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Student Classmates and Friends:

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  • Student Class Mates, and Friends:
  • The Problem: Few companions: My Brother, My Friend, and I went to three Different Schools. My Friend went to Saint Michel’s met him at Oshawa Limerick, My Brother and Sister went to Two Different Schools: Collage Hill and Ajax, Limerick: Waverly, while I transferred to Six Different School’s in the community Area. Lived in Pickering for a short term when I was younger, then Lived most of my life between: Oshawa Salisbury Street, Oshawa Limerick, and Ajax, Gardiner, Ontario (Last Two Years Each at a Shop Class: between Vanier Secoundary High School and Hardwood High School.) Then Moved to Whitby, Ontario. Our Friendship lasted through the present day, Still Continues.
  • Wood Crest: Oshawa, at Age ten: I worked as a Toronto Star: for three year years. Oshawa: Limerick:  My Friend lived near the road Intercession Hwy: and the Prince Family lived in the corner road near the small woods. The Resident Houses were on one side of the block since the hill was is high Steep, a little bit uneven to build on the Area, The Houses were centered on the other side of the hill.

Ridgeway between Recess or Lunch: My Friend and I would play Tactical Football: Enjoyed Playing: however was not chosen to play against the teachers: next to the end of the Term: claiming I was too short for my age. Most of My Friends I met I had to travel by bike to meet them.  My Brother and My Sister was viewed most popular; they lived so near Home. My School Class Mates were spread out all over community: I would see them: for the rest of my life: unless I was on Public School Grounds until High School.

In Sports: Did well in Public School until First Two Years of High School: Shop Class Vanier: Tore my Ligament. Hardwood High School: The Last two years: became a Small Order Chief, Literature Writing and Music Composer: Studied Text Curriculum instead of taking Sport Competition.

Back then I wrote my own songs: Two years of fame; parted ways until graduation similar to the sun and moon, nothing Lasts Forever. I also write a song: while forming a Duet with my Sister and my Teacher. My Sister played the Instrumental Piano: once for Congregation Church and I also wrote another song for my Gran-mother’s Birthday.

  • I became a volunteer with Book work: Assignments: at the Hospital and Deli Restaurant. Work Cope Employment Experience:  Month Employment in a Mexican Restaurant: Donna Y, and MC. GillsOne year Employment as a Good Will Chief Worker: and Two Main Co-Worker Jobs: with the Two Restaurant’s: Burger King and Red Lobster. However the Longest Job I had is Burger King; Still work their today.
  • These Days:
  • Most of My Friends and I work with me in Partnership:
  • Those working with me: understand My Ethic’s:
  • Went their separate ways: To Never to see my School Mates again.  
  • Since they move about Different Area Locations:
  • Perhaps I might see them again One Day: