Bio About: A.GD. Prince: 

Bio-Thesis: Audley Georgedave Prince

Bio:  George is a employee worker at Ajax: Burger Kings. Employed almost all my life: Began when I was Seventeen Years old. Location: Durham Region area: Canada, Ontario, Ajax:

I am also an Authorship Writer, Freelance Independent Music Rhythem Player Instrumentalist, and Lyrical Composer: it is considered a hobby, a past time Interest. High School I once wrote my first song on stage.  Accapella Duet with my teacher: Mr. Kevin Jackson. The Song written: Kris Kringle:  performed it in front of the wide audience, One day of fame.

Poetry Pro Writing: also started in High School. The Theam: Parents Against Drinking and Driving; I visualized my self in the teen youth shoes. His Defiance not to listen to his parents. Driving a car without his authority Parents Permission. Not looking where he going backing up, He Hits someone not realizing he ran down his own brother. The Police arrive at the seen. The Teen Youth eyes sobs with sad eyes with tears. The Judge sent him on Community Service, do the time for his crime, he is lucky he did not go to jail. Written in the Yearbook The Book: {Drinking and Driving}.

Sports: I play Soccer sometime practice with my Nephew: Kept active to stay in shape. He now is in University, he keeps in contact. I probably will not see for a while until he is finish school.

George is also a Developer Interpretation Reviewer, Refine Reviser: and Edit Editorial Research listener, Data Info: Information could always use improvement. Free speech to tell what I think; Inspiration or Criticism.

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Bio: A.GD. Prince:

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