Enchantment Princesses Lullabies:

The King lived in Hedge Stone Kingdom; felt the weight of the world of Pressure. The King Wife died when she was Child Tot at age four. At the same-time news spread about a Tempest Storm, Causing the death of the Kings Ex-family who just got engaged all except the King’s next daughter: half-sister at Age eight who still alive. The King decided to take care of both girls himself and Govern the Monarch and the Economy.

He bared the weight on his shoulders he decided to close off his wife entire essentials on everything he holds dear never to speak of it again. He moved back to his place of Heritage the Enchanted Castle to raise his two girls.

(1.) King Monarch; Mon-No-Notcha Dormitori-um:

Brown Skin: Five Foot Four, Medium Build, and Afro Hair:

(2.) Ocean-Shania: Young Youngster

(3.) Zailia: Youngster Tot:

School: The littlest one first day she was suppost arrive with her half-sister which she disappeared. No one knows for sure to her where abouts, where she went. Instead of asking the Guards she trekked on her own, all alone she went into Enchanted Forest; farther and farther away.

In Membranes: Her mother used her vocal cord and sang her Lullaby, reading a story of a mythical Tales about an Enchanted Forest Stories to keep her calm. The Little girl worried she is lost: started to cry and sang her little Solo Heart-Out.

The animals listening to her tone, in cooperation circle around her. The Antler Deer bend down on her knees and carried her back to the Castle. The Guards brought her to school since the King was nowhere in sighted either.

The King eventually learns about the incident upset that both daughters were not at school, especially not happy with the half sister abandoning her little sibling. He wanted to know where she went; The Half Sister would not dare tell him anything!  He had no choice but to send the guards to make sure they arrive to school together; everyday. Knight’s Duty: To bring them to school and bring them back home and protect them, both must come back safety.

Even after schools the half sister skip out without been noticed. The King’s Little Daughter Chanted-Call a Deer and followed her towards the mountains side, other side of the Castle. The Half Daughter entered the cave communicating with a Big Beast: A Tail Wing Dragon. This would be their little Secret.


The Little Elkins Dwarf’s similar to Nome’s: Artistic Mold Carvers, Drafters Constructionist, Tunneled Diggers, They lived in the Forest separated from the crowd. They Taught the Little Girls Trade: it turns out the little ladies were good at sowing, Farm prairie: Plantation Gardening and Cooking. They had a different type of skill. Dwarf also taught defense another story:

Ocean-Shania: Teenage Youngster: Twelve

Zailia: Young Youngster Child: Eight

The King decided Ocean-Shania should take part responsibility of the Air-Throne. He figured she is old enough to learn. Once Ocean-Shania was admired for her dazing figure and modest choices however Zailia was quiet Cute and adorable without thinking about it.

Ocean-Shania used drowsiness sleepers to put Zailia for four hours: Dreamers Rest. She ran into the woods hidden in the cave of the dragons, hoping she would be not discovered. The Wing dragon puffed up a lot of smoke in the skys noticed by the Kingdom and the Economy. A Secound Region soon to join them and help find the Dragon.  The Dwarf was asked; “to aid them and find the dragon,” however they wanted no part of it: they were Workers, not combatants.

Three in half hours: The King saw Zailia is resting in bed decided not to wake her up from her sleep. The King went to Misty Forest and decided to slay the dragon before he endangers the colony.  Zailia wakes from her sleep seem like a long nap. The Castle seems empty except for a couple of Guards filling her with details to the where abouts of the King and the Economy went.

Zailia tries to tell the Knights; “they must leave immediately and save her sister,” however the Guards were told by the King, “she must stay and not leave the castle, for her protection”. Without being seen she hominid serenaded a deer in the forest which came around to the backyard. The Deer ran as fast as he could and was able to track the King and the Public down: Their Location. What Ocean-Shania did not noticed she and Dragon became unified as one while in flight.

They chased her to a nearby Ridge cliff thinking she was a Dragon. The Emperor thought she had the dragon cornered and was about to burn it however was stopped by her littlest daughter. Ocean-Shania began to image herself as a villain and wanted out but the King and the Regions could not hear her. The Littlest Princess hominoid serenaded a song to the Dragon singing a lullaby separating the Dragon from the child using her gift her mother taught her.

Then the King realizes he almost got rid of his own daughter and hugged her, The Dragon freed; went his separate ways and disappeared. Both got along eventually and went back to school. King decided not to distance himself from them ever again.  Two of them contributed with suggestions:

Heeling the Burden: