kasey and King Dash-sheen are over protected of their cometh of age Princess: The Queen has very high expectation of her. With proper EDUCATION, Politics’ and the Ethic Economy, and she is to be the future air of the Monarch castle that demands responsibility.

Guards kept surveillance of King’s Daughter while on travel.
They kept close watch from any intruder who tries to interfere with the Monarch Royalty. A Traveler with a purple Satire Robe travels toward the MARKET place going shopping.

A Handsome follow Five foot Six, Dark Person walks to the store
buying fruits and Vegetables suddenly the Queen Daughter arrives
The Guards pulls out the red carpet.

The Stranger asks the Store Keeper “to whom the beautiful lady is”? The Keeper tells him she is Queen Kasey and King Dash-sheen Daughter, Princess Kala. The Store Keeper warns him not to fall in love with her she is from a higher class do not get involve.

Choosing an item of her choice as the Queen is just about to leave,
Suddenly Roses petals fell before her feet before entering the her carriage.

She Look high above the roof and saw the handsome person stand on the high rise balcony.The Knight’s almost pulled out their sword. Since no harm was done the Soilder
put the sword slided their sword in the cassette case and left while laughing.

The Lady picks up the stem flower and wonders to who this stranger is?
Leaving an impression on the Princess, she smiles.

The Queen is not worried. She thought the stranger was passing through but just in case The Queen added extra guards. The Queen Daughter once was rescued by the handsome person while the guard hands were full. The Trailer was under attack but the Commoner dashes to rescue and save her. The King and Queen met with the person asked him to join the service. He told the King had another previous commitment to another and left the castle.

The Queen her daughter once went to the theater of the arts. The Same Handsome Person entered the stage play performance entertaining the audience and Royalty. Hook up on a wire he played the part Romeo swung himself towards the Princess to the highest balcony both gripping their hands pledging their vows.

The Public almost thought that was real as if they were going to marry each other that worried the Queen. The Queen has another Prince coming in three days whom she was suppost to marry nothing should interfere with this marriage. “A Commoner married a Princess this will never do” she said.

The Queen posted guards at the front yard door but not at the backyard high Tower. The Queen locked her daughter in the High tower of her ROOM covering the half of the area.

The Commoner snuck at the back of the castle and saw how high tower was, very tall.
He could hear the Guard laughing out loud no one could get pass them while they were on duty, none so far has gotten near.

None of them notice the Commoner at the backyard he calls to the Princess “to let down her hair”. Her cabin wardrobe had plenty of sheets swing herself like a mountain climber to the surface ground environment then she ran off with the Commoner.

The Queen upset searching for her daughter who disappeared asking the guard “how could she escape”? Found them watching the fireworks. Well Respected he tried to introduce himself but the Queen was not interested to anything he had to say.

The Queen did not like the person she fell in love with and asked her to De-announce this person who she pledge loved to and pack her things she going home.

With an element of surprise the Princess told her mother she going to marry the Commoner the queen was shocked and de-announce her own daughter and went back to the castle without look back.

In the season of Rain: three days the Betroved Prince is suppost to come in horse and Carriage he came hand in marriage for the Princess. The Prince was also handsome but troubling not at all interest in the Princess.

He asked the Queen to “Bring her shining Radiance” so we could see her while have tea. He Pledge his vows to the community rather than to the queen daughter united both cities he pledge to protect.

The Betrove Prince had only one seat for himself a carriage shelter from the rain. He would have soaked the Princess in the storm that did not the leave an impression to the Queen rushing this Betroved Prince out the door. The Queen remembers the Commoner Promise to protect her daughter at all cost he kept his commitment no matter what.

Visiting the Commoner turn out that he is Guard from another separate Castle distance miles from where the Betroved Prince lived. The guard kept his vows to the Wife and his commitment King and Queen to protect their nation.

The Queen Recon ciliated with the princess to support her  to whom she married.
Betrove marriage is tradition about force marriage of unhappiness, if commitment love is not true hearted?

A.G.D. Prince: