The Rejuvenators: Botany Plants:

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Inspiration: Fi-Fi and the Flower Tots:
Authorship: Writer: A. George Dave Prince

Rejuvenators: Botany Plants:
Rejuvenators Botany Plants:
The Green House Residents:

Distance away from the hustle and bustle in a distance world away from Human Nation and the Milky Way Galaxy, away from the Pollutions, emissions, radioactive waste, in the stellar Universe of the Plantation Galaxy:
The Green House Residents Plants live in the Land Scape Environment Nation:
Fields, Meadow‘s; Forest, Jungles; Lake Woods, Parks and Swamps, Solar Glass House their home Environment.
In reaches in Stellar of Space in the world of the Rejuvenators society lives in the Green Belt Solar System father away from Earth.
Tree Trunk Complexion: Branch, twigs, and Soul Stems Complexion:
Tree Trunk: Stilt long with circumference width thicken: round, Long Lengthy high Trunk. The Trunk is connected to the twigs and branches. Green Leaves. The Trunk strip bark of ply wood belongs to the body of the tree is six feet high.
Stem bud Flower: Stilt narrow thin width, bud Petal circumference, In the middle of the bud pad Stilts the face, corsage from the neck and shoulders. Body Soul arms, hand length, twig Petal on their feet, Glycols Glove Hands:
Anchor Roots: Land-Scape grappler feet hooked in to the ground in cases of Disastrous Precipitation: Just in case of dangerous change of weather.
Calamity collisions could cause mud landscape slides, Rain Sea Flood Wash out, Crack Pulls Earth Quakes thrown in a Ditch. At any moment stem or Branches could timber fall in rough weather?
Stem and Branches are not so far way from Humans. They could injure or hurt themselves, and not mention the obvious Death.
The Rejuvenators are not scared of the normal weather rainfall, Breezy winds,
Sun warmth radiance of heat however Heighten weather precipitation of the worst development the Rejuvenator may retreat back to the solar glass house for protection: bad precipitation.
Rejuvenators: is also aware of their surroundings. Educators teach children about the safety and dangers of their environment landscape.
Water Splash, flowers do not need Bond Fires. Make sure the surface of the ground is not smoking: especially with the hot sun suspension of light penetrating the soul roots.
Plants need essentials just like you and I. Hospital, Sports, Harvest Stores, Malls, and Restaurants, The Respiration of their lungs is more complexed.

The Respiration System: Environment Landscape:

Breathing Respiratory System: Plants Breathes in Carbon Dioxide. Move up through the Stems and Trunk branch, twig leaves. The Lungs descend, ascend from the root of their feet, to the top of the Branch or bud stem holding sap sugar Glucose.
Wind blowing phasing oxygen through the Trunk of the trees and stems. The Trunk and stem is given small port cracks, crevices between the bark trunk, branches, and twigs. The wind also fill in the air pockets pushes from the Stem and Tree trunk.
Air moving upwards, downwards toward the bud flower or Tree trunk phases the anchor root.
The Wind transfer Oxygen, tree trunk and stem exchanges the breeze give themselves carbon. Air Gives origin root of the respiratory system.
Earth: The Wind Breathe givens air passage extra lung breathing through our noise. Breath Inhales: Breathe Exhales:
Return Breath of Oxygen The Rejuvenators also provides for the soul creatures of life even share fresh fragrant heavenly nice sent that come from the bud of leaves, bud flower and trees leaves sharing Provision of Air.
Vital Part of leaflets, Grass, bud Flowers, Tree Trunk Bark and leaves, with chlorophyll glycols Provides Filaments: From Fillings Covering: Thick White:
Rain Shower: Absorbs, drinks from the Plantation Anchor root of surface Ground.
Stem, Tree Trunks: branches, twigs need waters also provide glycols enriching the plantation dirt soil and dew drop growth.

Water Supply:

Water: Earth human world should drink four glasses of a day, Aqua water.
Divide in the Morning, Noon, and Night, should not drink a whole glass all at once.
Rejuvenator’s: drink in the morning and at their bed side before going to bed.
They drink plenty of water.
The landscape environment could wait unit rain fall to in enrich the soil, The Seed root then drinks from rain give them a firm anchor roots and plemish leaves.
The Environmental land scape could at least hold for a week without water.
Similar to Earth human, Rejuvenator’s stores tap water units, and fire hydrants in every house hold.
Water is living Source of all co-existence of life:
Complexion: Stem Flower Bud Rose:


Stilt stem: grappler soul feet pad and with walking able ability, Anchored the Plantation Roots from the surface ground environment, she could unlock her hock roots shift phases pull back into the feet. Stem Legs, Hip, Knee, ankles with twig leaflets.
Shoulders, arms, hands, arm pits stilt out towards the hands Seasonal Glove Grip. Ladies wear a neck a bouquet bow, The Guys V-Vest Corsage.
From the bud flowers bud pad sits the bouquet or corsage next to the collar Bone,
The Soul Body from the neck, of the bud flower raises a face complexion the flower Rose Rosita her mother wakes her daughter pulling the blinds covering upwards wide open. The Radiance Light of the Phi sis suspension of the sun warmth her soul body. Rosita sleeping stands in her pottery earth soil Bed stretch her leaves towards the sun.“Walk up Rosita”:

Every night and morning Rosita sits a jar of water to drink at her bed side. Before she before she goes back to bed.
Rejuvenation of spring: Juvenilely Flower, Leaves Return:
Winter has passed spring has arrived. Special occasion’s event is about to happen in the Rejuvenation Nation. Spring growth Rejuvenates Flower buds, and Tree Trunk branches, twigs freshly uncovered renew twigs leaves and bud flower Petals.
Winter is melted Lilly, Lila Green Pad complexion: Stem Leaf Green Ridges around the Edges, Pink leaves in the center middle right, and center middle left, Stilt Ovule shape leaves. Stem Branch in the middle next to the bouquet collar bone, and neck sprout out a face complexion. Since Rosita live near the farm both could see landscape of Rebirth in the meadow close to the forest.
The town square also nation also waits for fascination of discovery change until morning.
Insects and the soul Creatures come out from hiding hibernation those whom sleep through the winter is kept warm from the cold from winter snowflakes.
The Beginning early morning before sun rise: Sugar sap pollination powder, seed petal, small bud petal flower, and cotton ball, is eighter carried by the wind or insect and species transferring them to another field. The seed, pollen powder, petal leaves flouts carried toward another field sailing through the breeze. Rejuvenators are not allergic with allergies.

Summer: Flourish and Grow:

Summer is busy: The Rejuvenators Tree Trunk Branch twig leaflet, Flower Bud hairs needs to be trimmed to the hedge. Ebonize, and Bramble Bundles popular bushes shape their strand leaves stylish. They are quiet creative with their hair.
Summer Landscape stilt grass, Stilt Leaves, Flower Buds is high over grown at height: Flourishes with growth.
Farm Harvest fields prepare storage for the Stores, Restaurants, Malls and plaza for marketing, Farmers plant Landscape environment seed orchards and Organic, Fruits and Vegetables in the Harvest Fields.
Afternoon the children Goes to School, student colleges learn
Education studies of global world Economy, historical History, and elementary Elements, component, compound of math, science and Gym Physical health, the Universal world of curriculum and National and Foreign languages.
Artistry of Art, Composition Composers, Lyrical, Instrumental, Notational Writers of Music Performance, Acting, Stage, Performances, and Dancing Performances is included Community activities outside boarder of the school and residential home.
To keep the children active busy they participate in sports, Community Civic Centre locations with participation programs, music, Amusement parks, Fairs to have fun.
Developing the mind of understanding Children learns about the Aquatic Plants that live in the Ion Ocean seas and rivers. There is an Aquatic Dome beneath the depths deep of the boat transform into a suburine phases through Water.
The under water depth sub urine transports them below toward the Aquatic Glassy Plexy Dome bubble of the deep.
The Children question the hypothesis: is this theatrical Theists, or philosophy: How is this possible? Is it? Aquatic plants exist. They soon learn that Kelp, and Sea Weed is living prove of under water plants exist in the Oceansea’s.

(Flourish and Grow):

Mountain Hill of the Night:

The Creator Crystal Moon Flowers:
Plant Flowers that thrive in the moon Light: Closes it petals in the Radiant Sun:

Early Morning Riser, Glow Illumination Moon Flower, Datura Double Purple, Angel Trumpet Bell Flower, and Lotus Blue Flower, Pink Sakura: Cherry Blossom Floral Moon Flower, Queen B: Pink Flower, Tremble Rocky Mountain Floral Flower: Orca Flower:
About: The Glow Illumination Moon Flower and
Datura Double Purple Flower and Angel Trumpet Bell Flower
(Not all seed is to be handled.)

High Hill trail Forest Peak near the Mountains a phenomenon a curd. Flash of an Aluminous Flower beaming glittering bright light at the hill near where the camp sites…
The Rejuvenators younger thought the Hill side was Hunted, None went near the forest.
Marley Tremble Rocky Mountain Hill Floral Flower invited Rosita and Lila to the camp. Marley is Private Child whom keeps to himself. He
Marley is active in school and went to guide camp.
Marley tried inviting the other children but they would they would go near the Hunted forest none would listen to Marley Explanations.
Lila and Rosita decided to solve the case themselves by joining in the Camp. There must be a logical Reason.
The Guide of experience children pick a safe spot where to camp while the Authority examines the top richness of the soil Surface, Open Area depth of the trees and place where rain showers, they could also hold their food storage.
Authority Guide is will to help with aid if any need to learn to set up their tent properly.
The sun descended in the Evening of dim light.
Lila and Rosita were Roommates while in the tent.
The array sun of radiance turns to Illumination of Night. The Aluminous Moon of light Refractor shined over the peak, the meadow Camp.
Since the Aluminous Moon borrows from the Sun. The metallic moon creator: crystal prism reflects bounces off the suspension of light unto the Rejuvenators world,
Bright light shines hovering over the camp.
The Children saw the suspension of light spiracle surrounded the camp. The children could have panicked but went to the Queen B: Tropic Pink Flower. The instructor was suppost to help them. What they were about to see unaware with an element of surprise touch by moon Prism: Reflection the Pink flower glowed. Unwinds in the day slowly flourishes open at night.
In the Illumination of the night these plants Large Plant Opened.;
The Illumination White Floral Glow Moon Flower, Datura Double Purple Flower, Angel Bell Trumpet, Water Plant Glitter by the moon reflection Lotus Blue Flower, Pink Sakura: Cherry Blossom Tropical Plant, Orca petal Plant thrives open in night must remain undisturbed. The children solved the Aluminous Glow in the fields that many Rejuvenators thought that the field was haunted.
Floral Plant Flowers that glowed in the night. Lila and Rosita slept standing in their soil comforter beds they went to sleep. The Floral Early Raiser Flower: is the first to wake before the others in Morning of Don.

Autumn Season of fall:

Landscape Canons leaflet Stem twig, Tree Trunk Branch twig is weaken by the Radiant Phi sis of the sun.
The Canons leaves gathered to much energy distorts colour yellow.
The Leaf changes in the Morphic season in complexion bright colouration. The season Canons leaves flake, Wrinkles, fragile crushed breaks in many pieces. Still leaves.
The leaf loses the grip strength cannot whole on to the twig oval leaf that drops to the ground. Loosening the leaf that fallen to the ground by gravity or the perception shift of the wind may carry eventually land on the surface of the ground.
Humans are injected with a flu shot to protect themselves from the winter temperatures Chillness of the Cold Fever.
Landscape environment is whole punctured in Autumn Fall. The Meadow field is arrogated before winter settles in. Potassium Mulch covers the meadow landscape soil field environment from tough harden ground Soil. Plants will not grow.
Even the Rejuvenators need Protection before the winter the doctor’s helps the community before Autumn Fall.
The Rejuvenators season’s complexion colouration is wonder to behold reflective radiant natural of nature sight of outer beauty.
The Rejuvenators Stem, Trunks Branch, twigs is potentially warm they do not need fire. In the Season landscape plant flowers, usually rot and does not return once the winter settle on the ground.
Landscape the winter certain Plant live: Tree Trunks: Branch, Twig Leaflets: Needle Trees or scale like leaves, Spruce, Bear, Pine Cone:

It is Essential of Floral Plants and Trees to prepare for winter with bright colourations leaves while Doctors help the economy. Autumn Fall Array of Colours is fashionable to the nation.

Season of winter:
Season of winter:
Rejuvenators: Winter Coats:

Frosty winter cold rush chill, flurry, blizzardery high speed of the winds.
Root absorb flakes of the snow, regularity glucose slows down.
The misty sea from the top freezes and the misty water evaporates into the clouds.
Feel the ion breeze of the misty watery sea. The Earth tilts turn away from the sun feeling the cold chill air of the wind. Winter has come. The land scape branches, and bud petal patch bud is bare, is gone. Petal Bud flower dies.
Lasting Long Ever Greens, Needle Nose trees, Converse Pine Cones trees survive the winter.
Flakes drop to the ground the Rejuvenators loses their canyon colourful Morphic leaves, and bud patch petals while outside in the winter cold air. When winter flakes falls on the ground the landscape Snow weighs heavier than Bark Trunk: Branch, twigs.
In this Case Rejuvenation rejuvenates puffy new winter coats. Morphic freezes on the bark of their branches, or stems wearing warm gloves and mitts. Glazed crystal dimon that sparkles: Friezes like jewels, Option of; Snowy, Hazy Hail, and Icy Silver fashion trend of colour.
In the winter the Rejuvenators are warm playing winter games and sports, have enjoyment of fun. Outside in the snow they are not cold. Busy in the winter snow has to be removed clearing the drive ways. Every fall and winter food is stored in doors must be packed away.
In doors the Rejuvenators Morphic colour will shift back to origin juvenilely rejuvenate oval shape Leaves or petal bud patch growth returns back to the branches or thin stems.
In the Green House Neighbour Hood the Snow will fall to the ground surface.
The Solar Glass window panel will keep them warm for the winter. Petals have no need to chop fire wood.
Illumination of night the Rejuvenators stilts in the vase or pottery bed.
In the comfort of their blanket they rest to sleep standing.

Authorship Writer: A.G.D. Prince
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