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Bio:  George is a employee worker at Ajax Burger Kings. Employed almost all my life: Began when I was fifteen. Location: Durham Region area: Canada, Ontario, Ajax:

I am Authorship Writer, Independent Rythem Player Instrumentalist, and Lyrical song Composer: it is not just a hobby but an past time Interest.

I hope public will be inspired by what I have to say.

High School I once wrote my first song on stage.  Accapella Duet with my teacher: Mr. Kevin Jackson. The Song written: Kris Kringle:  performed it in front of the wide audience.

Poetry Pro Writing: also started in High School: Parents against drinking and driving. I visualized my self in the teen youth shoes. His Defiance not to listen to his parents. Driving a car with his authority Parents Permission. Written in the Yearbook The Book: Drinking and Driving.

Sports: I play Soccer sometime practice with my Nephew: Kept active to stay in shape.

George is also a developer Reviewer, Reviser: is an added Listener to the Edit Editorial, Data Info Information could be improved:


One Response to “Bio about: A. George Dave Prince:”

  1. GPX: Says:

    The Authorship belong to the writer.
    However Authorship from once is writen
    is Visual Revised Vision Repaired is improved.

    Does not taken way from what is once writen
    only enhances the suject:

    Revised Research: Threoric’s Inhancement:

    Editional Edit Saga Inhancments:
    Adding to the statment what has been learned
    from his writers writen work.

    Authorised Script are given on these web Site is given to the pubic, shared information statement.

    The Pubic idea’s avises authors given us the oppretunity Permission to improve their
    writen statement.

    Again however the permission of selection
    the Authour has the right to include add
    or to ignore the idea.

    Pubic share thoughts given to the author:
    Has been given to us:

    We still not allow demonic Sin of Profanty Slang or Abominations, Voilant Attrosities,
    Pedifiling. No Defiling the justice of the law:

    We are the advisers:

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