Andria: Atmospheric Island:

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Andria: Atmospheric Island:



Authorship Writings: A. George Dave Prince:

The Mermaid Andria: Atmospheric Island:
Immersed Depth’s of the Oceansea’s:

Andria traveled with her family: Black Canadian Caribabian went on a road trip, Site seeing and vacation at a cottage country house. Parents loved the great open air out doors near the lake woods and stayed close to the ocean-sea floors. Her parent escaped from the city for relaxation. Family bonding they went Ocean-seaship traveling, fishing near the isles beds of the beaches and resident land is near the dock. Andria saw nothing but sandy beach, Crustation Crabs and rocks. Skipping stone in the water she rather be back in the city. Walking towards dock Andria sat down on the board of the wooden dock, her legs could almost reach the water.

The Oceansea is Ripley calm. She yells at the world, wondering “is there not a region that is not already explored already,” The world which is known as Atmospheric Island of Air?” She wanted to see the unknown. Her Father behind her tells her daughter about another whole world beneath the ocean-seas. Imaginary depths below: Swimming in the fabric of the under immersive sea. There is a region that is unusual ever seen then Father asked her “if she wanted to go fishing”.

Andria stays behind at the cottage with her mother while her middle brother Gozza: A teenage younger, Teenage Youth eldest brother Mart-Zaia went with his father on hike and fishing trip. Little youngster sister stares into the water felt she would never wanted to come back to Air Atmospheric Island again and explore beneath the ocean sea, swore to never to leave she rather be immerse within the depth of the ocean-sea forever.

Night time; Andria was tucked in bed she asks her father “if he has he been below the sea before”. He said, “He been there many times with subbing diving gear. There is a beautiful world below beneath the coral Reef, the soft soil sand where the Crustation crabs, suction feeder fish, dauphins, whales lives below. The lower depth of the water you go there is different types of ocean sea creatures. Dad realizes It is getting late. He shuts down the light then said “good-night”.

Rain fell down at night heavily poring drench droplets. Andria is protected from the weather of participation. Andrea slept steadily drifting away in deep sleep. The water slipped in draft lower part of the doors causing a liquid flood to rise. Soaking the ROOM with quantity amount of water, Aquatic droplets filled up high raising the stilt bed towards the ceiling. Andria should have been suffocated, choked but she did not. Andrea Swam in the immersive water in her Room quarters breathing freely with ease while the door is locked could not open.


The Sun raised with Radiance Heat Hydrogenated emptied the wet cabin. Father then woke their children up early to rise, the morning sun is crisps and clear. Their parent did not notice the drench wetness of the soaking water adsorbed by dry air. Father, Gozza and Andrea’s big brother Mart-Zaia is planning another hiking trip this time in the mountains. Andria was not interested stayed behind the cottage. Mother did not mind look after the Andria sending father his eldest and middle son’s on their way exploring. She told them to go;”they will be fine”

Jezzerial her mother told Andria “not to wonder too far’. Andria walked on dock port looking into the repel reflection of the waters not noticing there is cloud storm, perspiration of rain. Her Mother called Andria back to return immediately. Andria try her best to escape back to safety however the Wooden dock shifted the board sliding Andria into the water she sank in depth below in the Oceansea’s. Lower and lower she sank in the shadow waters of the Oceansea’s. Lower and lower somehow she could breathe. Lower and lower passed the mid-zones she sinks seeing different types of sea creatures that live in the Oceansea’s.

Lower and Lower into the Deep Zones: High crystal cave coves, narrow ridge mountains, and cervix Mountain Ports, Carpi- Plants that breathe under water where the squid and octopus lives, Andria does not sink any lower towards the mid-night Zone, Micro Fishes cannot be seen by a pair of eyes. Lower and lower she descends until she reaches the beauty of the Coral Reef. Andrea touched the soft sand of sea Surface ground beneath. Camouflaged in the sand Andria foot touches a Mantis’s back.

He swiftly moves forward while Andria is tipped. She does the acrobat flip tuck and roll slowly phasing slicing through the ion liquid Oceansea of the waters’. A Cycle shift she travels slow standing straight at attention on surface Oceansea’s of the sand bed she lands to her feet. The Mantis thought she was rather slow unlike the Atmosphere Island to where she could stretch her legs. The Mantis asks her: “to where she came from”? She point up-wards. The Mantis then asked, “How fast could you go”? With his flipper heighten speed he left Swimming fast and disappeared.

Andria tried walking each step. The Mantis was right she was rather slow. She Ascends floating just like a ballerina hovering her feet in the air, she does a scissor kick then descended back to the surface ground. It took a longer to walk unlike Atmospheric Region to where she belongs. In the world of Atmosphere world Andria could jump high a few feet high in the air but because gravity had to pull back down to the surface ground landing on a sidewalk.

An Astronomer’s get to float, Jumps on the moon around the reflective silvery stone creator easily and come back down slowly as well. Andria does a around house kick hover her legs in the slushy slick slow motion immerse waters, descending back to the ocean surface sand floor of the deep standing. Slow passé Andria hops on the sand below. She met a school of fishes traveling in aliment.

The EDUCATOR Octopus:

School of Fishes in the ocean-sea is in aliment swishing forward, backwards, circles, up down and around in circles. Splice parted in a spit circle, Cycle round and round, they traveled also in origami shapes. The Fishes twirled, spun in circles; Harness string it seems fascinating. Ascending up and descending down the fishes floatational turned the rope in a cycle. The Sea Fish gave Andria a try to turn to join the Aliment Floatatational cycle of fishes in the Ocean-Sea. She tried spun rather slow. She Jump in and skip over the fishes hurled them step by step.

Pushing off jumped in and did the scissor kick even in slower motion. The fishes broke formation rank laughing. Andria was new in the sea the fishes asked to which ocean-sea, river, lake, Pond did she is from? Andria told them she from top surface world of Atmospheric island. Gather fishes wanted Andria to meet their teacher Octo the Octopus: Follow them in the caverns caves of the class ROOM.

Octo with Eight suction tentacles Legs, with generation arm. Pack way divide’s each study book on the handlement casing shelf. Calculation grades with a stamp star shell, tactical computer Tech and also a reader of class REPORT grade of the school fish. The Eminences, Herring, Blue Snapper, Surgeon: School Fishes brought the child to the teacher who welcome the little younger in. He stated to her, “Please enter.”

With an element of surprise the child had no resemblance to any Sea Creature he has ever seen. Octopus asks, “From which Ocean Sea, lake, or river, Pond the little girl came from, belong? Andria said “she from the top side of Atmospheric Island”. Octopus once saw a stranger from another world who wore scuba diving gear but never
seen them again.

Octo asks the child “when she returns tell the top side to stop
polluting our waters”? Octo taught class, Ask her to join his class.
Octo give her a desk to sit in with the students colleagues of the
dormitory. Class begins:

(Fishes and Botany Plants):

(Fishes):  Did you know the Immerse drench water is made out of Carbon Dioxide, is heavier than Ion Air?  Octo teaches his student’s: The fish’s Blood Vessels absorb Oxygen and releases carbon dioxide back in the Oceansea’s a Rejuvenation Plants opposite. The Suction mouth take in gulps or spit out Digestive Nourishment food particles, The Fish may or may reject do not need.   A suds bubble of Carbon is escape through the gills, the Bubbles bursts before it rises to the Immergent top surface.

(Plant’s): Plant’s need photosynthesis Sunlight/ little light that produces food Similar to Atmospheric Botany Plants: Trunk Branch, leaves, or stems, flowers.  The Plant Respiration system needs Carbon Dioxide that absorbs, stores Chloroplast Glyue Coast within the aquatic root similarity to rain penetrating the soil ground.  Even under water Plants return oxygen to the Sea Creatures.

Petal Perpetual part of the plant: Top part may holds sea food Glyue Coast: Editable seafood, however separated from the surface Atmospheric stem leaf, and trunk leaf. A Ripple wave, a knife could cut the fabric shielding of a drench Immersive sea leaf, under bud Plants; known as Glyue Coast Plants. The Glyue Coast plants, or sea-leaf could float to the translucent Atmospheric Immergent top of the waters. Floatation Suds Bubbles will pop.

Fishes is immersed in body of water: carbon dioxide. Octo invited a friend the water spider to the school. He weaves a bubble of Oxygen in transparent physic Water they are in. Spider was able to weave separate itself between Oxygen and Carbon Water. The Specie isolates itself from the dominance of the fishes.  The Spider weaves the breathing space; bubble of air: Oxygen from within Inside, Carbon dioxide from the outside. The Spider has to clean every so often while protecting its space within. The Spider brought Representation performance to the class while everyone clapped.  Studies also found: Body of Water Extends:  North South, East West around the Globule World. Port or Stern circle cycle direction, there is no right or left unlike the compass from the Immergent top Waters. All Sea Creatures know there location where abouts.

Meditradian Sea, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Oceans, and the Arctic Ocean:

Search the Egypt Isles: Islands of the river bank beds between.

National Lakes, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Hudson Bay, Lake Quebec,

Enter the fortress Falls of Niagara Falls:

Part Isles of river bank beds of pharos Red Sea.

Great sea of the Caribbean Islands:

Visit the Gappos Coast Island:

Global region of body of water is in the CONNECTED area depending where Ocean-sea Creature travels we all connected. There is no Direction Maptic Location: The area Location is filled with water: Ocean/ Seas ships: turn in two directions: Besides using a compass at their side. Port Forward or Stern Reversial backwards: turn about: Coastal Isles or dock Ports.

Fishes does not wait cross for the return of boats with their anchored hook. Teacher took the Children went to the aquarium gym. Children must get their excise. Andrea saw a testing tube, Hurdles, Tires hoops, path ranges trails and hidden caves perfect for a participation train ground. The Teacher asked if she want to participate in class, Andria insisted in watching. Fish swam faster in the test tube flowing with speed faster than the Octopus. The child saw his tentacles body slide through the glass. The Octopus could fit in any where evens a thick or thin, narrow or lengthy glass. The Fishes jumped through the hurdles and SPIN through the hoops in a cycle ailment. However the octopus rap his legs around the tire and did an acrobat flipped back on the surface depths sand Ocean floor touching his feet on the ground. After school the Octopus asked about her legs? To swim faster what she needed to do was be taught how the swim properly. The school fishes agreed.

Octopus talk woke a turtle.
Swim lessons:

The Turtle instructed Andria to use her leg and hand shift do a butterfly sciorrior spit. She pushed herself in the immersed water stretching her divided hand and legs separate width wide, Andria swam width wide she shuffle shift her hand and legs in the immerse water then swam under mid depth Zone. Another way: The turtle instructed to paddle kick and sway similar like a snake. Andria paddles her feet straight, hand to down to her side hips, Andria swims a little faster but the turtle was still faster but now she could swims properly.

Andria does a Front Strokes while paddle kick to the top surface of the above immerse water she saw no landscape but pure water all around she bobs her head back in the Immerse water. Octopuses suggested visiting the black ink squid that could morph Andria into any sea shape ocean creature smaller than the Octopuses. Lives in the tropical’s Coves of the sea. The octopus is too busy he had his hand full.

The Octopus warned her to be careful of the Jell fish’s electric pulses and swam away. Before Andria left Octo give her a star fish compass to aid help her with her location. Octopus called the dolphin and asked her to carry Andria towards the black ink w squid who lives in the lower coral region part of the waters. The squid will allow her to change to any shape her heart desires. Andria is able to transformed back to her original form of shape back into a child. Not to Touch the Electrical Part of the Jell Fish. Andria touched Silo-Siphon list scull forehead of his brain. Andria could Environment camflauge transform herself into any soul Ocean sea creature of the waters. She decided to transform into a turtle and race them swishing to the Burricuttia Ocean-sea’s near the Coastal Island. Turtles are faster in the water,

(Push Over sharks):

Andria could transform to Cat Fish, a Gold Fish, a Guppy, Salamander, Bass, soul Sea Creatures of the sea. Andrea morphed into Burricuttia Sea Sharks: The Sea- Sharks can be a bit of a push over but they are on a strict feeding diet: Sea food vegetarian: A Large Fish that eat small amounts. Sharks move swiftly in the water but that does not allow them to sleep too long or they sink. The Shark is Eco to environment, The Competition the shark has hardly has any competitor. Beside Dolphins and Whales only members that are not afraid especially in groups.


Shark can adapt to swimming in the depth deeper than the dolphins and whales. Shark move freely in the waters but must keep on moving in the waters. The shark is known to travel all over the world sightseeing. From their perspectives Andria could see the public beaches, HOTEL restores, Sea Ship Docks, Lakes woods, Islands, the view of the land scape.  She moved swiftly across the ion waters with a shark’s, their nose detects electric perception vibration in the water and sonic sound not use for nose passages of air. Sharks however get confused from legs splashing in the water thinking they are fish. The Shark are known to be on their own, separated from Andria told her she will be find and left telling her “she has all that she needs”.

Jelly fish in groups move through the water close to the Immergent top passing by little girl next to the turtle. Andria Distracted by the beautiful tales of the Jelly fishes, they asked her to follow them. The Jelly Fishes asked her “if wanted to swim much faster than her human self and maintain her original form?”  Andria would love to swim faster meanwhile the turtle was pushed aside, blocked.

She examines Andria’s legs and tells her “she could transform her into a little beautiful mermaid,” however is warned: “This will sting a bit”. Parallel, spore paralyzing her legs the electrical shock transformed feet into a beautiful Rainbow flipper tail. Her stomach waist, body and Scull face still remains normal. Andria could feel sun radiance: warmth. The smaller jelly fishes awakes surrounding her even they were amazed.

Andria in her new quarter room cavern, Andria could flip the tail swiftly move about in the water, happy with her beautiful tail and she ask the Jelly Fish “how long does the tail last”. The Jelly Fish then said “forever”. Andria now can stay as long as she likes exploring the region of the sea, however is forbidden to visit the Immergent top side of surface world. The Jelly Fish told her “not to worry she will protect her”. Andria then worried she would never see her family again she cries with rush of sadness she hurries back to the squid and the turtle not far behind her. Even Squid could not reverse the process but he knew who could?

The Great Sea Creature that lives in the north of Seal Winter Island, The Great Orca Whale. Andria asked the squid “if she could come with her” but the squid was too frail old. The Squid call upon a dolphin to her carry her to the Whale that lives in the north. The Dauphin asked her “to hang on to his dolphin dorsal back”. He traveled through with echo location with speed. Andria tail flowed through the water easy free. “With the proper training” the Dolphin replies “you could go as fast as me or much faster”.

Seal Winter Island:

Seals and penguins live in winter Island many were in the water. In the plank of snow the beaches is chilly cold. Seals gather together from the cold chill and kept themselves warm. Enter out and in of the water, With technical commitment they share a pebble with the lover of their dreams, the other sings. Seal and Penguins were quite Playful. They are faster in the oceanseas rather than the beach.

The dauphin was close to the shadow water next to the shore would not go any further. Telling Andria “this is how far I can go,” he had to leave her here. Both parted, The Dauphin echoed searching for the Whale communication between distances. Andria slid on the shore of the beach crying. Andrea saw Dauphins take a dive from the edge mountain cliffs Immersed itself in the depth of deep waters. Penguins and Seal saw Andria crying try their best to relief her pressures, They wanted to understand her troubles.

Child told them “she is a person from Atmospheric Island Nation, she is transformed into a mermaid. She is actually a child whom now wares flipper tail forever. Penguins and seals did not understand what wrong with flipper tails. They climbed to top of a mountain. The flubber body diagonally sled downhill. Their Dorsal Fins slides and dived into the water of the deep with wondrous guide of enjoyment.

Dorsal fins, Flippers tails are not hand or feet but cannot do performance tricks in the water. Swishing their tail they are standing on water while clapping their flipper. Unlike hands that splashes in the water. Flubbers Coats also kept them warmer longer than humans. There is a lot things dorsal fins and flippers tails could do that a person could not. Andria still cries she going to still miss her family, there was nothing she could do?



The Great Whale Approaches:

Echo sound could be heard of communication. The Great whale traveled quiet close to the beach. Raise is Huge Rubber Flubber narrow thick body from out of the water raises his tip of the head, the whale lets out water from the air hole breathing air of oxygen. The whale saw the child asked her “what is wrong”. Andria is worried she would never see his family again. The mermaid tails is forever. He lifted water out of his spouts similar to Aqua gauzier: Reflected off from the sun shines a Rainbow.

The whale looks into the perception of her soul. The whale mentions it just a dream. She is still at the cottage house, It is almost morning. If this is all a dream why this tail does not leave? The Whale explained to her she mentioned to she wanted leave atmospheric Island nation. Her request was granted.

Do not isolate not to yourself from the world. Bond of Family and Friend are always with you and coexist, appreciate the inhabitant, habitat world you live. The Whale told her to get in the water and he will lift his water spout bring her back to the world she came From: Atmospheric Island, or nation. She got in the sea, the whale lower then himself guided her to the underwater Mid-zone.

Similar to a gauzier water mist the whale lifted her, she ascends into the heavenly skies clouds back in the cottage of the house. Family is with you forever they will not leave. Remember the sea is to explore, with exploration please come by and see. Visit me anytime. Andria woke up; Her family asked her if she wanted to visit the Aquatic Aquarium. Andrea wanted to travel to see the world however realistically. This is where she is suppost to be, with her family.  The whale taught Andrea her family is with always forever, she also could visit the adventurous sea any time.

Authorship: Originally shared by
Audley George Dave Prince

The Books of Dream: The Dreamensionist: 

Authorship: A. George Dave Prince

The Book of Dreams:
The Dreamensionist:

From the Beginning: A cave Person, or Biblical Person used Hieroglyphic Illustration drawings to Key Type a Stone tablet. To describe their mind of thought to communicate with the globule nation of the world.  Tendency of the brain splits into sections: Realization Practical fact Theist, Mystic Fantasy: idealist Dreamensionist Dreams, The hidden book is born, since the visual dreamer was able to see Imaginary images.

Upstairs: there is sky-Solar panel through the Window Pane, works at night: Harnessing Energy; Refractor Light of the Moon and Emination Pulse from the Stars, shining upon the book Casing, Wireless Computer Tablet, wireless Table Printer Tablet is left in the Center Hall of the Library or House.

Globule Books are implanted with a smaller solar glass window panels as side as a microchip, transfer sent data to recalled, retracted, Receive, Gathered books Information: Collected, fragmented compounded words is then Combined; opening a vortex of Authorship Writers, Master Piece: Compositionist Interpretations, Creativity Composer’s and Image Illustration Drafter, Drawers and Painters; Image Pictorial Picture Artist is with visualize vision, taken shape. A picture is worth more than a thousand words Right?

The Dreamer is trying to capture an Imaginary transference speck within the tendent of the brain, passers-by of many. Virtual Dreamer must visualize: needs a computer to scan-the tendent of the brain, to open the portal. To Enter the Virtual World of the Dreamension:

(1.) Drafting away:

(2.) Day Dreaming:

(3.) A Sleep:

(4.) Knocked Out:

(5.) Concision:

(6.) Brain-Storming:

(7.) Idealist Innovation: Creativity:

(8.)   Innovationist Music Composer’s:

The Twelve years old Professor  is about to try to open a Ion portal Vortex within the Quarter Room’s, Basement, Garage and The mesh backyard of the house, however using the front door as an escape route; just in case.

The Problem: The Professor must complete his work before sundown, before the Daylight come up. The window of time he may have to wait the next night if he decides to stay-up before the morning. Using Light Collector Roof Window Panels, Star Emination and Moon Light Beam Deflection, Glasses is above each Quarterly Dorm Rooms: he will able to activate the Entrance within the house or library.

Something is Familiar: Person, Place, Soul Creature, Area Location, or thing, it is almost like the person has been there before.  The Professor Uses a Wireless Printer Table Tablet and a Disk Convertor as a book Conversion of Transference: To enter the Ion imaginary skys creating a Dreamensional Virtual Portal to the unknown worlds filled of ideas.

Closet: Library, Amusement Park, Fairs, And Circuses:
Garage: Lost/ Found/ Junk Retriever Set, Construction Builder, Fix-it: Tool Time Repairer.

Mesh Backyard Doors: Forest, Jungles: Wood lakes, Beaches Cottages.

(1.) The Daughter Room: The World of Manikin’s: neighbour-hood Set

(2.) The Son’s Room:  Builder Toys / City Construction set, and Vehicles:

(3.) The Parent Room: Politic Policies / Principles Moral Ethics/ Event News:

(4.) Spare Room and Basement: Portal Continium Page Volume Index: 

{1.} Select a book before entering the Quarter Room: The book must be transferred onto a disk            

{2.} and inserted into a Turn key-Knobs:                  

They are now Grownups:


Each Room is different.  The Whole House converted into a spacial stellar quantum continuum doorways.  The Closet: The Pole Hanger’s became an amusement thrill rides: Ski; Sled Slide, Sliders, Surf, Snow Boarding, Cliff Hook Hanger Zip Line Ride, Jungle Vine/ Swings: A short cut towards the Professor house.  The problem: to enter the closet: The ticket master needed a scream. To make the person: become one year younger.

Morning: when the Professor Brother is eight years of age he invited his best friend to come to his house, Joshston Zombia brought a Play a Board Game: Mystic Book of Magic:  King Author Court, with dice, Placing the Instruction book on the Ion printer.

The Book morphed his brother and his friend: into a Castle Monarch Air’s and the other as a Magical Magician and his assistance’s, similar to Scavenger Hunters their cousins or friends must require getting items from the outside region Community, magically rubbing the palms: pressing the hands by touch on the Original piece, duplicate the item: Goblet, Crown, Swords, Mallet, using their transport travel: Transport vehicles, Brisk, walk or run, Kenosis Aviation of Air Flight and Levitation, Transport Vehicles.   They Retrieve Items for the King or the Magician to gain points.   The closer they found the magic items: the book became more activate however to gain Immortality the problem: one would have to win.  Not aware of the Professor Experiment.

The Mystic Book created a field barrior shield perimeter around the user’s house; later the professor brother brought his friends and family to play the game: Those who lost did not win were morphed into figurines. The Heroic Defender the King and the Magician became directive and got meaner: with abuse to not changing them back. Trapped they were suppost to retrieve the item for them a race against time before it was over. The Hero used a telescope to gain advantage on his opponent to see the future however he grew fraidle old, bit by bit into elder. Similar to a video game the Professor Brother and the Magician could not die: Resets everyone was brought back to life. Back to the Beginning start, the Participators is given back their youthfulness, the game is restarted. (Each time the Professor looked in the Telescope: the nation map: an Island fault land becomes slowly conversion into a stellar space ionosphere of the dreamensional space continuum. The Globule World is slowly disappearing becoming more fantasy.)

Since trapped in the game, Family and Cousins grew wary of game repeating the same game all the time. The King invited their First Chosen One, a friend of the majesty to become their Narrator/ Referee Rule-ship reader to save them all. The next Problem both got caught up in a love triangle. Similar to King Author and Sir Knight Jealous rose between them.  An Outsider another friend of the King pulled her away from the area before marriage could happen. Her mother hid the book in the library, died giving birth to The Next Chosen One. They lived in Canada for awhile the father decided it was time to move back and see his old neighbour Hood: England.

The Magician: is an excellent binding spells reader however not allow to read the Bio-Practical Real Thesis Non-Fiction Books: touching the magical mystic book could make him invisible. Both needed the help of the Next Chosen One: her name Mandgy. They acted rather worriedly strangely.  Neither the King nor the Magician, were not allowed to leave the house.  The Magician flouted while following her to school, Emperor Brother in the basement turned out to be a mean person wanting no part of the characterization clutches of the Mystic book, he wanted out.  The Chosen One was chilled scared afraid of them at first. Then found the Courage: confront her fears finding the dreamensional book in the library only it turned out to be a fake.


The Creator Moon Fractures: Illuminates light from the sun and emanation give off light, it own power from the Star’s. The dreamensional emanates a barrior between both houses. Both acting a little odd, both personality has changed asking for The Next Chosen One help. The Chosen one blocked the Solar Panel light from the roof, creating a barrior. Not aware of a Min-Acorn: Wolf was watching them though the computer to soon to transfer in the Realizational Real World into a Image fantasy,

Let not get a head of our selves. The Families and Friends were free from the adventurer game.   Early Morning return they all got to go back their houses however the Chosen One felt a tensions the game is not over: felt crepted out from the story, to where has the professor is gone.


The Solar Eclipse:

Like a mentioned: The Sun came up in the Morning deleting the Dreamensional world of Darkness, when the sun goes down: Dreamensional Portal was suppost to be inactivated. Warned about two distance worlds soon will collide within their Stellar Galaxy, It is suppost to happen in the Day Morning. Reports of the televised television tells the public about the Solar Eclipse Period soon to happen in the morning, “just do not look into the sun”, no one listening is paying attention to the cast News.

Morning: Reactivating the Solar Star, Refracture Moon’s Roof Glass Panel. The Solar Eclipse Released the Min-Acorn and Converting the Practical City into Mystic Toy City outside out of the bed-caught-havoc.  For those who look under the bed could see Monsters: Demons Patrollers on the street, scaring the city.

Adults who grabbed their a Coats: The Ticket Taker’s took their sonic breath need them to scream, Either entered the Library or having a exciting hanger vehicle ride of their choice, making the adults slowly morph into a child youngsters, until they reached youngster Tot age. Hero’s, Heroine’s duty to saving the city from their night mares however there was too many of them to pushing back. The Rabbit calmed the children down also came out of the landscape portal to protect the city against the Min-Acorn Wolf.

Monster tried to scare the Chosen One: the problem she was not affected by the scare using her bravery placing them back in her cabin cubbert and the treasure chest. Reported herself on Camera told the children to search within themselves to find courage and bravery within, Courageous hearts. They are just accessory toys, dolls and Vehicles. Then she realized the not only the children needed bravery, it was also the Adults needed to find their courage as well to bring the Practical City back by dissipating the Dreamensional Mystic world out.

The Eclipse would not go away brought back the return of the monsters: turning them back into Mystical soul-body Form. The Min-Acorn Wolf laughs:” Both the Bio-Practical Worlds and Dreamensionist World has collided are now one; Thank to the Professor he dons a new age”.  The Professor Brother remembers seeing his brother going up stairs while he and his friend were playing the board game. He told the Chosen One where she might find the book. Then the Chosen One realized the book on the printer acted as a disk, scan insert. The Chosen One knew what she had to do is stall the Wolf, The Rabbit threw Easter Eggs sending goblin, and ghouls through a portal Vortex back under the bed. The Children side-tracked the wolf finding within themselves the inner strength of bravery keeping the monster busy from entering the closet.  Monster almost coincided with the children imagination wanted to be part their world however the wolf snaps them out of it. A Line is drawn, the children was able to kept them back while the Chosen One went inside Prime Minister’s closet and rode back, a short cut to the Professor House on a hanger Zip Line. The Wolf ordered the Monsters to chase the children from getting away, the problem the monster were afraid of the children. The Child went upstairs: saw the stairwell however the perception of the steps got longer and longer.

The Child kept her focus shorting the long path, flash lightening speed right next to the computer. The Printer Scan opening the hatch: The Professor Stateship Memo: Told the Chosen One the book is magnetized, to separate repel, release the Book from the Monitor Processor and the Internet Web, she must find the button that says unlock. The Chosen One Closed the Glass Solar Panels and waited till the solar Eclipses separated apart, then released the Book after the power has dissipated, weaken.

The Min-Acorn offered the Chosen Ones any Parallel Real World Verses of her selection before she could separate the book back in the Dreamensional Imaginary Relm Book of thoughts.  The Solar Eclipse started to separate apart. The Chosen One tells the Wolf she chooses the Bio-Practical Realization, Real Era of her nation and not just as an Imaginary world of Mystic Dreams.

Imaginary Images hold possibilities and wonder she will always to be part of that.  The Min-Acorn, and the Mystic Demons, Ghouls, Goblins were pulled back: Worelled suctioned into the vortex, The Min-Acorn Wolf switches places with the Professor back in his hallway he returned in the upstairs hallway: His child Hood: Soul-body stretched Radiation fluctuated him into a Grandfather. The Wolf warns that he will return someday meanwhile The City was back to Normal.

Authorship: A.GD. Prince

Children’s: Fairy Tales / Novel Books:
The Mystery of Red Hill:

Similar: Movies:

When Marnie was There:
Air: Angel Wings:

Authorship:: A. Georgedave Prince:

Title: The Mystery of Red Hill:
Pink Flounders Meadows:

A Student going to College came by train to meet his cousin while she sat at the bench waiting for him, revisiting Red Hill. She wonders if he remembers her name? He remembers his cousin name: Noemi. Stern smile he is happy to be home.

The Problem: he has repressed memories for twelve missing child years and his teenage years of his life. He moved away when he was six year of age, far away. Geogotto stayed at his Aunt places since he moved distance away from Red Hill preparing to go to his College.

In College: Geogotto meet his past friend: Arrogata, he is a tactic soccer star,
catching up in the old days: He told him about the Final Event they almost made it but they lost. The Coach became very more abusive and tried to resurrect the team. This will never happen again, since then he became head of the committee and Graduate planner, representative to the public and the Students.

After class he walks home: Passing Red Hill Forest he has repressed memories.
He remembers aiding a fox in a hypnotized transfixed state he could not release his mind until his cousin snapped out of it, she brought him back to reality.

Enjoying food at home Noemi tells her mother about the Incident before dinner. After supper she tried to talk to Geogotto what happen at Red Hill. He evolved little information about a fox that all he could not remember. Her Aunt was not about to ply into his mind any feather until he was ready.

Next Day: Geogotto and Noemi walks to college while on their way to the city? They drop by at the Metropolis Store and bought food to carry with them to school. North of the Plaza Parking Lot, Data Information Building: a Food Bender went to Public Library washroom; putting his signboard on his cart telling his costumers he would Return, he will be back. A Little girl hid in the corner of the wall and saw the unoccupied cart, opened it, and stole a Corn-Dog. Geogotto spotted her running his way, caught her little arm asking him to “let her go”? Geogotto first thought she was orphan he must call the assistance authorities to take her away.

He could have handed her into the Authority Police, however by looking into her eyes he decided not to hand her over. He decided pay for the stolen items himself from everything she took.

The Girl lied to him and told Geogotto she had a place to stay when she really had no place to go. Geogotto followed her back into the Park while he waited until she fell asleep, carrying her in his arms back toward his Cousin’s House.

Morning, Her Anunt decided to look after the little girl while family members went to school, cooking the little girl a nice breakfast. Geogotto wanted to send her to the orphanage calling her a little thief however his Anunt had another idea, The Little Girl could stay as long as she likes as long as she goes to school and get an education.

The same child who never wanted to grow up says to them “Oh Gue”, The Little girl knocks Geogotto left arm not sure why: for some reason she did not like him while running up stairs to bed. Her name is “Kalmia”: Every night Geogotto watches every movement she makes making sure she does not run away.

Saturday: Kalmia and Geogotto was suppost to pick up the groceries for their Anunt, He walks by Red Hill stare into space with repress memories again. Kalmia pries into his mind sending secretly whispers in his ear, giving some accordance account to what happen back then, her version.

She met a nice handsome follow who walked with her through the forest. They both once aided a fox and share an committed lovers bond together over five years, when they were teenagers. She mentions they were once in love, it all started here.

The Problem: He lived a similar life: just like in her story. She seems to be a ghost from his past. She snapped him out of his repressed memory asking Kalmia “To which school she went to?” Kalmia told him “over the hill”. Kalmia was asked to show him “where her school is,” after college when it is not secession. Kalmia tells Geogotto “she lived his previous past live; she knows where he has been,” so she thinks.

Next Saturday: Geogotto without Company he decided to leave the house and explore Red Hill by themselves however no else should know about it. Geogotto wanted to figure out for himself how much she really knows.

They sat in meadow fields together he brought lunch she asks him ‘to kiss her”. Instead he kisses on the forehead tell her “no hard feeling she is still a little girl,” that day the perspiration weather started to get cold. The young lady could not find the where about of the school, worried and lost, not sure of the location she became frustrated.

Kalmia tries sealing the deal by regaining his trust, by showing him a tree that he wrote on when they were once lovers however the tree that she pointed too was cut down by his Anunt since a long time go before Christmas. Geogotto remembers a similar Tree at Flounders Pinks Meadows a tree that was not cut down he carved for a his lover who once lived near by him: The Residents Area.

One visit: at his Anunt house, he met a lady teenage youngster when he was fourteen. He met her at Red Hill while both aiding a fox. What he did not know, the known acquaintance also went to Flounders Meadow Secondary High School far from his Anunt Place. The Problem: It was like they known each-other: a life time ago, who could say from where?

They mark on a tree pledged their love to each other. Five years they dated then he left her working for Strangers, earning extra money on the side for College, not knowing about his date lovers: Pregnancy. Kalmia: then asks a question: “Where were you”? “Why did you leave us”? Geogotto wanted know who is us?

The hover winds gushed blowing harder. Since Kalmia could not find the stump branch, not knowing where the tree is, the little girl ran away crying. Geogotto searched to find the little Girl while it was chilly cold. He was not suppost to stay too long outside however by not giving up he rested under the tree for comfort hoping she would turn up soon. Kalmia was found by a friend who drove and rescued Geogotto.

Well rested: His repressed memories he remembers moving far away from Red Hill since he was six year of age. Playing in the long corn field with a little girl he had fun with long time ago. They shared a corn dogs, his father used to buy for them.

Image Imagination: They search for Aboriginsional Ghost she uses a plastic swords dissipating their ectoplasmic form. He pledges he would never leave her however Reality: his parents decided to move away from Red Hill, stayed not to long: in Temperately neighbourhoods they traveled Region to Region. Not Staying long in the neighbourhood by two years apart until he is thirteen years of age. Fourteen Geogotto moved to Flounders Meadows went to High School there. Kalmia resembles part of him and a teenager mystery girl who he once dated.

He wakes from bed at Kalmia’s friend house, Leonoma thanks Geogotto for finding the little girl who ran away from the hospital. Her mother has chronic cold ill Sickness she in recovery. He Learn the Little Girl was lost and could not be found. They searched everywhere for her location: this explains why she stole from a Wheel Cart.

Leonoma take a secound look at Geogotto, noticing
Kalmia looks exactly like her mother and has features
like him.

Leonoma tells him: her best friend: lives in the Country. She taught the little girl horse back saddle riding, Carrel Farming, Cotton Field Picking, also their daughter took Arena’s Sports.

