Tooth Fairy: Nymph: City Structure Teeth Foundation:

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Tooth Fairy/ Nympth: City Foundation:

 It is important for the nation to protect their molar Teeth, similar to the nation Protecting the Nation Economy Environment and Landscapes: Seen from a distance; Colour of the Air Quality: Oxygen, Carbon and Murky Dark Skys, Waste Pollution, Oceansea’s Carbinent and Murky Sledges, Teeth is seen in a mirror to how gritty it gets, when not property taken care of, (Unseen Cavities.)

 Resting in bed the child wake up, he searches for cloth’s to wear, then he brush his teeth, preparing for school. He noticed something is not right, something shifting in his mouth, he discovers a loose tooth.

 The Child Gandle: Brown Skin, three feet, five inches tall, Black wavy Hair, wears a blue lighting shirt: and blue track pants; telling his mother about what happen to him, she make an appointment to see the Dentist, Meanwhile cleaning the Teeth the Dentist decide to not touch his loose Tooth telling his parent’s it will come out on its own.

 Morning the Tooth came out on its own. The child decides it time to put his Tooth in a Jar. Usually a tooth would Decay slowly in the jar. (The Nymph rub padded the glass with his shirt creating an static fuse electricity tooth duplication without breaking or fidgeting with the bottle.)

 The Tooth is traded for either a Trinket or living Cost of Five Dollars. The Problem: After the Tooth Nympth went through a vortex portal tunnel, Gandle saw the portal closing, Curiosity caught his eye, transferred him into Fairy, Nympth Tooth Nation. Gandle saw a future city, unlike his city that he lives in.  Ladies Fairies or the Guys Nympth’s: using a Tooth to Built Structure Foundation’s: Residential Homes, Industrial Industries, Teeth is harvested, gathered together similar to a lumber-yard.

 Teeth became a Construction Set: Icy Silver, Pelt Hailey Comet, Whiten crystal Snow, Teeth is Slender long: Thicken or thin. It is use for: Roof Shingles, Fences, Sidewalks, Driveways, Front Wheel Water Mill’s Lift, and Desks, Recycling reused material.

 Meadow Grass Plains and Flower Fields, Wood Lakes and Wild Forests, is Closest to a Conservationist Park, The Economy also has an Amusement Parks, and Fair for children and Mystic Flyer’s.  Resident Houses or Apartment Building was inside the stagma of the Bud petal; Bud leaf closes at night. Plutonic Environmental landscape: flower plants, and Trees seem like a Flowering, Field forest anyone could get lost it.

 Conversion Pattern’s of their world is similar to our own: Wind, Rain, and Sun, with Additional Conversion flavor: Fluoride Rainy Weather; Bubble-Gum, Mint, Strawberry and Grape. Chilly Snow is little Different: Similar to Tooth Paste, in this case it is not enough to cause a stomach aches. Similar to our world do not engulf the snow.

Similar to Acid Rain: Acid coke could cause a lot of damages to home’s depending on the level of precipitation, Gandle saw Firsthand how Acid could create a pothole that degrades, disintegrate rip-tear eating the sidewalk and Shelter Roof slowly.

 Even in their world cement, pavements should last for decades; acid over time has its effect. The construction workers fill the pot-hole pouring Cement and replacing tooth shingles for the houses that needed fixing.

 The Dental Floss Liner to keeps the Neighbour-hood gleaming. The Liner is between the Residential houses Floor or title, Driveway, Intercession Roads and Streets, within the Curb Bank’s, Crease or Crevices. The Floss Liner Act like a Censer Range Collector until if it gets full; the strip is automatically deposed of, into a Garbage, Lint, Dirt disposal Unit, Then The Floss-Liner breaks-up the particles between the floors, Titles, or curb Streets keeping the area clean.

 The Tooth Brushes is a sweeper and a polishers sparkle finisher. Conservation Nation Fairies, Nympth’s do not need cars, Nympth’s or Fairies notice a child walking around the city without wings became worried, wondering how he entered the city.

A Fairy noticed a child entering a Water Wheel Mill house realizing with all this frills he discovered, he found  himself lost and alone entering a some one’s house for the night. There was talk around the neighbour-hood about a child that cannot fly in Tooth Fairies Nation. The Fairy Authorities went to investigate the claim the Authorities found him a sleep in the Water Mill House.

 Since he is in Tooth Nation, they decided to let him stay awhile and he could have fun and play at the Amusement Gleaming Park. A Nympth whistled, up trotted a Horse Pegasus came out of the barn prepared to take on any passenger’s: Saddled the child while giving him a tour of the city.

 Flotation Air- Coast Sky Island is so high it beyond a human reach in the Troposphere fairies need their wings to get there. Amusement Parks, Fair, and Circuses was on the Air- floatationous lands. Amusement Park: Twirler Water Slide with a Dip, diving pool.

 Next Island had Dentist chair: with mobility function, the seat kept Gandle Comfortable. It also came with a View-scope Cubit Virtual Screen: to see the stars and the moon. Audience gathered Star gazing watching the Crystal Fractural of teeth shimmered on the moon given energy by the sun before Down Peek of Don, reflecting light back to the planet.

 Even the Star’s has Silver-crystals; Golden teeth creating its own eminent energy, the night sky seems like a fantastic Orb- Cube they could see distance belt galaxies and planets in their sector, similar to a Television, or a movie screen-cubes.

 Rainy coke fell and heightens winds caused a lot of damages to the sideways and trails causing pot-holes. A reminder to make sure that Gandle and the public children of Planet Earth take care of their teeth keep them clean, Fairies and Nympth’s also has worries of their own teeth to them is precious.

 Gandle saw through the Globule Orb of the Nation of Earth; real people abusing their teeth hoping for money. Tooth Fairy Community shares with the child a secret; they need teeth however it should not be on purpose.

 Those who done on Purpose: their teeth May not Grow Back, their Dentures is Wasted on False Teeth if not careful. Strong and Healthy teeth stand for everlasting longevity for ages, if the person decides to take care of them real well.

 The Nympth found he lived in the Mill Wheel House coming back from another mission, Coincidence perhaps: The Community left her in charge: bring the child home. Since the Globule Nation World of the Earth has a wide many on the Planet.

The Nympth: X-Rayed his Teeth, Opening a vortex portal back to his Resident home with-in dream Relm- state back in his quarter room fast asleep. Waking- up he tried to tell his Parents about his adventures, they thought it just in his imagination.


The Easter Cotton-Tail Bunny:

Mother Raid the Fridge: cannot help herself from Gluttony eating too much. She eats Junk food like: Chocolate Bars, Ice Cream, Pies, left over Pizza:  Mother Learn she is Pregnant with a Born Baby Little Toddler Surprise is on the way.  Easter Bunnies Eggs, Pyridines morph into Rainbow Colours Two bird legs peeresses the bottom of oval Egg walking about, Marking a birth of a new special Occasion.

The Easter Bunny is fun, Interactive, not too hard; not to Easy, A Scavenger Hunt for the children. Using a Clue Finder: To Discover, Locator, Search and find the whereabouts: of the Egg’s that morph into Chocolate Covered Sweet’s Treats. Family Circus: Once said, “Children need to be challenged they have to try to find a surprise”. (Chocolate Bunnies, Kinder Egg Surprise, and Chocolate Bunnies,) {Chicken Hen Eggs or Organic Eggs,}

During After the Dark Day Easter Resurrection:  Sunday Easter found a new hope: families lifted themselves from a shell out of Darkness. Easter became a reminder of arise occasion: The New Risen is born, and their children will soon Inherited the whole globule Nation.  Jesus once was a child tough discipleship discipline of Moral Modesty of love to Region, Families celebrated a Don of a new Era.

The Problem: Easter Cotton Tail studied Farmers collecting eggs from a triangle side view point: The chicken coop and watched bird’s create their nest. Easter Cotton Tail’s Innovation idea created a Multi Strong holder egg tray, and Strong Single dip holder Egg Tray, for sport competitors, Veggie Eater’s, Joggers and the community house hold.  He made a Chocolate Sweat Treats in a basket also for the public.

Santa Clause: Donated Organization Charity Gifts to an entire nation, those who are in need of aid, and   The Orphanages.  The Toy Maker appreciated North Pole Elves: Volunteers, similar to the Salvation Army Organization, to spend time with Dear love ones: to him everyone is special no matter what the year is, The Year of Get-together’s and a New Resolution of hope:  A new Start; with heart, thought and with Discontent happiness.

Cotton Tail and his friends once loved to play Pranks while having fun: Once they decorated Santa Tree, with Sphere Tin Metal-Balls in shape of an egg, glittering colours, inspired Kris Kringle to make Tin-Orbs more Christmas like, Santa Tells Easter Cotton Tail: “He on the right path,” “To keep trying”.

Another Time they hidden the chocolate Sweet Treats; Scattering them all over the globule Nation of Earth and lost them, Easter Cotton Tail and friend did not realize they created a fragment Puzzle Cue finder’s games for children, The Scavenger Hunter’s was born.  The Rabbit had Two Enemies:  Jack Frost and The Boggy Man who did not like holidays another story.

When a baby bunny is born they have tiny little Walnut bodies, their skull heads peak out within the hole similar to an eggnog, within the dug-hole: in shape of a side an egg.  The Bunnies are too small from coming out of the dug-hole Tunnel by themselves, hidden from other land Predators Animals, Wing Prey’s.

The Bunny distracted the Predators, Wing Prays by hopping, moving away from the dug-hole hoping the Predator; Wing Pray’s would not notice and pass them by. Poets is Inspired by Chocolate Eggs, and Chocolate Bunnies, this how Easter Cotton Tail came to Life.

If anyone is trying to trap the Rabbit is probably the children. The Problem: The Bunny is an Escape Illusionist, who can never get it-self caught. In the words of (Family Circus Children,) “Now you see him, and now you don’t”. The Best part of Day: The children could get’s to be creative and paint their Eggs / Decorative and put it in a basket, The Easter Bunny also delivers without being seen.

The Royal Twin’s: Track Brother’s:

The Monarch Resident’s: Prince’z Racers:

Heritage Jamain-ium: Portlin Buffet Bay: Mother had Royal Twins toddlers born in a Parish Hospital: Immigrated, Citizenship lived in Can-zan-nia: Ontario-us,

The Twins: Raise Citizenship: between Whipt-awa, Jazz-awa, Pickerton, Region: Resident community in Gold-Wan: Whiptawa:

O-Durious and Geo-Yost: Short: Five inches, Four Inches Tall, thin Skinny Build, Black Afro Hair, Brown Eye, Wearing either: Black, White Stripped Pants and shirt or Blue Belt Lightening Pants and Shirt: Track Suit Uniforms: use to always challenge each other Community Dome Arena’s while practicing.
Royal Twin’s: Track Brother’s:

Kindergarten, Grade one: Royal Brothers once in the same class eventually went to separate Dormintorial Schools. The First Brother O-Durious: large class side, went to a regular school system while the other Geo-Yost the secound went to a smaller side class Room Specialize Education School: Resident moved between: Whipt-awa, Jazz-awa, Pickerton Community Area. Geo-Yost would sometime take the bus or run through the Wood Trail next to the highway, be behind the school before the School Bell Rang. Barely make it, just arrive on time.

The Main School: O-Durious never mentioned about his brother traveling going to a different school, Issue never came up. Geo-Yost use to be tested the first time he was chased by a domain domination Bully, who did not like being close Contender runner up in secound, He chased Geo-Yost around the school but could not catch him. Practice: Geo-Yost had to catch up to his friends from a far distance, putting him to the test perhaps that helped Geo-Yost to become faster runner while lifting from the springs underneath the bed to become stronger. Always stretch exercise before the jog or run, just in case: might pull quadrupeds, tendont-mussel.

Royal Brother: Competed against each other: Track and Field, Tactic Soccer, Strategically played Chess at their home and school, Tactic Soccer and strategic Chess O-Durious had the Slight Advantage also. He was dangerous kicker and Scored in the net, they gave him Defense. Geo-Yost could frontal charge and take the ball away if not careful O-Durious might steal the ball and score a point. Durious always kept the Ball right or left barrior block away from the opponent players and Geo-Yost while passing to his friends. They kept within a triangle space or square depending on the where abouts. Those in the open space were passed to gain the advantage. Tacitly: Geo-Yost had the speed, but O-Durious was a good-passer lengthy long scorer. The this case it was Other-way around Geo-Yost became a close Contender runner up in secound and O-Durious became the Victor.

Geo-Yost did other sports like Grade Seven Wrestling, Skipping, and Basket-Ball another story. Both were resourceful skilled in the field had a slight advantages depending on the game. Both students sign up registered for the school Competeor’s Competitive Competition: The Olympian’s: had Practice, then had to face-off on their Home turf Dormintorial School first, Then after came Region Community Arena both separate schools selected their teammates and the Twins that made it the list, before going to the next level. Track and Field and Soccer was their best sport before work in an employment job another story.

Arrived Stadium: The Referees announces which competition to the men and ladies compete in. The Ref then announces the name of the School and the Student, who must leave the Group were given a track set number when they are called. The Best Track Runners get a diangle slant alignment at the furthest end of the racing track; all Athletes must be prepared and ready. Unknown both Twins would show up at the same first and secound track they will meet. The Ref’s and the whole school were not prepared.

Both Royals boys and the Track-Racers were given Track-Racers setting blocks: depending on your fastest leg would push off on the closest setting block to build a fast speed passé, A fast take off to leave opponent’s behind. The Royal boys could surpass the other Racers: Geo-Yost would usually be in first place, his brother O-Durious would be runner up, a close contender not far behind. There are other close formal Opponents threats from Regional Community School’s who came in third and fourth place Rim behind the shoulders so near they could catch up them if not careful. The Teacher’s decided to upgrade: Winners get to travel against the Champion Runners from Region Border Distance District Arena: however the Community Region Races seem to be easier, perhaps the Community Racers let us in.

Students must show support for their school mates and the community to those who anticipated. The Each Grade: the race has begun. Teachers sent racer or top scorers an assignment book-work. The curriculum must be handed to the teacher by morning or on the due selection date. Olympian Student’s: has Education homework as well.

