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Title: The Mystery of Red Hill:
Pink Flounders Meadows:

A Student going to College came by train to meet his cousin while she sat at the bench waiting for him, revising Red Hill. She wonders if he remembers her name. He remembers his cousin name: Noemi. Stern smile he is happy to be home.

The Problem: he has repressed memories for nine missing child years and his teenage years of his life. He moved away when he was eight year of age far away. Geogotto stays at his Aunt places since he moved distance away from Red Hill preparing to go to his College.

In College: Geogotto meet his past friend: Arrogata, he is a tactic soccer star, catching up: He told him about the Event finals they almost made it but lost. The Coach became very more abusive and tried to resurrect the team. This will never happen again, since then he became head of the committee and Graduate planner, representative to the public and the Students.

After class he walks home: Passing Red Hill Forest he has repressed memories: remembers aiding a fox in a hypnotized transfixed state he could not released dream until his cousin snapped out of it, she brought him back to reality.

Enjoying food at home Noemi tells her mother about the Incident before dinner. After supper she tried to talk to Geogotto what happen at Red Hill. He evolved little information about a fox that all he could not remember. Her Aunt  was not about to ply into his mind any feather until he was ready.

Next Day: Geogotto and Noemi walks to college while on their way to the city? They drop by at the metropolis store and bought food to carry with them to school. North of the Plaza lot a side of the Information building a bender went to public library washroom; put his sign board on his cart telling his costumers he would be back. A Little girl hid in the corner of the wall and saw the unoccupied cart, opened it, and stole a Corn-Dog. Geogotto spotted her running his way, caught her arm asking him to “let her go”? Geogotto first thought she was orphan he must call the assistance authorities to take her away.

He could have handed her into the Authority Police, however by looking into her eyes he decided not to hand her over. He decided pay for the stolen items himself from everything she took.

The Girl lied to him and told Geogotto she had a place to stay when she really had no home. Geogotto followed her into the Park while he waited until she fell asleep, carrying her in arms back toward his Cousin’s House.

Morning, Her Anunt decided to look after the little girl while family members went to school, cooking her a nice breakfast. Geogotto wanted to send her to the orphanage calling her a little thief however her Anunt had another idea, She could stay as long as she likes as long as she goes to school and get an education.

A child who never wanted to grow up says them “Oh Gue”, The Little girl knocks Geogotto left arm not sure why: for some reason she did not like him while running up stairs to bed. Her name is “Kalmia”. Every night Geogotto watches every move she makes making sure she does not run away.

Saturday: Kalmia and Geogotto was suppost to pick up the groceries for his Anunt. He walks by Red Hill stare into space with repress memories again. Kalmia pries into his mind secretly in his ear, shares his memories meeting a nice handsome follow who walk with her through the forest. They both once aided a fox and went with her for five years when they were teenagers. They were once were in love. She mention to him all started here.

The Problem: He lived a similar life actually the same as the girl. She seems to be a ghost from his past snapping him out of his memory asking Kalmia “To which school she went to”? Kalmia told him “over the hill,” Kalmia was asked to show him “where her school is” When college was not secession. Kalmia tells Geogotto she lived his previous past. She knows where he has been, so she thinks.

Next Saturday Geogotto: without Company he decided to leave the house and explore Red Hill by themselves however no else should know about it. Geogotto wanted to figure out how much she knows.

They sat in meadow fields together he brought lunch she asked him to be kissed”. Instead he kisses on the forehead tell her no hard feeling she is still a little girl. That day the perspiration weather started to get cold. The young lady could not find the where about of the school, worried and lost, not sure of the location she became frustrated.

Kalmia tries sealing the deal by regaining his trust, by showing him a tree that he wrote on when they were once lovers however the tree that she pointed too was cut down from his Anunt since a long time go. Geogotto remembers a similar Tree at Flounders Pinks Meadows a tree that was not cut down he carved for a his lover.

One visit: at his Anunt, he went out with a lady teen youth when he was fourteen. He met her at Red Hill while both aiding a fox. What he did not know by acquaintance she went to Flounders Meadow Secondary High School far from his Anunt Place they shall meet once again as more than friends.

They mark on a tree pledged their love to each other. Five years they dated then he left her working for Strangers, earning extra money on the side for College, not knowing about his date lovers: Pregnancy. Kalmia: then asks a question: “Where were you”? “Why did you leave us”? Geogotto wanted know who is us?

The hover winds gushed blowing harder. Since Kalmia could not find the stump branch, not knowing the tree is, the little girl ran away crying. Geogotto searched to find the little Girl while it was chilly cold. He was not suppost to stay too long outside however by not giving up he rested on the tree for comfort hoping she would turn up soon. Kalmia was found by a friend who drove her and rescued Geogotto.

Well rested: His repressed memories he remembers moving far away from Red Hill since he was six year of age. Playing in the long corn field with a little girl they had fun. They shared a corn dogs, his father used to buy for them.

They search for Aboriginsional  Ghost she uses a plastic swords dissipating their ectoplasmic form. He pledges he would never leave her, His Parents decided to move away from Red Hill. They never staying in one neighbour by two years apart until he is thirteen years of age. Fourteen Geogotto moved to Flounders Meadows went to High School there. Kalmia resembles part of him and a teenager mystery girl who he once dated.

He wakes from bed at Kalmia’s friend house. Leonoma thanks Geogotto for finding the little girl who ran away from the hospital. Her mother has chronic cold ill Sickness she in recovery. He Learn the Little Girl was lost and could not be found. They searched everywhere for her location. This explains why she stole from a Wheel Cart.

Leonoma take a secound look at Geogotto, noticing
Kalmia looks exactly like her mother and has features
like him.

Leonoma Tells him: her best friends: lives in the Country. She taught the little girl horse back riding, Carrel Farming, Cotton Field Picking, also took he daughter to the Sport Arena’s just the both of them to having fun.

The Leonoma told him he could stay as long as he wanted to figures things out, Geogotto then asked her “if she could drive him to the hospital he need clarification to whom the mystery lady is”. He found Kalmia right beside her mother holding her grip hand asking her to wake up? Telling her she never found her father while crying on her lap.

Geogotto needed to know the identity of her mother is, he begins to look in the eye of her mom as she open her retina lids. He knew for sure to who she is: her name Boshemia soon to be his wife.

Since he left for odd Jobs for four years saving for College, his date lover never told him, at eighteen: she was pregnant. He discovers he had a child: Kalmia did not a first recognized him as his family of Kin but with tears she is happy to see him.

How did she know so much about her father past? Kalmia was told by her mother about the event and how she met her father. Kalmia well versed re-memorized her mothers past; however she was startled thinking she would never find him until now.

In her Dream the Prince wakes
The Princess from her sleep:
Living happily Ever After in marriage:
Some Dreams do come true:

Originally shared by A. George Dave Prince
The Mystery of Red Hill: Pink Flounders Meadows:

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