The Leonoma told him he could stay as long as he wanted to figures things out, Geogotto then asked her “if she could drive him to the hospital he need clarification to whom the mystery lady is”. He found Kalmia right beside her mother holding her grip hand asking her to wake up? Telling her she never found her father while crying on her lap.

Geogotto needed to know the identity of her mother is, he begins to look in the eye of her mom as she open her retina lids. He knew for sure to who she is: her name Boshemia soon to be his wife.

Since he left for odd Jobs for four years saving for College, his date lover never told him, at eighteen: she was pregnant. Geogotto discovers he had a child: Kalmia did not a first recognized him as his family of Kin but with tears she is happy to see him, she found him at last.

How did she know so much about her father past? Kalmia was told by her mother about the event and how she met her father. Kalmia well versed re-memorized her mothers past; however she was startled thinking she would never find him until now.

In her Dream the Prince wakes
The Princess from her sleep:
Living happily Ever After in marriage:
Some Dreams do come true:

Originally shared by A. George Dave Prince

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Andrea’s: Revolution, Resolution Revolt:

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Children Novel Books:
From Atmospheric Island:
Andrea’s: Revolution, Resolution Revolt:

Canadian Caribbean Books:
Fiction: Children Mystic Fantasy Books:

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Revolution Revolt: Combat, Weaponry,
Assault, Mech Vehicles: Conflict battle of War:

Inspired By: Robin Williams, Shirley Temples: 

Authorship: A. George Dave Prince

Andrea’s Revolution, Resolution Revolt:

Revolution Revolt: against Conflict Combat, Weaponary, Assault Vehicles, battle of War. The Sliver-lining: Negotiate A Moral Settlement, Mural Diplomat’s: to Solve disputes, and
stop the Threat of Battle of War that besieger’s the world. The Public reads the News articulate; Paper Print Copies stating; ‘war is enabled”. Those with Landscape Property, Families, Store Keepers, felt this was their duty to be a patriot with pride to protect their country from a Terrible Lord Dictatorship. Rebel’s Militant Oppressors causing Death Atrocities to Foreign Culture, Raise Citizenship Economy, Heritage Nations want their surrender. The Threat of War causes Pillar Base: Foundation Sturdy  Constructionist: Residential, Industrial Communities disintegrate in debris-Rebbles.  Lower than a down Trot Neighbourhood the Local area look like Trash.

Discussing the threat of war that could besiege the world their families, friend’s, are confused by the battle conflict: combat, Weaponary, assault of war applauds with approval or disappointment. The question why Join? Citizen Register are SIGNING UP: hoping to make a difference. Troop either join or were once upon a time were drafted, It was A Military and Government decision to whom shall go. Gathers members to who shall join: The Solider Private members thought this war will be over in a short term- not realizing it took longer than they thought. Bus, Transit Train, Subway, Oceansea Boat’s, or Vehicle, the Legion pledged to train the Cadets, Private Solider with their lieutenant with high expectancy.

Leaving their family members and friends behind, preparing themselves to be fit: operate technical MANUALS, remove obstacles and Removal dodge; outsmart their opponent, Use Equiptive brutal handlement assault tools, Weaponary, and operate military assault vehicles. Solider must leave their Past behind: Lovers, Friends, Bond of Family, and Cousin’s who are willing to wait for their return, sometimes confused, even thou they do not want them to leave with mixed feeling, asking question is why participate?

Why bother, Andrea hugs her father saying good bye, how she would misses him. The Military Bus Transport Vehicle leaves on the high way while citizens and Andrea mother wave’s goodbye. With her mother she could see an empty chair. Their Family is alone to carry on without their father, the soldiers whom left. It seem like days are gone forever, but not to worry Mother told children that “their Father will surely come back” being hopeful but with tears she is depressed. She tried to cheer up her daughter, her children and herself up while crying.

No matter their Family shall overcome, with no pressure: They feel weight over their shoulders. Let no obstacles stop them. However separated from the father they are distracted even thou times were tough. Andrea slept in a separated ROOM from her mother, brother and sister. Father’s Daughter has a hard time sleeping she is frustration. Vortex drift pulled in the imagery world of Imagination: Strategic conflict: Combat, weaponary, assault Island: The Land Battle of War.

Wriggerest ROOM of Training:

In the Campus Andrea wore a blue Navy Suit dress, she stood out the door with her suitcase sitting on the porch. Military bus waited for her to hops aboard. They leave towards the troop military base. Troops stood in attention, Private Soldiers beside her were in Aliment. The Military Captain share Introductions of his name, shares the reality to those who complete the TRAINING COURSE is persevered for the military employment. Those whom do not are sent home. Above all do not abandon the group or the military consider this as treason. Military decides to who shall enter and whom shell leave.

Season training Soldiers must excise. The Military almost seem like a playground but they must carry Baton Banister Sticks, Swords, Muskets, Pellet, tool belt kit, and Canteen. The Sergeant prepares them how to use their devices. Sergeant tells them they must pass all obstacles. All Soilders are verse Info: Well EDUCATIONED with tactical duty and Theatrical Studies. Soilders must be alert, prepared to leave on command.

Attack could come at any moment. With Practice a soldier must on alert from nemesis evasion. No rest for the soldiers they must take shift while the area is secure they guard the camp grounds. Wriggerest Preparation training to handle all situations until GRADUATION they leave for D-Day: Dim-Day: for the new Arrivals leaving training area. Andrea tries to stop the soldiers from leaving they all separate the Cadets in groups. Flight Air Wing Aviations, Environment Military Ground Troops and Battle Assaults Vehicles, Navy Seal Oceansea Immergent battleship, Oceansea Depth: Oceansea Immersive Submarine. Soldiers divided in five sections entered the aviation plane, army truck, Oceansea-ship; Submarines, carrying them to their exact location for their next assignments.

In the Fields Andrea saw two members with two different flags. The Instrumental Band Players: who played their music to heighten the bravery and courage hearten? Marching soldier’s who tap to the rhythm of their song without weaponary. Lost soul’s who disappeared through the mystical fog cause of death; they were the first to go. Feudal on both side would not given in. Last chances both sides will not negotiate agree. Each side returns to their Squad opposing opposite, is given a chance to give in. Solider await orders either from the Monarchy, Military Captain’s, or the Government. Both Captains yelled charge. The soldiers morphed into Frontal attack Dogs.

The confrontation has begun from both sides. Soldiers collided smashed onto Surface like Accessory Toys. Those  hurt spilled on the landscape floor broken, Apprension Captured, Disintegrated, Mutated, in the rule of war  to those Injured must be left behind, Survivors should  not to get caught in the blast, or caught in combat themselves. Those prepare to risk their lives and help their friends may or may not lose their lives is willing to take the risk.

Next rule of command Create a Perimeter Area: make sure the location is secured, is clear: Search Militant Scout Enforcement’s they might return in numbers. High Towers scout lookout’s might have an advantage too who is coming. The problem: Those on the surface might have better aim.

Do not pick up, or step on your any items: could be a deadly devise or a Trap. In the Case: No person is left behind: as long as the cadet is not caught in the crossfire, targeted or in harms-way. In the Mist those survivors is brought back to the Cornell. Solider held frontal Position are prepared and ready for action await orders. Their suppost to complete the task: while Militarizes Re-enforcement backup is on the way.

The little girl spotted in the open field returns back with Cornell and his Platoon. The field is not safe not even for her. He yells to her to get away from the opening meadows Militant Soldiers anywhere. The Cornell Platoon secures the area for safety measures; making his camp in the forest is protected. Area sight is clear from behind Enemies lines: Amerials and the Monarch strategically play chess planning their next move of attack discussing this with the Cornell.

Scout’s Monitors pushes forward ahead of the soldiers. The Scouts, spies search and find location or integrate without being discovered, study their nemesis hoping to break the ranks of the enemy while reporting to the captain.  Day of reckoning will come their worst fears is realized: Enemy Militants may break the ranks of military as well: Enemy Interception Cat Strike Counter Surprise Attacks: to steal the Manuel Guide and discover their strategy.  Other Codes: Night Vision Air or Ground Support: Batman, Recognizance: Rescue and Retrieve, Boggy: Scout’s on the loose, Death-Com: Dangerous Militant: Leave no Survivors, Depth-Com: Scouts Search the hidden Trench, jungle Area’s for hidden soldiers. Watch-out for Disillusion Distractions: lead-way Redirect, not intended target, Codes are used to determine what kind of situation they are in.

Superior Officers used the solider like Ponds. They shall follow their orders; “Do as you’re told”. Invasion Tactics:  Alignment barrior shield blocks: soldier shall not break rank: hold position if attacked, no-one is to pass through even if they are recognized. Sealing off from the enemy from entrance: hold them off.  Opening the gate might put entire force endanger. IF one falls, another will take up the flag. Toys hidden the trench buckets from pelting shifty heighten winds and Platonic Sand surfaces; Environmental shelter belt covering protects the soldier from the laser ink blaster, Paint scatter bombs, Arsenals weapons.

Reinforcement is on the way the Captain sent his messenger towards the next Town asking the General: for Help. The General will soon arrive mean while the captain must hold The Militant Soldiers off, until then, everything is Depleted, frozen, or warn-out the Military has too defend their territory no matter what. No-one shall not pass, within the fortress, or Castle walls the Military once again would say, we shall not move, Fend against Invaders, until Reinforcement may turn the tide of the war.

Vectors Accornets:

Guided by the elemento’s plutonium stars, and the Refractor crystal moon shines that lights guides the way.  Light given is to public at night: path trail, giving light to the Oceansea-ships and Environmental Vehicles. Soldier followed the starry stars, metal compass to the civilization location. Oceansea-ships at night are camouflaged from attackers from a distance: To where the enemies are. Sailing in the open waters hidden, Andrea and the Cornell scouted the area and went on the glider quietly without being noticed however the gliders shifted in the wind in stellar of space, the Cornell and Andrea drift to the moon thrown out of position.

Tone Dial also helped once has provides the time Clock. Graph Bar Continuum measures the Accornets of the sun, suspension of the shadow told the time. Vector Accornets Scope once measured how far apart Venus, Mercury, and Even Mars were. Longitude and latitude triangulate the planet circumference around our World Nation of Planet Earth. Vector Cornets Parallel measures the Stellar Galaxy Planets of Space. Triangulation Cornets measures the Scanmaptic maps and the skys: Atmosphere, hemisphere, troposphere, and Even the Stellar Space: Ionosphere.

The Cornell thought they were stranded but the child saw the hand gliders flapping in the cold chill of space, flew them back towards the Globule Environment landscape, plunging them towards the protected underground Cellar. Scientific Scientist created the most danger weaponary of all: Deplete everything in sight, making a better weapon. Weaponary that has no use but to implode destroy the Globule Nations, Unclear energy that may one day destroy their Universes, “Prepare meet your doom.”

Andrea asks “Is there not a better way to solve this?” Scientist are just the navigators creators of the weaponary of doom were their not the negotiators. Andrea had an idea she held a Summit from all sides she must assemble the Childish Tot’s Stateship around the World: Government; Governance, Prime Misters, Prime Ministress, Politicians and Senators from every Foreign, Citizenship Nation who unite. Andrea invited them to Parliament House of Commons, Stateship Boarder House. Andrea asked the Politicians and Senators to stop acting like spoiled toddlers: Tot children who could not agree.

To discuss a new Resolution Amendment: Settlement Treaty Negotiation of Change. Revolution: is attended for Combat, Batons brutal handlements, Weaponary, Mecca Assault Vehicles, Mind Confliction, Conflict battle of War. Silvering: Resolve Recommendations: Resolution Revolt: against war crimes: Stop the mass Destruction: change the mentality towards Moral Peace of Discipline: and Privilege Surveillance of Rights: According to Law and Justice. Freedom Liberators do not take part of Death and Genocide Concentration Camps, Merciless Atrocities heighten mentality of the heartlessness.

Peace Keepers should to stop the nation against nation: senseless act of violent and deputes. Conflict Combat, Armor assault Vehicles, and Weaponary Battle Arms of war should not be allowed to continue.

The Government put in the Policy: The legislator Act stated:  “Let Value of Peace Reign once again,” (should).

Andrea was applauded by the Governments and Prime Ministers. They would consider their behavior carefully and review the Legislator Act again. The Government stated they would get back to Andrea, The Parliament and the Stateship Boarder Policy House they had much to discuss. As they left the Parliament, Boarder Stateship Policy House: shut their Doors and went back to business as unusually. They may have listened to her, no-one knows for sure: probably acted like children again. “I thought she would never leave” with a temper tamp-drum pounding the desk.

Lost Members:

General met a lost members their comrades whom returns alive from the situation of war. Not all members came back to The Revolution Cause of war. Those who Return with dedication are validation members received medals who saved their nation with pride. Those who returned: Hope and dignity resigned. Lost Members who did their part are also recognized by the Military. Giving last ditch effort hope they did not died in Vane.

Soldiers are suppost to return back to base after the war; Troops that return are resigned to another mission. The General is still the commanding offer until military stated further notice. Lest we Forgotten those in the missed in Remembrance are in the Mist. A Selection of members could be recognized as abandoning their mission, if caught Identified they are reported by M.P. Officer’s. The Officers will take the soldiers back to the Military could mean prison if necessary.

Sometime the Soldier identified as missing. In the Misty Mist of the fog with luck the person could be still alive disappeared from action. Andrea does not give up hope: even the bleakest of hours her father may come back for her. The possibilities that could happen. Andrea does not want to think about the worst case Scenario meanwhile Andrea Father is Given an ACCOMMODATION Valor of Recommendation; He was given the Town Heroic Defense of Honour.

The Amerials wanted to transfer reassign him to another area, the Global Officer Police Force but The Private refused. He gave his badge and put it back on the table, he left, He just wanted to go home to never return. Andrea was so happy to see her father again; she was in luck he is still alive. He held his daughter, his children in his arms and hugged them all. Gave an extra glance of happiness and kisses to his wife. He is glad to see her and amazed that she did not go out with anybody else through tough times, and the worst of times. After all they all have been through; He promised not ever separate from his family ever again: His Bond Members. welcomes him home.

Authorship: A.GD. Prince

The Visitor Train Station
The Passenger Section:

From Atmospheric Island:
Children Novel Books:
Carizzian Black, Dark Animon Television:

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Canadian Caribbean Books:
Carizzian Black Animon Television:
Fiction: Children Mystic Fantasy:
Whitby, Ontario, Canada:


WEbook Serge Profile:
Come and See:

Inspired Inspiration:
Nut Cracker:
Alice and Wonder Land:
Fiction:Children Mystical Fantasy:
Authorship: A. George Dave Prince

The Visitors Train Station:
The Passenger Section:

Halolloza’s Children and his Wife missed their Dad a long distance away from home. It has been a couple of months their Father is on business trip attending a conference. Good News, Father was suppost to arrive today but did not happen that way. The road was flooded also his battery went dead he needed to stay to spend the night at a HOTEL.

That Evening: Zirra Halolloza family is invited to spend the night with their cousins at their new house. Her Sister Asked Zirra “to bring the children”: Altha-tina Halolloza and Alex-zama Halolloza.

Zirra would wait, she would not go without her husband however he came to the house late, he not make it in time. He was suppost to come but he could not. Jazzarry Halolloza tried to call on the cell phone however the telecommunication is disconnected, his phone needed to be recharged.

Calling on a Phone Booth he told his family he would meet them at his cousin house unless he gets there to the house first. Altha-tina and Alex-zama both left a picture drawing on the fidget rater door. Mother also wrote a note they were leaving on the train they took taxi.

Father came home a couple of minutes late. Oh where, oh where could: his children and wife be? Father saw the note; His family left rushing out the door to catch the train before the railway leaves without him.

Father tries to call out his family over crowd barrior of people. The train Conductors calls: “on aboard”. The children hopped on the trains with their mother behind them going up the steps.

Father was blocked by the landscape crowd, Pack Rats in the Train-Station also waiting for the Rail-train. Just miss his children and wife by a few-minuets. The Rail-Train left.

Mother guided the children to the cabin ROOM number and told them not to wonder too far and remember this number; 5, she will be near. The Children left to explore each train sector car isle Booth.

Isle Passenger Booth:

Images of Imagination passengers in the Cubical isle sector box Booth seem like accessory of toys.

Passenger Isle 2: Clicket Rickety, Polymer Plastic Stiff joints body connectors, similar to dolls but more flexible than robots that moves freely. Puppets, Muppet reel string on the roof is sitting beside them. Wheel Barrings pulling: their hand, feet and mouth to slide through the hall. It Felt like someone is controlling their movement.

Need Sector: Solider in a train: stilt Stiff: March Mural Walkers head-up high tall. A single unit will discipline. Clicket: Robotic followers each command from the Lieutenant or Commander. Aliment their JOB to stop hallo-cost, Genocide, Atrocities, solve silver-lining negotiations: to stop conflicts; assault, combat, weaponary, disconnection battle field traps: battle of war.

There are passengers who is Fidgeting nervous,
Isolated Readers, Internet Loggers, Egoisted Loners who does not want to be bother in his seat asleep. Egoisted Parents: Chasing their children while hopping over the seats, similar to hopping over the moon, each passenger isle booth is different.

Mice and Rats creating dishes: Prep, Preparation Cook for the diner Setting. Service host is well maintains the area, welcoming costumers who come in. The kitchen is sparkling.

Another Cargo also held in passenger seat for forest Creatures. Each sector area has a different personality on the train. They took everyone. Then the children saw from the top of the booth cubical the area rout of the map hanging on the train ceiling wall. The area’s that lead to different Station locations. The Conductor reaches in his pocket and took out his golden watch.

The Conductor then told the children they should not leave the train not a minute before or after, until the train arrives to the visitors station. The location place of destination: The direction where you belong.

Monkeys’ swing, in and swung out on the handle bars on a vine into the jungles. Soul Creature walk out into the Meadow Field plain, forest, and Jungle. The Train slows halt to a stop, and then checks for passengers coming on board and those who left. If everything is clear, they leave toward the next station. They could not stick around, they could not stay to long, and they have a SCHEDULE to keep leaving to the next station.

Each Passenger comes off and on. Duration of time slows down for those who they are dropping off. Watching the time: making sure passengers are clear not to get close to the train, keeping a watch surveillance eye on the crowd.

Ze-Mear Quarrymon a little child who is a dare devil decided to take off leave the train went through the open and closing doors: through a Ozone dimensional track portal at the station stop! Stellar Creator Moon: The Astronaut’s Stop.

The Problem: If the train arrival stop train leaves the child behind, the next arrival subway will pick up the child. Station terminal will track the lost child keeping him in the Doom Station. The Child is allowed to Air; float, bounce on the stable moon creator while waiting the Subway Train: the conductor is notified.

The child got to see the global world of the map while Astronauts got off this stop. Lucky for child Duration of time freezes for twenty minutes. The younger had to decide before the train leaves him in the Doom Station before the train is gone.

Ze-mear Quarrymon decided to stay with his mom letting her know “leaving the train was bit scary”. He Mother told him “he should not have left in the first place” then he said “sorry,” then She hugged him saying all is forgiven.

Mothers knows best: “Be Patient”: she says, “Until destination placement time has finally has arrive to getting off the train: The Bell rings: Not a minute before and not a minute after.

Rat’s rushes out in packs they left the terminal searching for a vehicle; Taxis, Bus, Cars, vans, trucks walking possibly to meet Family, Friend, Acquaintances, and certain strangers, rushing out the door they went their separate ways. No time for discussion, hi or bye, Keep an eye on the clock, when the train is ready to go its leaves for the next station.

Mother waits until the crowd to slows down. She catches the taxi going to the Plaza Mall to search for a present for her sister.

The Lost Retail Store:

The children were allowed to stick around and play with the accessory toys or read at the book. When mother calls they should leave immediately.

The lost Store of Retailer when parent call their voices may fade in the distance. The children may stay forever, lost in forgetfulness not knowing where there children is. Children motivationally is distracted with Interest not noticing each child is disappearing.

Children are morphed into accessory toys for those who stay too long. The children are fascinated with the entire accessories that is in the store. Snapping them out of their fantasy when their mom calls.

They recognized to whom they are, and what they were hanging around with leaving with their mother, Those who do not listen to the call: If it is the happen to be Children’s Acquaintances, Strangers, Friend, Family, Cousin: The Adult will leave them behind.

Halolloza’s children rather stay with their mother this why children should listen. Taxi drove Halolloza’s family towards their cousin house, their relatives.

To whom arrives to see his children first is the Majesty the King their father Jazzarry. Both children and his wife gave them supportive hug of greetings. They reached the Visitor Station and celebrated Christmas with their relative cousins.
Not minuet before or after:

Authorship: A.GD. Prince:

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