The Stadium packed: Colleagues from both sides were shocked to see Royal Twins on the same track course once they heard their names. None was prepared to see twins to run on the same track. The Sett Starter Cubical Box Opponents is diangily slanted, Circular Curved round track, The Furthest Track one seem to be far away but it is not, Track of seven is the shortest narrowest distances on the block.

The Track becomes a fully straight even line near the last hundred meters, both racers’ meet. Both Dormintorial school students cheered on the boys wanting to meet the other half who went to a different school. Stadium cheered for them: heart pounding, chanting this could be an interesting race: solo racers start your mark!

Both racers gained trophies awards until grade seven. With persistence tried to out due each other until the last race: To the Victor! High School both Royals brothers went to the same school teaming up: another story.

The Problem: they did well in the Regional Community Arena, but could not surpass the Regional/ Border District Arena. Most students know how fierce the competition could be, to compete in tournaments against other students became a challenge. The Royal Prince’z was adored by Stadium audience throughout Public and High-School.

Those were the days.

Authorship: A.G.D. Prince


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Local Nation; Everybody: I just want to be Free:

Composer Lyrical’s: 

 Local Nation: Everybody; I just want to be Free: 

Reggae; Verse 1: Local People, There is something about this land,

Everybody, Lending a helping hand,

A Different world, From my Heritage I cross the sea,

Just you and I, just want to be free.

Corus: I want to be free like the bird and the bees,

I like my freedom, I want to be as happy as can be,

I want to be loved like the flowers and the trees,

Everybody; I Just want to be free.

Verse 2:   The Sun is Rising, till the morning till don,

The bird are singing, come out have some fun,

People are lucky, this land for everyone,

Come on people, there is room for us all.

Verse 3:   We are busy, Like a bee,

Collecting honey, sharing and giving,

Do know why, it is time to get away,

Come on people, Let Unite along the way.

Corus:  I want to be free like the birds and the bees,

I like my freedom, I want to be as happy as can be,

I want to be loved like the flowers and the trees,

Ending: Everybody, I just want to be free,

Everybody, I just want to be free.



Title:  Here they come to Save the Day:

Intro: Here They come to save the day,

Someone in distress to save,

Verse 1: It not a Bird, It not a plane,

I’m not sure where it from,

What it’s name, Where it came from,

Superhero’s fighting Crime,

Here the come to save the day.

Bridge: What their Occupation,?

What their Information,?

Tell what he does is,?

Tell what who is,?

Tell his Story,?

I want to know! Where does he live,?

Here they come to save the day.

Verse 2: Super Hero’s discovering Villainous Minds,

Try to Incept Devious crime’s,

Superhero’s fighting crime,

Here they come to save the day,

Deep Voice: Here they come to save the day.


Composer Lyrical’s: Open Your Narrow Minds: 

Open Your Narrow Minds: 

Corus 1: There is something I got to tell you,

So much to be said and done,

Some People are Oppressors,

Some People want you to go where your from,

Bridge:  These People do not really care,

I close my eyes and my ears,

Verse 1: I sick and tired of the people fighting a war,

So many dying out there I not sure I could take much more,

We have a decision what is going to be,

There must be a better way just to fight for peace.

Repetition:    Open your Narrow Minds,

Open  your Narrow Minds

Open your Mind.


 Verse 2:    Love and Devotion may change this war,

If we try to work together I feel we could achieve much more,

Take this time to think about this good old song,

Bridge:   I don’t mind, I don’t mind,

Let think about peace this time,

Repetition:  Open your Narrow minds,

Open your Minds.

Corus: There is something I got to tell you,

So much to be said and done,

Some people are Oppressors,

Some people want you to go back where your from,

These people don’t really care,

I close my eyes and my ears,

Open your Narrow minds,

Repeat:  Open your narrow minds,

Open your narrow minds,

Open your narrow minds,

Open your narrow minds,

Baritone: Open your narrow mind.



Composer’s Lyricals: Alter of Marriage: Yes I Do!

Alter of Marriage: Yes I Do!

Verse 1: She Can’t believe her eyes,
As I get down on my knees to share a diamond ring,
To her Surprise,

Gap 1: You could hear me ask? You hear me say.

Chorus: Will you marry me?,
Will you marry me?,
Will you say yes, I love you,
If you do I will go to the alter,
Please say yes I do,

Verse 2: She been with me along time,
For-ever, To-gether,
We both share something special,

Gap 2: I want her to be part of my life:

Chorus: Will you marry me?,
Will you marry me?,
Will you say yes, I Love you,
Until you do I will go to the alter,
Please say yes I do.

Bridge:She promise to be, Part of me,
She with in me, she will always be,
No matter how far or near she be,
She always in my heart.

Chorus: Will you marry me?,
Will you marry me?,
Will you say yes I Love you.
Until you do I will go to the alter,
Please say yes I do, Yes I do _______.

Chorus: Will you marry me?,
Will you marry me?,
Will you say yes, I Love you,
Until you do I will go to the alter,
Please say yes I do.

say yes I do.
yes I do!



Composition Lyricals: Title; O’ Canada

O” Canada, our Home and Nation Land,

True Faith in Love, In a Multicultural Cultural Land,

With Glory Hearts, we live our lives, True and strong and free,

We share are tides, near and Far and wide, We could live in Unity,

If We Try… O’ Try ei- ei ei___________.

God  Keep our land, Glorious us and Free,

O’ Canada: we share this land with you and me,

O’ Canada: we share this land with you and me….


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Composer Lyricals:

Family and Friends: 

Verse 1: I use to live my child hood day, thinking of Christmas presents,

Now I see a different way, I could live without them,

I use to think of Christmas toys, when I was just a young boy.

The things I thought I really want, now I see is my family and Friends.

Verse 2: I always dreamed of joy and love and peace,

Together we could Live in tranquility,

Together we could keep this way, With no violent, at least,

Now I know where I rather be with my family and and Friends.

(Bridge:) I put away those accessories, I put away fantasy.

I let the children, visualized the heart of Love.

Verse 3: I use to live my child hood day, thinking of Christmas presents.

Now I see a different way. I could live without them..

I use to think of Christmas toys, when I was just boy.

The things I thought I really want, now is is my family and Friends.




Whitby, Ontario, Canada


Composers Lyric’s: Kris Kringle:

Kris Kringle:

Verse 1: Jingle Jangle Jingle, rock with Kris Kringle,

Rock around the Christmas Tree.

Have a holiday, this is almost Christmas day, sing along with me.

(Every body)

Verse 2: Sleigh bells keep on ringing , while the choir keep on singing,

listen to the sound they play.

Ding a Dang a Dong, Dance and swing along,

have a merry Christmas Day.

Bridge: Were Going to rock ,a round, the clock at night

celebrate until Christmas night.

Were going to ,swing, along, and have some fun,

until Christmas Eve is done.

Verse 3: Jingle Jangle Jingle, Rock with Kris Kringle,

Rock around the Christmas Tree.

I Look in the sky, while the raindeers goes by.

Merry Christmas

From me: To You:

Whitby, Ontario,  Canada:

Composers: Lyricals:  Christmas Present:

Christmas Present:

Verse 1: I Go to the store to buy a Christmas Present,

For my family and friends.

Everything is too exspensive just to find something for my freinds.

Corus: There nothing I could do were so lucky for what we have.

Weather or not I have a gift for you,

my love is deeply in you.

Deeply in you.

Verse 2: There must be a better way to solve our problem.

We have problems like you and I.

Here is an old advise that some one told me

Here a song I sing for you and I.

Corus: There nothing I could do were so lucky for what we have.

Weather or not I have a gift for you,

My love is deeply in you.

Deeply in you.



Whitby, Ontario, Canada:

Composer Lyricals:  The Gift:  

The Gift

Verse 1: I got a gift to you from me,

This Gift does not have to go under a tree,

Could be for you, Could be for me this gift does not have to go under a tree,

Verse 2: This Gift I give to you will make you happy as can be,

Here is a presents that will make feel pleasant this my gift I share with you.

Corus: Love, , and friendship, and Hugs, That the best gift to share with someone,

When you can find a present in mine that the best gift to share with someone.

Verse 3: I don’t need Christmas Tree, decorated in colours don’t you see.

That is find but I do not have a dime to spend on  a Christmas Tree.

Verse 4: As long as were together, we can take any wheather,

here we are we will make fair even on very cold wheather.

Corus: Love, Friendship and hugs that the best gift to share with someone,

When you can’t find a present in mine that the best gift to share with  someone.

Repeat: Hugs, friendship and Love, that the best gift to share with someone,

When you can’t find a present in mine that that best gift to share with someone.

Ending: When you can’t find a present in mine that the best gift to share with someone.

Compose Lyrical:

Composer Lyrical’s: Birthday

Corus: Birthday I like to say Happy Birthday
make all your dreams come true.
I maybe a fool but I sure know what to do,
I like say Happy too you.Verse: Blow out the candles.
Wish upon a star.
Keep your secrets
and hope they go far.
Open your presents
even without them,
you still got you family and friends.Bridge: Let all get together and celebrate this day.
Come once a year please do not take this a way.
Everyone is cheering be happy and glad,
next year this will happen again.Corus: Birthday I like to say happy birthday
make all your dreams come true.
I maybe a fool but I surely know what to do,
I like to say Happy Birthday to you.I like to say Happy Birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you__________.

 Composer: A.G.D. Prince:



Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Composer Lyricals: The Street Corners:

The Street Corner:

Verse 1: We are singing a melody,  In the city we are free,

When we are together we form a harmony,

on the street, the street corners.

Verse 2: We carry on singing a song, try to please everyone,

wheather is good or bad, On the street, the street corners.

Bridge: So many times, “So many times,”

I said to my self why could I not try something else,

I like to sing, “(I like to sing,)” There is so much to say,

There something about this I could not get away—–.

Corus 3: We give you something to the people too,

Entertainment we like to do,

Your the one this is up to you,

Too sing on the street, the street corners,

Too sing on the street, the street corners.




Whitby, Ontario, Canada:

Composer’s Lyricals: I Love You:

I Love You:

Verse 1: I Cannot describe, too you, how I care you,?

Time I need sometime, to tell so much that I love you,

You may think I crazy, but I am in a hazy, just to tell you,

Corus: She love’s me, She loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not,

She loves me and I love you.

Bridge: When we are together, always and forever,

When to hearts as beat as one we will begin,

Joy, Love, Life and pain, my heart still feels the same to be with you.

Verse 2:  Let work things out together, and make life better, I will share this with you.

If you need someone, to talk about anything,  I will be there?

Let pick a flower together, together we can, tell each-other, (tell Each-other)

Corus: She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not,

She loves me and I love you,

Ending: She loves me, she loves me not, She loves me, She loves me not,

She Loves me, and I love you.


Compose Lyrical: My Memories:

My Memories:

Verse 1: My Memories has been thinking of you.
Thinking of all the dreams and things we used to do.
Time has changed as I loook in the past.
Now I know that the day will always last.

Verse 2: My Memories has been thinking of you.
Thinking of all the dreams and things we used to do.
I be there when we need a helping hand.
Just remember me and the things we used to plan.

Bridge: The road is not easy as the day goes by.
Telling me self just to give this another try?
I push foward I carry on.
Yesterday is gone.

Verse 3: Seem like magic is passing by.
As I move forward I look into the sky.
Wondering what happen to the good old days?
What I see now seems to be strange.

Gap: Time may have changed, but your memories still remains.
Dreams may have happen so fast, but the Day will always last.

Verse 4: My Memories been thinking of you.
Thinking of all the dreams and things we use to do.
Time has changed as I look in the past.
Now I know that the day will always last.

Authorship Lyrical: A.G.D. Prince


Composer Lyrical’s:  A.G.D Prince:

My Servant Job: The Test of Faith:

Intro:  Whence when came from Devil,

To and Fro about the Earth and had Access to the heavens,

Do you see my man Job,  He will faithful,

Just Do not Paralyze his soul.

Corus:    Do you see my man Job,

Born with Fear (respect God),

Do not touch him devil,

Do not Go Near.

Verse 1: The Devil came to and Fro (The Heavens,)

Job Shall Curse God to his very face,

The Devil shall touch Job’s heart, (Touch his Surrounding)

Job shall surely lose his Faith.

Bridge:  {Job Servants:} Job the Cattle Died, I escape to tell you,

Job there Famine I cry, I escape to tell you. (tremors)

Corus:     Do you see my man Job,

Born with Fear, (respected God)

Do not touch him Devil,

Do not Go Near.

Verse 2: The Devil Came To and Fro, (The Heavens)

Job Shall Curse God to his very face,

The Devil shall touch Job’s bone, (Boils on his hand and Feet)

Job shall surely Lose his Faith,

{Job Wife} Curse God to his very face,

{Job Friend’s} Defiles of Sin: Job is surely disgraced,

Bone to Bone, Skin for Skin, Job remains faithful,

{Job’s Qualities:} Blameless, Upright, shrew evil, My servant Job,

Blameless, Upright, Shun evil, Do you see my man Job,

Blameless, Upright, Shrew evil, My Servant Job,

Blameless, Upright, Shun Evil.

Corus: Do you see my man Job,

Born with fear (respected God),

Do not touch devil,

Don’t you go near.

Passive Ending: Job has gain twice as more,

God allowed it so,

Job remains faithful,

Do you see___ See My Man Job,

He remain’s Faithful———–.

Narration: God never Touch Job with Corruption:


Drown in the Tears of God Eyes: 

Verse 1: The World is Violent ,

The  World Corrupt,

God was Sad what the people have done,

Destroy them all through out this land,

but he found favor in Noah Eyes.

Bridge: Take two animals of each kind.

Build a boat before the rain comes down,

Noah tried to warn, The people of this land,

You could hear them laugh and say.

Corus: Not-a-water, Not-a-drop-to-drink,

The Land is bone dry,

Why build an Ark Noah,? When the sun is in the sky,?

That why they drowned in the tears of God eyes.

Verse 2: Ham, Shem, and Jasepheth took their girlfriends from their homes,

They escape toward the boat,

Before the Rain Came down,

They made it into the Ark,

Bridge:     Hear the people plead,

Let me inside,

The Door seal shut,

You could hear the people cry.

They were warned, Oh– Warned,

Corus:   Not-a-Water, Not-a-drop-to-drink,

The Land is bone dry,

Why build a Ark Noah,? When the sun is in the Sky,?

That why they drowned in God’s eye.
(Passive): God set a covenant with Noah, A Rainbow in the sky,

That the Flood that covered the Earth shall never happen Again.

Noah children separated,

(Narration): As Noah Blessed the table,

(Narration): and Release the animals,

Passive:    Separated, apart from their father then,

Repetition: Not-A-Water, Not-A-Drop-to-drink,

Land Bone Dry,

Not-A-Water, Not-A-Drop- to-Drink,

Sun in the Sky,

Not-A-Water, Not-A-Drop-to-Drink

Land bone Dry,

Not-A-Water, Not-A- Drop-to-Drink

Sun in the Sky,

End:  Why build an Ark Noah,? When the sun is in the sky,?

That Why they drowned in the Tears of God eye.


Jonah Son of Ammittai:

(Intro): Corus:
Son of Ammittai: go to Nineveh,
Son of Ammittai go to Nineveh,
Disaster Maybe brought upon them.

Verse 1:
Jonah went to Joppa on a Boat,
Tried to escape from Tarrish from the Lord,
Hidden in a captain cabin, away on sea,

Hear rain come down,
The sea with a wave and Roar,
The Sailors could not make to shore,
Oh Shore.

Son of Ammittai: go to Nineveh,
Son of Ammittai go to Nineveh,
Disaster maybe brought up them.

The Captain Called to Jonah call to your God’s name,
Where thy be,
What thy name,
What occupation he does,
To where thy live,
To What thy is,

(Bridge 2:)
Standing in the Present of the Lord,
I am Hebrew who free the people, Lord thy God,
Toss me over board and the sea will be calm.

They threw Jonah over board,
In a Belly of a Big Fish,
Near the Coast, He repent,
but he did what God said,

(Verse 3:)
On ward to Nineveh he went,
Told the People to repent,
The King decreed this will-
never happen again,

(1.) As God saw:
(Disaster was never brought upon them again,)

(2.) As God saw:
They did not know their left or right,
(Disaster was never brought upon themselves again.)

Thank you Jonah for going to Nineveh:


Fall of Babylon: No More: 

Verse 1: No more Silver, No More Gold,

No more Copper, No more Coal,

The Government will say too bad, Too bad,

No Buyer will buy no more.

Verse 2: No more Rubies, No more Diamond,

No more Crystal, No more Jaspers,

The Government will say too bad, too bad,

No person will buy no more.

Bridge: The Riches are devastated,

The buyer will buy no more,

The merchant will cry and wail,

Oh No! Not one buying no more,

None is buying No-More.

Verse 3: No more gas, No more oil,

No more Linen, no more emeralds,

The Government will say too bad, too bad,

No more buyer  will buy no more,

The merchant’s will cry and morn,

Ending: Too Bad.



The Lord Prayer: Our Father:

Verse 1: Our Father,  Who are in heaven,

Hollowed Be our Name, (in are name.)

They Kingdom Come, Thy will be done,

As Earth as is in heaven.

Corus: Give us this day our daily Bread,

Forgive those who trust pass against us.

Bridge:  Lead not in temp-ta-tion,

Thy the Kingdom, Thy the Glory,

Forever and Ever amen.


Verse 2:  Pleading, In Repentance,

Forgives us for a sins, (for our sins)

Redemption, Release us, from the shackle Barriors.

Corus: Give us our day our daily bread,

Forgive, our, debtors,

Bridge: Lead us not in Temp-ta-tion,

Thy the Kingdom, Thy the Glory

Forever and Ever amen.


Verse 3: (Sanctuary)

Salvation, Exaltation,

Shelter heart’s and Let me in,

Rejoicing, Reveling,

The Lord Savior:

Corus: Give us our day our daily bread,

Forgive those who trust pass against us.

Bridge : Lead us not in temptation,

Thy the Kingdom, Thy is the Glory,

Forever and Forever amen.


Compose Lyric’s:

A. George Dave Prince:

Blessed Those:

Verse 1: Blessed Those with happiness,

Blessed those who are Kind,

Blessed those who are humble,

With those with moral of true.

Verse 2: Blessed Those with happiness,

Blessed Those who are meek and mile,

Blessed Those who are the poor,

The Heavenly Door shall open up for them,

Bridge: Foun-da-tion,

Sturdy as a Brick,

Sturdy as a Stone,

Solid as a rock,

Layer of the Base,

Repeat: Pattern of Construction,

Pattern of Construction,

Verse 3: Blessed Those with Happiness,

Blessed Those who want to be saved,

Blessed those with Salvation,

God may reveal the secret to them,

Ending:   Blessed those with happiness,

God shall will comfort them.

The official blog of UNICEF Ethiopia: the go-to agency for children in Ethiopia supporting child health and nutrition; providing water, sanitation, and education; and protecting children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS.

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Precious Moments:
Precious Princesses:
Review: A. George Dave Prince
Moral Morality Discipline of Faith: 

Precious Moments:
Who is Who at the Zoo:
The Future:

The Community of Mids-Bey in the future learns to reduce Chimney, Smoke stack, Carbon gas, emissions: Industrial and Residential Waist.

The Forest became a Preservation Protection Reserve for just animals, Sea Creatures, Flying Creatures. Railway Tour’s train: the Zoo’s and Amusement Parks who may have join forces became attraction a sight to see and Educate.

The Problem: Politicians: sent Construction workers to plunder destroy, Rape Habitat Parks, Forest or residential houses. Community is rode over for a Freeway highway. They will cut corners to connect and save commuters to give them closer access next region.

Anything that gets in their way the Politicians will try to buy your homes. If not in compliance they may either wait until you leave, to kick the owner out or force the community out of their resident homes, may not give the home owners, the asking worth Price to the house.

Similar to forcing Creatures out of theirs Environment, people are almost treated almost the same matter, kick out of their Residential homes. Their privilege rights is not respected .

The Zoo, or Safari, Teaches to preserve Nature:
The same habitat, Conversations Environment will gives back to the city, Nature is needed:

Water-ship Downs: Earthling Humans will not stop
until they Rape the entire environmental Landscape:

Keep in mind:

Who is Who at the Zoo:
About Jessie Drawing:

Conservationist Zoo Safari Staff: feed and cleanse forest land animals preparing for the Mayor visits. Little Jessie Draw’s a graffiti on her sketch Pad.

The Staff busy but also interested in her drawing asking Jessie to “show drawing it to her Dad:. Mr. Mos-by their boss kept all her drawing in his office close to his heart. Mean while Staff must pass the Inspection.

Park, Forest Clean: Check
Stable Stalls Clean: Check
Animal Water tank: Check
Washroom Clean: Check
Restaurant, Store Inspected:

Equiptive Maintenance:
Air Warm, Coolers Conditioner: Cheek

Even animals need a certain temperature to survive.
Animals so far were at their best behavior. The Staff
unit lines up at a halt, Mr. Mosby is at the front of
the line with his little girl. On top of her hair is a Tu-Kan.
They were sure they were ready.

Mayor Muddle-bye and his wife limousine pull up in the
drive way. The Mayor wife has Spring pollination Allergies, and her consignees nose is acting up again.

Mayor need time away from the office and his Wife suggested to get away from the city. The Mayor arranged a visit at the Zoo.

The Little Girl gave him a picture of his drawings the first to greet the Mayor. He loved Jessie’s drawing: rolling the paper drawing in his inside Puckett, with her index finger she tells mayor to come closer towards her, next to his ear. Secretly between the both them: She says: the next one will be in colour.

The Mayor thanks Jessie, however must discuss business with his father. The Staff and Mosby learn’s the Mayor wants to close the Zoo for a railway station:

Commotion: nobody is pleased about the situation.
The Mayor’s brighter side dim the mood: even more telling them “to think of it as a beckon of light”.

The Zoo Keepers depressed decided to stay until the last day. Walking way from the Mayor they told their boss they would see him tomorrow a few remains with their boss stay on duty.

Jessie was also surprised the Conservation Zoo could be closed down. Jessie wanted to say good-bye to all the animals before their gone. The Father allowed her to go but he sent a Zoo keeper to go with her for her protection.

The Mayor about to go to sleep but something presses on his mind to what the little girl said, “The next one in colour”. The Mayor Wife: criticizes the little girl comments, saying to the Mayor “”animals at the Zoo are not anything important”. The shall adapt quickly to their New Residents.

The Mayor: in a state dream realm-state: Fast asleep:
The Next One in Colour:

The Mayor wakes is carried by an elephant towards a meeting: The Mayor unaware getting off the brown tusk animal, watching each cultural land creature pass him by. He wonders where they are going too?

The Reino ponders; if the Mayor is coming along to the meeting? The Mayor follow the the zoo creatures. Each animal knew with or without the zoo they could survive going back to the Jungle or Forest. The Land, Sky Animal, Aquatic creatures would be fine however Mr. Mosby, his staff and especially Jesse will be out of a job and back in the filthy streets of the city. Preservation Conservation: The Zoo is all the left that is natural.

The City has forgot about the animal and preservation of Green Environmental landscape. Pollution covers
the Metropolis now.

The City plows everything in its path. The Natural forest and the Zoo Parks will be gone soon telling no names. They wanted to help Jesse and the Zoo Staff but no-one knew how. They pondered on the idea to be Inventive.

The Lion with his coat of main, roar loud enough to try
bring the audience back to the Zoo but to no avail, People just pass by.

The Leopard, with his shiny spotted coat, climb the tree.The stripes Tiger the fastest animal ran at a high
speed thought that would attract the people by being different, caught a few however Graffit told them it would still not be enough.

The Angel: had a suggestion: He introduces him self to the land/ flying Creatures: Timothy his plan to take each animal spectrum colour, he morph the design off their spiffy coats, feather. A fluent drawn flow Kenesis transfer of liquid paint is poured into a canvas.

The Problem: The Angel needed volunteers: starting with the tiger, The others soon join in latter. The Mayor try to stop the Angel from making this terrible mistake: “Wait!” “Don’t do this”. He flew off towards Jesse home, given her a the coat of paint and brush. Given this gift, blessed by the angel, she thank him decided to paint the whole town.

The Store soled: Beaver, blue jay, ground hog, and snakes: hats, scarfs and belts, The community Wore Elk, Deer, Panther, Fox; skirts, suits, sweater, pants and dresses. They demanded the Mayor to protect this town from the little girl.

The Mayor thought of it as a fashion statement while searching for the little girl. The Police saw the little girl heading though City Hall’s Town Gates. He wore spotted leopard pants, and tiger stripes shirt and a lizard hat while keeping the traffic in check.

The Problem: The little Girl changed the bleak dark colour gates switched it to rainbow colours and the sky: were in colourized in different shades. The Mayor began to realize if he look closely he could reduce the emissions from the pipe engines; carbon Monoxide, stack of smoke that is causing a filth pollution through out the community and air converting it to stem.

He began to breathe the city air: Suffer and Sulfate became a toxic waist effecting the economy like rotten eggs. His shining beacon of light: The Train Station would be another pollutant waist even to the forest.

Mr. Muddlebye caught up to little girl, She wanted to know from the Mayor “if the town look wonderful”?

He enjoyed the spectrum changes of the community however coat colours of the landscape, and using colours from the soul creatures was not right for Mids-Bey.

The Mayor wanted to put back everything back to Normal by given the landscape, environment, soul animals colour main coat and feathers back. Given him the paint brush, he painted up a storm spilling paint over himself.

Eagles Head, Graffit Neck, Blue Bird feature knees, Platypus hands, and a Lions body, and seals flipper feet. He created a new kind of creature; “Very Inst-resting Mr. Mayor”:

The Mayor wake up at night driving to the zoo quickly as possible to see if all of the landscape soul animals if their still there.

He Made a deal with Mr. Mosby he would sending the train station far away from the Zoo: the staff, Mr. Mosby and Jesse will not have to leave, they could keep their jobs. Excite new spread among the staff the celebrate and cheered. He call it a Land Preservation Conservation Place of Protection including the Parks and Forests. Land Creature also need defending.

The train Station went near City Hall. The new beacon set an example to the next town. The Mayor gain access to his closes business partnership allies without wiping out the Forest and the Zoo. Reducing Green House emission thanks to the dream he had.

Mayor Muddlebye new friend show her picture in colour of different setting Individual part of him: with different shade of animals.

Surprised! The Mayor wanted to know “to where did got the idea from”. Jesse told him “she got from a dream”: Both started laughing while Mrs. Weatherism Muddlebye and Mr. Mosby, her father were not sure what they were so amused about. It was between the both of them.

Precious Princez:
Precious Moments:
Little Sparrow: 

Review: Improvements:
Audley George Dave Prince Nov 10, 2015
Originally shared by Tracy Lambert


Precious Moments; Little Sparrow:

Angel’s Suspension: Duration of Time:


Time clock pushes forward, towards Present and the Continuum Future. Angels are ageless: does not Heighten Grown up, become younger, teen Youth, Adult or Elder Fraidle of age,

Duration Suspension: Past or Future: time shift freezes: Angel’s look down with Interest surveillance the Planet Earth.

There are Precious Moment an Angel’s take an Courageous heart to sphere lives, from Disaster.

In the Word of God: Telling: Jonah: About the Cities Behavior:
“Disaster maybe Brought upon them”:
“Disaster might be Brought upon themselves”:

Jonah: needed to let the city know which direction the city was going. The Metropolis was heading for disaster, it needed to be rescued.

Jonah ponders why he should save the city? Under the Leaf God provided Shelter, however the leaf wilted away: Pounce the Beating Sun: probably gave Jonah a headache. The Lord thanked Jonah for save the city from Disaster: The Whole City could have brought this upon themselves letting Jonah know they needed to be rescued.

In this case: Carrel Cowboys Settlers moved in the valley near the America Natives: Nature Natural Forest Tribe: A river set them apart:

Unknown to both sides they will be stricken with a terrible Illness. The Cure is in Turnabout Road Ridge Mountain. A Tree that grow nears a gorge cannon there is a the cure:

Toby-vis Sent younger Angel: Timmy Timorous: to save both Nations: Preventing both Regions from a deadly Virus.


Chapter 1:

Precious Moments:  Little Sparrow:
The New Settlers:

A dove came streaking in the sky giving Tobyvious a scroll while he opens message roll pages. Timmy Timorous is assigned a task: He is sent to minimize a deathly illness between, two nations: The Country Carrel County Cow Settlers and the Nature Natural Natives. He must leave immediately.

Timmy flies in the hemisphere while robins flock together melded together with cooperation he asks the birds to “cover him,” while pass though the community without being discovered. The Bird kept close to the angel blocking him from the public, from been seen.

Carrel Cow-settlers has moved in the open prairie meadow valley landscape: America, next to where the Nature Natural Forest Tribe lives. A river that set them apart, both sides do not dare cross. Both sides do not know they will be stricken with a terrible illness. The Cure is in the Turnabout Road Ridge Mountain. The tree grows near a gorge cannon ditch close to a hidden caves.

The Nature Natural Forest Tribe spotted the settlers told their Chief Leader. The Chief told his community and his son to stay away from the Carrel-Settlers; they have a different set of rules. The problem his son will cross the territorial line and break the rule by telling his father his is just going fishing. He has curious what his neighbours are like.

Timmy is a angel who guided a bird to lead the two boys toward the cure. A Native Naturalist Little Sparrow and a Carrel Cowboy Settler child name Johnny without be seen: The Cure: The Yellow Berries.

John digs soil plantation, prairie cultivation for his father. Johnny saw a fishing line, he follows a fishing pole with a hat hooked to the rod. Johnny falls into Little Sparrow ditch trap hole while Little Sparrow laughs then also fall in the ditch hole himself. They tried to get out of the ditch ground but the hole is small enough for both of them to fit inside. Both tried jumping the ditch was higher than them, trying climbing out of the ditch to no avail.

Both them had to Cooperate together. Johnny squats down while Little Sparrow feet stood on his shoulder lifting him high off the grown pulling him out of ditch hole towards the surface. Little Sparrow disappears. Johnny wonders where little Sparrow is? Little sparrow extends his hand to help Johnny out of the ditch. This how they became friends going to their separate ways.

Chapter: 2

The Search for the Cure:
(The Fever):


Sudden the Villagers, Forest Tribe had a sudden Fever both sides caught the vireo sickness. The Naturalist worry: The Carrel Villagers may have brought with them, the crowd is worried. The Little Sparrow saw her sister complexion looking a little pale and tried to tell his father. The Problem: community worried needed to find a cure, unfortunate both sides blamed each other.

He told Little Sparrow this is important adult of authority work in other ward he is just too busy. Johnny was not suppost to leave the village however disobeyed his Dad. Both sides quarantined each other thought the sickness might spread to them if they both sides cross the river bridge, they kept a watchful eye on each-other.

Johnny went into the forest and found Little Sparrow at Tree Hut. The Bird flew in with the Yellow Berries sharing the Berry with Little Sparrow as he gave to his sister. He notice she started gain her health back slowly and again tried to tell his father he would not listen sending Little Sparrow home.

The Adults of Authority ignored them. They could not see invisible angel however Little Sparrow believes in heart all living creatures is a soul asking “the bird to lead them to the where he found the berries? The Bird flew but stay close to Johnny and Little Sparrow separating from the community. They were on their own: South-west: Mountain Edge Ridge Path: Walkway Road.

Leaving the Villagers behind the bird lead them to the mountain.
They spotted the edge ridge path road walkway. The bird flew in the air
not far from them and flapping spiraling back. The Angel tried to pull back a tree towards a short cut.

The Tree barks covered a little road. The problem: they went long way around leading to a Rouge Circular Cannon that lead them to the Berries. Not knowing a Bear hidden the bushes is eating some of it.

The Bear is hidden the bushes, does not know about the boy’s picking Berries and putting in Johnny’s hat. Johnny saw something moving in the bushes. The Bear started to make a big yell and roar after the boys. Blocking every path except but one, A little cave that fits just the little children size and not the bear.

(Principle Rules 🙂 Normally the Angels are not seen however through the glint of visibility, unstabilized light of the angel could be seen pointing towards the cave the bear did not cover. The Bear ran after them could not reach them with his claws trying capture them. The Bear got tired and left. The Villagers and the Natives notices two children missing. If not found, both nations would pledge war waiting till the evening.

The Boy’s Lost:

Little Sparrow blame himself for taking them on the route which he should not have. Johnny promised they would be alright however they must keep moving. The Cave curved South West, back North-East they heard water. A tree log is set beside each other, a broken stump timber trunk scatted all over the cave. Johnny found a vine tied around the log and the made a raft.

The water pushed them through the coves toward an opening outside the Cave. Eventually they saw a waterfall slope rafting that lead them back to the village. Both sides gathered at the bridge and saw the children floating on the raft, They comeback safely, they brought the cure. The community leaders followed the children: curing the whole community:

Review: A.G.D. Prince:

The Books of Dream: The Dreamensionist:

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Authorship: A. George Dave Prince:

The Book of Dreams:
The Dreamensionist:

From the Beginning: A cave Person, or Biblical Person used Hieroglyphic Illustration drawings to Key Type A Stone tablet. To describe their mind of thought to communicate with the globule nation of the world.  Tendency of the brain splits into sections: Realization Practical fact Theist, Mystic Fantasy: idealist Dreamensionist, The hidden book is born, since the visual dreamer was able to image imagine Imaginary.

Upstairs in the Hallway a computer sits near the window pane, next to the outside front-yard. The Twelve years old Professor  is about to try to open a Ion portal Vortex within the Quarter Room’s of his house, Basement, and The mesh of the backyard, however using the front door as an escape route just in case. The Problem: The Professor must complete his work before sundown, before the sun come up. The window of time he may have to wait the next night if he decides to get up early rise morning. Using inferred and a cord strip panel beneath of the quarter dorm doors he will able to activate the Entrance within the house. Something is Familiar: Person, Place, Soul Creature, Area Location, or thing, it is almost like the person has been there before.  Using the Desk Top Printer and Disk Convertor as a Book Conversion: to enter the Dreamensional Ion sky convertor of Dreams portal.

Closet: Library, Amusement Park, Fairs, And Circuses:
Garage: Lost/ Found Junkyard, Tool Repair World.
Backyard: Forest, Jungles: Wood lakes, Beaches:

(1.) The Daughter Room: The World of Manikin’s: and Resident House Set:

(2.) Ministry/ Ministress- Hall Educators Neighbour-Hood Set

The Son Room: Builder Toy / City Construction set, and Vehicles:

They are now Grownups:

Each Room is different.  The Whole House converted into a spacial stellar quantum continuum doorway.  The Closet: The Pole Hanger’s became an amusement thrill rides: Ski; Sled Slide, Sliders, Surf, Snow Boarding, Cliff Hook Hanger Zip Line Ride, Jungle Vine/ Swings: A short cut towards the Professor house.  The problem: to enter the closet: The ticket master needed a scream. To make the person: become one year younger.

Morning: when the Professor Brother is eight years of age he invited his best friend to come to his house, Joshston Zombia brought a Play a Board Game they could play with a Mystic Book of Magic:  King Author Court, with dice. Placing the book on the Ion printer: The Book morphed his brother and his friend: into a Monarch King and the other as a magician. Similar to Scavengers hunt: their cousins or friends must require getting items from outside the Resident house, magically rubbing the palms: pressing the hands by touch on the Original piece, duplicate the item: Goblet, Crown, Swords, Mallet, their transport travel: Aviation Flyer, Transport vehicle, Brisk walk or run. They gave back to the King or the magician to gain points.   The closer they found the magic item: the book became more activate however to gain Immortality the problem: one would have to win.  Not aware of the Professor Experiment.

The Mystic Book created a field barrior shield perimeter around the user’s house; later the professor brother brought his friends and family to play the game: Those who lost did not win were morphed them into figurines. The Hero became directive and got meaner: with abuse to not changing them back. Trapped they were suppost to retrieve the item for them a race against time before it was over. The Hero used a telescope to gain advantage on his opponent to see the future however he grew fraidle old, bit by bit into elder. Similar to a video game the Professor Brother and the Magician did not die: Resets everyone was brought back to life. Back to the Beginning start, the Participators is given back their youthfulness, the game is restarted. (Each time the Professor looked in the Telescope: the nation map: an Island fault land becomes slowly conversion into a stellar ionosphere of the dreamensional space continuum. The Globule World is slowly disappearing becoming more fantasy.)

Since trapped in the game, Family and Cousins grew wary of game repeating the same game all the time. The King invited their First Chosen One a friend of the magistrate to become their Narrator/ Referee Rule-ship reader to save them all. The next Problem both got caught up in a love triangle. Similar to King Author and Sir Knight Jealous rose between them.  An Outsider another friend of the King pulled her away from the area before marriage could happen. Her mother hid the book in the library, died giving birth to The Next Chosen One. They lived in Canada for awhile the father decided it was time to move back and see his old neighbour Hood: of England.

The Magician: is an excellent binding spells reader however not allow to read the Bio-Practical Real Thesis Non-Fiction Books: touching the magical mystic book could make him invisible. Both needed the help of the Next Chosen One: her name Mangy. They acted rather worriedly strangely.  Neither the King nor the Magician, were not allowed to leave the house.  The Magician flouted while following her to school, Emperor Brother in the basement turned out to be a mean person wanting no part of the characterization clutches of the Mystic book, he wanted out.  The Chosen One was chilled scared afraid of them at first. Then found the Courage: confront her fears finding the dreamensional book in the library only it turned out to be a fake.

When the Moon Creator Fractures: Illuminates light from the sun shines. The dreamensional emanates a barrior between both houses. Both acting a little odd, both personality has changed asking for The Next Chosen One help. The Chosen one used a Solar Panel light Deflector to bounce the energy back from the sun, Deflected back to the moon releasing both houses from the barrior. Not aware of a Min-Acorn: Wolf was watching them though the computer to soon to transfer in the Realizational Real World, Let not get a head of our selves. The Families and Friends were free from the adventurer game.   Early Morning return they all get to their houses however the Chosen One felt a tension this was not a game: felt creped out from the story, to where has the professor is gone.


The Solar Eclipse:

Like a mentioned: The Sun came up in the Morning deleting the Dreamensional world of Darkness, when the sun goes down: Dreamensional Portal is still activated.  The Professor Brother and the Magician is worried about the Dream Book to where the source is coming from. Warned about two distance worlds colliding within their Stellar Galaxy, It is suppost to happen in the Day Morning. Reports of the television tell the public about the Solar Eclipse Period soon to happen in the morning just do not look into the sun. Morning: Releasing the Min-Acorn and Converting the Practical City into Mystic Toy City outside out of the bed-caught-havoc.  For those who look under the bed could see Monsters: Demons Patrol on the street, scaring the city.

Adults who grabbed their a Coats: The Ticket Taker’s took their sonic breath of a screams: Either entered the Library or having a exciting hanger vehicle ride of their choice, making the adults slowly morph into a child youngsters, until they reached youngsters Tots age. Hero’s, Heroine’s duty to saving the city from their night mares however there was too many of them to pushing back. The Rabbit calmed the children down also came out of the landscape portal to protect the city against the Min-Acorn Wolf. Monster tried to scare the Chosen One: the problem she was not affected by the scare using her bravery placing them back in her cabin cubbert and the treasure chest. Reported herself on Camera told the children to search within themselves to find courage within bravery, Courageous hearts. They are just accessory toys, dolls and Vehicles. Then she realized the not only the children needed bravery, it was also the Adults needed to find their courage as well to bring the Practical City back into the Dreamension.

Eclipse would not go away brought back the return of the monsters: turning them back into Mystical soul-body Form. The Min-Acorn Wolf laughs:” Both the Bio-Practical World and Dreamensionist World are now one. The Dream World has collided. Thank to The Professor has donned a new age”.  The Professor Brother remembers seeing his brother going up stairs while he and his friend were playing the board game. He told the Chosen One where she might find the book.

Then the Chosen One realized the book on the printer acted as a disk, scan insert. The Chosen One knew what she had to do is stall the Wolf, The Rabbit threw Easter Eggs sending goblin, and ghouls through a portal Vortex back under the bed. The Children sidetracked the wolf finding within themselves the inner strength of being bravery keeping the monster busy from entering the closet.  Monster almost coincided with the children imagination wanted to be part their world however the wolf snaps them out of it. A Line is drawn the children was able to kept them back while the Chosen One went inside Prime Minister’s closet and rode back, a short cut to the Professor House on a hanger Zip Line.

The Wolf ordered the Monsters to chase the child who was getting away, the problem the monster were afraid of the children. The Child went upstairs: saw the stairwell however the perception of the steps got longer and longer. The Child kept her focus shorting the long path, flash lightening speed right next to the computer. The Printer Scan opening the hatch: The Professor Stateship Memo: Told the Chosen One the book is magnetized, to separate repel, release the Book from the Monitor Processor and the Internet Web, she must find the button that says unlock. The Min-Acorn offered the Chosen Ones any Parallel Real World Verses of her selection before she could separate the book back in the Dreamensional Imaginary Relm Book of thoughts.  The Solar Eclipse started to separate. The Chosen One tells the Wolf she chooses the Bio-Practical Real Realization Period Era of her World and not just as an imaginary Dream. Dreams hold possibilities and wonder she will always to be part of that.  The Min-Acorn pulled back: Worelled suctioned back in the computer switch places with the Professor back in his hallway he returned in the upstairs hallway: His child Hood: Soul-body stretched Radiation fluctuated him into a Grandfather. The Wolf warning that he will return someday. The City was back to Normal.

Authorship: Writer:
A.G.D. Prince