The Visitor Guinnip:

The Landscape environment is Gigantic enormous in the world of Green Belt, Rejuvenators. They seem s tiny small. If an average side human crossed parallel universe to the second sun they would be tiny as well.  From the North of Bitty, Bitty City similar to Canada: in the setting East there in the tropical Island similar to Jamaica. There is a tree that grows in November.  A Rejuvenator person grows a fruit tree in his spacious backyard.   His name is Guinnip.

One might think he would shy away from the winter; on the contrary he will fly by air flight to visit Bitty, Bitty City each year.  A sport competitor who loves: Snowboarding, Skiing and toboggan Bob Sliding. He came to visit a Friend Huckle Berry:

Huckle Berry has many more friends:

Avocado:  A Tropical guacamole  Rejuvenator: A sports competitor who loves track and field also loves soccer.  He helps Guinnip to get active by being his jogging partner just for fun.  His past time he likes to research plants and animals. He likes to be a zoologist, and a botanist.

Pep Papaya; Tennis, badminton, Ping Pong Player: loves go track racing, not to get confused with speed stadium racing:  He is area cleaner maintainer Mr. Fix it and keep himself organized.

Cherrikens or Berrikens are all over the world environmental cleanup, fixers.

Huckle Berry takes them to Resort, Hotel. Snow flacks gentle fall to the surface ground. They go up a chair convertor belt top of hill. There is a slide that slop downwards back to the lodge.  The Four of them bob slided, turn shifting as a union-since team. The front directs which way to tilt while the back set the brakes and turn the ores. They became one Unit.

The Resort also has ski and snow boarding hill. They loved both.

Snow Board is by shift and tilts almost like skiing kind like a lever, skiing thrust forward and turn slop in any direction.  The Brake is the same turn sideway to block the downhill path eventfully will slow the snow board or skis down.

When all is over they went to straw Berry Short Cake’s Restaurant café to catch up on the historical past Good times and what is happen in the present.  Guinnip stays in contact with Huckle Berry. They stay in touch.  Near or far friends stay by your side.

Aw-Oh! Spaghetti Yo: 


Corus:  Oh-Oh!, Spaghetti Yo, I think I better go home soon.

Oh-Oh!, I do not know, I surely do not know what to do?


Verse 1: They- are- calling, in the hall at front door real soon,

Pulling- in- the- driveway, they will arrive and pick me up soon.


Corus: Oh-Oh!, Spaghetti W-Oh, I think I better go home soon.

Oh-Oh!, I do not know, I surely do not know what to do?


Verse 2:  I’d-would like to stick around, but I can not be with you.

My friends and family,  are counting on me to come home soon,


Corus: Oh-Oh! Spaghetti Yo, I think I be better go home Soon.

Oh-Oh!, I do not know, I surely do not know what to do.


Verse 3:  Need to pick up my necessity, My parents have other things to do.

I cannot wait and hang about, there is a lot of things to do.


Repeat Repetition: Aw-Oh Aw-Oh!, Aw-Oh Aw-Oh!, Aw-Oh Aw-Oh!, Aw-Oh Aw-Oh,

Corus:  Oh-Oh, Spaghetti Yo, I surely do not know what to do.

I can not stick around with you.





The Borrow Brown Rabbit:

Ridge Mount Valley:

Dormitory of School:



Web Site:

Internet Explorer page: WEbook:

Written Name: Serge:



Whitby, Ontario, Canada:


Authorship: Writer:

A. George Dave Prince

Whitby Ontario




The Borrow Brown Rabbit’s: Ridge Hill Valley Dormitory of School:


Marco and Ruth: two Borrower Brown Rabbit’s lived in the city they move to the Ridge Hill Valley. Ruth always took care of her little brother looking after him.  Marco is not an Adult with work career, nor is he a younger child or youth going to pubic/ High school.



He is a small younger child Tot whom lives with his parents at home he went to Guardianship Day Care: His Relatives Cousins must take Responsibility when one of the parent must separate. His Mother comes to pick up her children since she is alone she still has work to do she always comes back for them. (He Relatives cousins may live across the border,) he is usually with his young big sister who travels with him.

His the parent left with a Job offer, They left with personal high hopes of a good paying job career. Marco and Ruth moved to the Valley of Ridge Hill leaving their friends, and their cousin’s behind saying good-bye.



The Younger tot is now younger child: Kindergarten age of Five: Peter Grey Squirrel started the same class as Markov from the beginning of School. Ruth is in a higher grade than Marco both cannot be in the same class.


Marco stayed for a while sadly did not stay too long. Hang around for a couple a short years in the winter before he going back to city. The class children wished the traveler’s farewell, so long, Long Journey, he is part of us is but miles away, Marco is leaving far away. See you then, maybe once again. The traveler’s moved and went their separate ways far apart.


From this Valley he is gone.

The child they never knew

Who did not stay too long?


Always remembered how much they had fun

For how long, little they had while they separated.


Authorship Writer: A.G.D. Prince
Ridge Valley Hill: Dormitory of School: Borrow Brown Rabbit’s:  
Do not be Late for Class: 

Fast asleep, deep sleep, Ruthy over turn in her covers with her pajamas. Clock sings, alarm rings to wake Ruthy from her dream, she says five more minuets then drops back to bed. Mom knocks on the door asking her ‘to wake up and not be late for class” while fixing breakfast.

Ruth wakes from her bed then notices the time she soon will be late for class. Fixes a quick breakfast and try to rush out the door. Ruthy cannot stay she had to leave before the bus her behind. Before she could go her mother was not pleased. Her mother orders her back upstairs and cleanses herself,  Cleanse her Hygiene, dress nice, neat and tidy. She cannot leave until she was clean and prepared. Her Parent Knocked on the Bathroom door Mother asking “if Ruthy is ready”.

Mother talked on the phone talking to a stranger. Ruth did not pay attention to who she spoke too. Ruthy ran out the door well dressed tried to catch the bus. From a far point distant the bus Driver waited but did not notice Ruthy hollering. The Bus Driver drove off he was gone. The vehicle left Ruth behind ask herself what was I suppost to do now. She cried sitting on the drive way she sighs.

Her Mother drove a car in the neighbourhood street then slowed down asking her daughter if she needed a lift.
Drove to School went to class. The Teach ask her to sit down lesson will soon begin. Then Children tell her; not to be late for class.
Authorship: A. G.D. Prince:




Ridge Valley Hill: Dormitory of School: Borrow Brown Rabbit’s: 

The Morning before the School Christmas Holiday:




The Morning of Don before Holiday school vacation all through the house,

Everyone was stirring to catch the bus. The children decorated the School with care. The Hope that Mystical Oh Jesse Santa Clause soon will be there.


Performance stage Play, Choir: sing a song.

The audience and parents join in and sang along.


Tiding Union they sang Christmas Carols of Mystical Santa Clause.

Sheppard’s and Astrologer’s once came from a far.


Travelers bearing gifts whom came to see.

This baby toddler Ethnic child The Lord, to whom is born.

The Prince of Peace, who shared his life of love with you and me.


The Candle wick burn never went out. For three day and nights shines bright

even in despair. Unity radiance of hope is in the Lords house who shares.


Peace, Tranquility, Morality, prolongs Everlasting Life until even after fraidle age.

The book of life is opened we await the resurrection: when we are born again.





From the Bread of Nourishment, The remembrance of the Lord, We eat.


From the vital sign of life, the living Waters of the cup. We Drink.


Humans, Environmental Soul Creatures, even the underneath the sea creatures breathe, the Provision living water knowledge of life.


Happy Ha-nah-kaka, Happy Christiania, Christian Holidays,

From you to me:


Authorship Writer:

A. George Dave Prince


Summer of School:

Author: Serge

Word count: 936

Views: 14

Submission date 12/25/2008 3:49:03 PM


Web Site:


Internet Explorer: WEBook:

Written Name: Serge:


Authorship: A. George Dave Prince



Summer of School:


Elijerian Elwood: Black Complexion, three feet tall, eight inches, black hair, dark eyes. Competitive Competition of sports: He is the best player in the games with colleges and friends. Dale, Jazzillia, Corry, and Partickah: children who went to the same school with Elijerian not in the same dorm room. They are best friends.

He is a competitor who slipped away from his curriculum classes every chance he gets. Home work with no interest was second on his list.  Signing up for sports and absents from dormitory Education. Elijerian:  is usually about grade: B of excellent average, lately his grades were slipping to C in the Middle of School, next at end of school he drops to a D. The teachers were hoping he may catch back up with high hopes they needed to do something to get his grade up.

Elijerian Parent’s talked with the teacher at the end pubic school about his report card. Theory Theists/ Fantasy of learning were over. The teacher said “he seems a little distract he not paying attention to his work”. They discussed what best for the child and where were about to send him.


Both the Parent’s and Teacher agreed that they should send him in Summer School. Waiting in the hall Elijerian was excited about his vacation. His parents always picked the best spot to ease tension and have them self a little relax ion of enjoyment.

Socialized with his friends: Jay, Knedeana, and Kim, Elijah, Kaleen, he was most popular child in public School. He friends would drop by his house to see him. Eighter play teaser mind board games, outside sports, or have fun characterizing stage re-enactment, acting, Stage performances, Trinket toys of fads Dreams collection were also there. The items were in the closet.



His parent told him sternly at dinner he needed to pick up his grade. They decided to enter him into Summer School. The child in distress was not happy. Must he go to School while his friends having a great time with their vacation why now? They showed his report card his grade dropping to highest to lowest. He has to catch back up with the rest of the students.


Not impressed with his parents he told his friends, those that with him at his house they were sending him to Summer School. Vacation is over, he dropping on digital pad from his bed. In the morning his Joy of pleasure turned to duty of work the practical approach.

These are Elijerian last days he thought having fun with his friends was over. They would keep in touch with Elijerian letting know how their vacation turn out. Knedeana always warned him one day he would have to do his home work, by not pay attention, waiting until the last moment, it would catch up to him and it did.


Morning his friends came did not say much wished him the best of luck while Elijerian hopped on the bus walking on stair case and taken his seat as the bus left.

Elijah had nothing to fear he knew companions will still be there, next door, near of his home, close to his resident, in the area where he lives.


It is unusually to those whom he hopped on the bus with. He thought he could remember each face those who went to public school and socialize. However none were recognized except one or three of his friends: Cory, Dave, and Jaden.

All three were driven in the bus to school. Interesting part there were those like Kalili and Timothy whom wore school press uniforms students who came to upgrade their skills. Then there were those whom are in lower grade needed catch up who needed attention.  Teacher divided the class spit them in groups from outside the school. The Educators welcome them with open arms, learning was for everyone.


Educators cheeked their attendants they sort them out. Each children divide in home room classes. The teachers tested, examined the students: their strength and weakness there was no right or wrong answers.

Elijerian met students whom were not from his public school class. They became his new Colleges friends.


In order to pass the Class they had to catch up.  He must organized his work, study and not cramp.  He studied the curriculum studies about the world, Learn Adaptation of field Environment Surroundings, Science Component, chemistry elements, Recipe compounds and also Math calculations. He thought about the probably if he does not pass Summer School. He probably would be in the same grade but in a higher class. He could be with Special Educations Specialized Classes shares interest of knowledge slower but practical of learning, I was in one myself.


In order to pass the grade he must surpasses his distractions.

Failure only meant back a grade in the same or another class room.

Parents may find other options even a tutor.

Elijerian organized himself, kept carefully watch of time management,

Learn properly with memory: Study, Review, Preview, and Summarized, Then Draw a Conclusion.

The concerning extra prep time due to the extra curriculum of those of the teachers meeting the deadlines without failing his parent’s.

His Parents may or may not send him to summer school with option to upgrade with his choice however he must pass.

With a little effort and time management he could spends more time with his friends and Colleges while on vacation. He has to focus, without distraction.

Collage’s and University is another option: another story:


Authorship: A.G.D. Prince

Review: A. George Dave Prince
Misty Star Dust: Auroara Bouroara Alice:
About Simon:

Friday, February 26, 2010
Misty Star Dust: Auroara Bouroara Alice:
Camp Site:

Sila’s family camped out in the deep forest. Sila plays hiding go seek with his little brother
four year old. He hides a little too far away from where Sila cannot see him: from a far distance.
Auroara Lights dances in the misty night sky: Precipitation winter wind speed up separating Sila from her brother. The snow hover over them and her family had to retreat back to the camp site until the snow dies down. The blizzard storm is to follow. Sila left her family since she was a younger age of eight to find her brother. Four year later her heart has not been fully fore-filled since the lost of her brother.
Kobolt Elf gathers Star Dust for Kris Kringle: Santa. Kobolt is not ware there is a sabotoager in the mist hidden in the back of his sleigh hidden in his nap sack. The Elf crashes near by the Orphanage.
A child with a leather Bright Blue Winter Jacket and white winter Gloves appears
surveillancing the Elf. The child confronts him asks if he could help. The Elf tries to cover his ears from been spotted.
The boy checks out his sleigh notices the cold fusion air proportions
panels adapted to winter weather hovering sleigh: air flight aviation. The child is a
tool fixer repairer. He likes to builds, constructs. The Child over excited wanted to help but he could not aid Kobolt, however the Elf had another idea to turn the proportion hover sleigh into a sliding sled. The Elf had only three days.

The Proportion hovering Sleigh:
We all draw to conclusions Kobold Project sort it out.
The child asks him \\\” if he needed help\\\”?
The Elf could have said a word to the boy but the Elf
was afraid the child could not able to solve his problem?
He told the child he has the situation well handled.
The Sabotoager snuck out of the Nap Sack from the back of the sleigh.
The Sabotoager tries to leave the area he thought he won. The Sabotoager saw something shifting within the bushes, and then he ran out in the open field notice by everyone.

Another child younger appears and told them not to look into the bears eyes.
She banged on the trunk wood distracting the bear.
The Bear turned around frontal forward facing her.
Slowly she backs up with a staff in her hands.
The Labrador Wolf Dog eco\\\’s with his bark distracting the bear also from other side where the sleigh, the elf and child is. The Bear turns toward the Dog.
Then Sila threw the Staff knocking the wood bark tree causing verious of holler eco\\\’s of sounds.
The Bear left chasing the distracting staff in the forest to whoever was in the landscape woods.
The Bear move away into forward pursuit of the sound of the beam while the dog chased the bear away returning to the Brave younger youth child.
The covering hood of the elf came off when he saw the bear.
Both children noticed his ear\\\’s. He is an Elf.
Kobolt Introduced his name told the children he was on an important mission but he need to fix his sleigh. Simon was fascinated, an actually Elf was right here at the orphanage, an actually
real life Elf. Then Simon asks \\\ “if he could meet the misty fairies”. Kobolt said “no”.
Simon is mechanically smart, but he could not fix the air panels of the hover jet but he could turn the Sleigh into Sleigh slider. The Sleigh will able to descend down towards the cavern of Mirrors.
Since Kobolt and Simon were not endangered the next child was about to leave them behind. Then Kobolt stopped her and asked the name their rescuer? She told Kobolt \\\”her name was Sila she is an explorer\\\”. Kobolt asked her to come with them? He could use all the help he could get.
Sila decided to help them however this is temporary she will leave after they were done. Sila caught the Beaver from separating from the three of them. The Beaver stole away, captured, then agitated the bear. Sila and Simon could explain where they came from, but the beaver could not explain where he came from.
The Beaver told Kobolt he was a lost soul creature that was taken away from his
family. He is trying to find his home. Kobolt decided to help the beaver he would take him home after their adventure. Sliding downwards towards the cave mirror but first they must pass the narrow
bridge. They had three days to find the Cavern of the crystals Caves. Fairies depend on him. Night fell fast. They camped near warm mountain ridge cave caverns they tent out in the star light.

Ridge Cave Caverns: Kobolt fast asleep Simon restless at night saw Sila near the camp fire crying. Simon approaches her cautiously ask her about her troubles what is
wrong? Sila told Simon her brother name: Auroara Bouroara Alice.
The Cause of death he fell deathly ill while searching for a cure nothing could
be done. Medical reason she could not save him. Crouching down she cries. Simon
could not secure her torn heart at all. All he could is say he is sorry. Simon turns
in for the night went back to sleep, tired. Then Sila stated without being
noticed blaming herself she lost her brother like all those who are connected
to her: A Hypothesis: Sila’s Brother disappeared eighter deathly ill or he is lost?

The Mirror caves:
Deep in the caves Simon carried a flashlight shining through the tunnel. Quarts
sticks in the wall of the caves. Quart Dimon, crystals bounces bends the lights,
Refractors Reflects all over the: Crystals prism. Kobolt with the help of the children were able to collect enough break down the crystal into pixy dust to engine run the sleigh. Kobolt and the Beaver return the children to the orphanage then he disappears.

Sila about to leave the orphanage she pushes door to go outside however the Winter Blizzard sends her in retreat. She ends up roommate with her brother until the hovering blizzard wind is over. In the closet of Simon room she crouches down, covering her face and cries, and then she discovers a red jacket, and silver gloves of a four years old written Auroara Bouroara Alice: on the back of the jacket said Simon she found her baby brother.
Why Sila Ran Away:
Asking the question when did Sila ran away from home?
Sila was about eight or seven year of age. Her Brother is a Tot is about four years old.
Sila May have separated from her family members, lost her brother in the Auroara Bouroara
winter blizzard in the forest. Sila is twelve; she is still searching for her
lost brother exploring the whole region.
What about her family Members? They must be worried about her?
Sila is not aware her brother was found in the forest by a Nun.
The orphanage could not locate Simon’s Parents while searching.
Simon lived in Orphanage ever since.
Simon and Sila are closely
related more than you think.
Bond Members: who does not notice?

Auroara Bouroara Alice: Misty Star Dust: Chasing a Mirage:

Movies Deservers credit but I am a Reviewer Adviser:
Was Sila chasing a Mirage hoping Auroara Bouroara Alice would come back or is he lost forever?
How she dearly missed him.
In Sila Statement: Auroara Bouroara Alice fell deathly Ill since he was young.
They could not find a cure for him. Then she blames herself for losing all her Bond Members, and her brother. Simon turns in for the night to sleep.
In her next statement stated he was lost.
Auroara Illumination: night sky beam dances, solar flare orbs of lights they felt the chill.
Winter Snow: or Blizzard:
She believes her brother is very much alive while searching. Sila is still looking since she was eight years of age.
Could Auroara Bouroara Alice: Could be Simon?
Bond of Family or Families Acquaintances: Sickly Deathly ILL or is he lost:
Sila Spiritual Heart will never be free until she let\\\’s go, however
Her heart tells her otherwise: not too.
Auroara Bouroara Alice ascends to the in the twilight Mist of the skys.
This is why I ask questions.

Winter Blizzard:
Sila Heart will not heel until she finds her brother.
Searching since she was a youngster eight.
In the mountains her heart will not mend.
Deep temperatures’ high speeds winds pushed her back towards the orphanage.
Nun brought Sila from out of the cold to warm them up.
Sila partnerships share a room with Simon with two separate beds.
In a morning Simon went for breakfast while Sila sat in the closet crying then she found a little small toddlers red bright winter Jacket and silver gloves that said on the Back of the jacket Auroara Bouroara Alice. In-side the Jacket said “Simon”.
Sila needed an explanation and asks the Nun “To where did she got the Jacket?”
The Nun told her, she saw a lost tot who wondered in their arms not know where he
lived he could not talk.
They found him in the woods brought out from blizzard cold.
The Nun search high and low for the parents could not find them.
The group of them searching but the Blizzard wind picked up with high speed, pushing them back.
The Nun would not give up however The Priest decided to return to orphanage and search in the morning. A couple priests had to carry her home and the child with them.
The child who wondered too far, away from home? They called and hollered in the deep woods in Misty Forest with no answer.
Simon was an orphan ever since sadly never found his parents or family until now.
Kobolt mission brought them to together as a family. Finally Simon is found. Sila realized the fairies brought back her brother, gave him back to her. Simon and Sila are family they returned home back where they actually belong, bond family members.
Welcome Home:

Misty Star Dust: Beaver Kidnapping:
No One was kidnapped

The Nun name is Cordealious: Sila and Simon heart will not heel developed, built an image imaginary beaver: Sabotoager.

The Beaver: Built Image Imagination:
Sila state imaginary dream of the Beaver she believes her brother is missing.
Her heart will not mend unit she finds her brother, not knowing he is at an Orphan:
Guardianship Parents: The Nun: adopts: Simon.
Sila searches the entire area since she was younger child: Eight: Four year later
Her heart won’t mend until she finds him.
Simon also state mind imaginary imagines believes in the Beaver. :
Simon also has no knowledge of his parents and his family.
He also believes they disappeared, missing, kidnapped.
Guide attain needs prove of Records or suspect suspensions fear the worst/
Do not try think about it while still searching for Simon real family.
Beaver was searching for his home: He had a brother as well. Simon does not
know about his sister.
To whom is Responsible? No one has been kidnapped:
Review: A.G. D. Prince:
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The Spontaneous Guard and the Princess

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Canadian Caribbean book:
Authorship: A. George Dave Prince:
Whitby, Ontario, Canada:


The Spontaneous Guard travels passing through. Never thought he would fall in love until he met Queen Kasey, King Dashsheen Daughter Kala. The Queen has high expectation for her daughter. She even her arranges a traditional betrove force Marriage whom the queen is impressed with but does not ask Princess Kala to whom she is in love with.

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6/10/2010 9:05 PM PDT

The Spontaneous Guard and the Princess:

Queen Kasey and King Dashsheen has over protected of the cometh of age of their daughter.
The Queen expectation is very high expectations for the Princess.
The proper Education, Moral Ethic’s, Political stateship’ and looking after the economy, and she is to be the future air of the Monarch castle that demands responsibility.
Guards kept King’s Daughter under surveillance while on travel.
They kept close watch for any intruder who tries to get interfere with the monarch Royalty.

A Traveler with a purple Satire Robe travels toward the market place.
A Handsome follow Five foot Six, Dark Person walks store
buying fruits and Vegetables suddenly the Queen Daughter arrives.
The Guards pulls out the red carpet.
The Stranger asks the Store Keeper “to whom the beautiful lady is”?
The Store Keeper tells him she is the Queen Kasey and King Dashsheen Daughter Kala with warning not to fall in love with her she is from a higher class.
Choosing an item of her choice The Queen is about to leave.
Suddenly Roses petals fell before her feet before entering the carriage.
She Look high above the roof and saw the handsome person stand on the high rise balcony.
The Knight’s almost pulled out their sword. Since no harm was done the Soilder
put the sword slided their sword in the cassette case and left while laughing.
The Lady picks up the stem flower and wonders to who this stranger is?
Leaving an impression on the Princess she smiles.
The Queen is not worried. She thought the stranger was passing through but just in case The Queen added extra guards. The Queen Daughter once was rescued by the handsome person while the guards had their hands full.
The Trailer was under attack by stealers but the Commoner dashes to rescue and saved her.
The King and Queen met with the person asked him to join the service.
He told the King had another previous commitment to another castle and left.
The Queen’s daughter once went to the art theater to watch the performance.
The Same Handsome Person entered the stage play he performed.
Hook up on a wire he played the part Romeo swung himself towards the Princess to the highest balcony both gripping their hands pledging their vows.

The Pubic almost thought that was real as if they were going to marry each other that worried the Queen.
The Queen has another Prince coming in three days whom she was suppost to marry nothing should interfere with this marriage. “A Commoner married a Princess this will never do” she said.
The Queen posted guards at the front yard door but not the backyard high tower.
The Queen locked her daughter in the High tower of her room covering the half of the area.
The Commoner snuck at the back of the castle and saw the very high tower.
He could hear the Guard laughing out loud no one could get pass them while on duty none so far has gotten near.
None of them notice the Commoner at the backyard he calls to the Princess “to let down her hair”.
Her cabin wardrobe had plenty of sheets swing herself like a mountain climber to the surface ground environment then she ran off with the Commoner.
The Queen upset searching for her daughter who disappeared asking the guard “how could she escape”? Found them watching the fireworks. Well Respected he tried to introduce himself but the Queen was not interested what he had to say.
The Queen did not like the person she fell in love with and asked her to De-announce this person who she pledge loved with and pack her things she going home.
With an element of surprise the her daughter told their mother she going to marry the Commoner
the queen was shocked and de-announce her own daughter and went back to the castle.
In the season of Rain: the third day: The beloved it Betroved Prince is suppost to come in horse and Carriage.
The Prince was also handsome but troubling not at all interest in the Princess well being.
He asked the Queen to “Bring her shining Radiance” so we could see her while have tea.
He Pledge his vows to the community rather than to the queen daughter united both cities he pledges
to protect.

The Betrove Prince had only one set for himself in a carriage shelter from the rain. He would have soaked the Princess in the storm that did not the leave an impression to the Queen rushing this Betroved Prince out the door. The Queen remembers the Commoner Promise to protect her daughter at all cost he kept his commitment.
Visiting the Commoner turn out that he is Prince from another separate Castle distance miles from where the betroved Prince lived. The guard kept his vows to his the wife and his commitment King and Queen and his parents.
The Queen Recon ciliated with her daughter to support her daughter to whom she could marry.
Betrove marriage is tradition force marriage of unhappiness, if commitment love is not true hearted?

Authorship: A.George Dave Prince:

Inuk of Inuit Ninuvik: Territorial Island:


Authorship: Alootook Pellie: Fiction

Revised by A. George Dave Prince:

Inuk of Inuit Ninuvik: Territorial Island:

Younger child Inuk Jevenillenian I-Palla is an India Aboriginal Native:

Live near Canadian Pacifica Region: Yukon Territory:

Known as White Horse and North West Territory: Labrador
Inuit:  Ninuvik Island: Immerssia City:

India Inuit Aboriginal’s lives in Cold Furthers Northern Region Areas:

Canadian Alaska Territory:
Green Land

Canadian Origin Nation:

India Natural Naturist Canadian Natives: Ontario

Quebec Montreal,


Manitoba, and

Hudson Bay Quebec:
Inuk was taught in the English, French Canadian School of British Colombia Vancouver:
Just his mother and Inuk Jevenillian. Between the two of them Inuk never saw his father they were separated.

They move away from the city towards Country County Community Nunivak Inuit Islands
Glacier Flat plain landscape, Mountain, hills with Ice and snow.

They traveled by Husky through the Ice plank surface land, slopes, and snow that covered the environmental land scape. Inuk and his mother created an Igloo while Vacationing.

The Igloo was built square box creating a Cavern House.
Mother left went hunting while Inuk stayed behind.

Inuk Jevenillian discovered he was not alone. Other children were his neighbours that live beside him.

Evening set for Dinner Inuk was Hungry. Eventually his mom came home with stranger who arrived with food
and a soft warm blanket made from Deer Elk. He spread the sheet on the floor for Inuk to sleep in.  The Blanket will protect him from the cold.

Inuk rapped in Elk fur. Covered himself sadden by the cause of death. He dreamt the Elk being hunted down turn into a Night mare when captured. Waking up in sweat the hunting had to be stop somehow?

He found the magical amulet near the frozen shores while gazing at the ocean seas.

He could hear the night soul creatures from a distance. He wished he could talk to all the animals of the Inuit north because he believed he could. A gift: given from the Water Sprite. The crystal shone in the moon light.

(The Author mentioned the children Interfered with the Hunt. They found
alterative way to find food. Not Tele connective with idol Box: television).

The Children interfered by stopping the hunt from happening.

They believed all soul creatures deserve to live free. They concealed the Init Ninuvik Hunters
weapons stole it from them. Pledging they would never hunt again.

The children hid the weapons in the Ocean Sea cave cove Canyon Cannel.

Children use a canoe, rowed inside an underground tunnel. UN piled the weapons left on the side bank of the ledge.  The next morning the cave cove canal tunnel, Ocean seas wave chip mineral rock Crustation that gave way. The misty water waves pushed against compiling rocks, buried the Cave Cove. Piling the Tunnel sealing the weapons shut. The Cave Cove is closed.

Hunter’s without the use of the weapons, and the children kept themselves quiet to its where about.

Consider Deep Ocean Sea Diving under Immersive water with scuba Diving Gear?

(Deep Depth Ocean Sea Plant’s is similar and eatable to atmospheric Harvest landscape aviculture Botany Plants.

Fruit and vegetables known as sea food that grows under water. Not in the farm Harvest felids.

Atmospheric Cultivation of Winter cold chills was outdoors. Nothing grows in winter.
Plant life should grow in doors: Green Glass Dome Houses Sub astute for a Cave.

The Roof top of the cove is covered glacis with ice.  Ice Glacis kept the inside of the cave warm.

Environmental surface ground Plants under the Rich soil of the Earth: Lettuces, Potatoes, Carrots, Leaflet Spin age, Straw Berry Bushes, Pumpkins: Pine Apples, wheat Corn, and Cabbages, plantation Plant of Possibilities.

Narrow Stump twig Branches circler circumference High Lengthy Long trees may not fit in an Igloo: Orchard Height: Orange Tree, Cherry Tree, Apple Tree, Coconuts Tree, Tangerine Tree, too cold to grow in winter island.

Jevenillian new best friend: Dashsheen snuck up behind jump on his back and
push him in to the snow. Both bellow with laugher Dasheen asking him to come follow him and meet his friends.
Jevenillian met the other Children and explored the lost maze cavern of
Ice Cave Cove. They entered they could not find their way back.

Same stranger lead the children out of the cave. An explorer went up
the hill Jevenillian follow behind he saw the Penguins glide slided
down the Mountain range into the water.

I must admit the landscape is a fantastic View; however is the
Snowy owl who grew fond of the Inuk.

Snowy animal pass a secret told the fishes, the polar Bears, the seals,
The Walrus, the whale, Muk-Tuk Oxen’s even a underwater Fairy sprite
who Co-exist with the green Paranoia Paraná’s.

Merciless cold hearted Parana’s wedge war against the surface world.
The Fairy Sprite turned around and told them the war is over turning one of them to stone.


Musical and Untold Prosperity Treasures:

The Stranger speaks to the children about treasure prosperity Stone, Brick of untold riches.
He tells the children about a place of belonging.
Native Aboriginals were once Mighty Hunters were Travelers.
Inuit Nunivik Lake of the North told of untold riches believed to be quiet near.

Discovery exploration, Human co-existence with soul Creatures of all life, those with an ear will listen.

Animal Spiritual Soul Creatures, heart Telepathic: Guide Root of a Hollow tree Channeling Connectors where about Area Location, is children storyteller tale. .

From the Igloo early morning before sun set. Jevenillian could hear hovering sound Instrumentation symphonies of a Song. He could see the Auroara orb Twilight skies. Sun is squeezed burst quantum of explosion breath of radiant heat toward the Planet Earth. The skys become a bar graph between Antarctica near the pacific, and Atlantic ocean seas north and south poles that moving up and down fluctuating horizontally through the vertical skys sideways. Desciples pulse fills the firmaments heavenly skys.

Inuk follows the Desciples sounds with an ear.
Inuk canoe carefully rows with his oars through the Grand lakes and
the canal Rivers: Lead to a hidden Water fall.

He could heard Rhythmic Drum: Rolls and Ethnic sounds,
Zairians another friend play the sound of the beat.

Jazzurrai-enters the cave joining Jevenillian, both decided to form an alliance while Sled Dogs waited for them outside the Musical Water fall.  .
Father mentions a view Place of Heritage where they belonged: prosperity.

Jazzurrai and Jevenillian discovered Hieroglyphics Pictures on the caves walls.

Stat0uiszia-joined Jevenillian then there was four.

The children spotted a hidden cave tunnel secret passage that lead to an open space area. Quarts of ascended Gallic tights and descend Stag tights. In the middle there is a sculpture the children could not make out the shape in the dark. There is a Large Cavern hole on top of the cave ceiling is glazed with ice. The temperature was too cold to defrost like a glass shield.

The Sun Radiance suspension beam reflects through the icy window bouncing of the quartz crystals.

In the Cave Coves maze glisten, With Fascination.

They saw in the middle Stag-tight peg is a circle circumference high pointy rock: clay medium Corus bowl surrounding the table ledge, mini model clay version of their Igloo homes.  A place of Heritage to where they belong.

The Auroara ILLumious twilight orb skys danced hovers in the night.

Thank to the breath of the sun.

Authorship: Alootook Pellie:
Revised: A. George Dave Prince:
Whitby, Ontario, Canada:

Inuk Rescue:

Sea Sail Boat, Two children played hacky sack in the boat knocking the Picnic
basket in the Immerse depth under toe of the Ocean Sea’s.
The basket sinks deeper and deeper is swallowed by a whale.

His air passages were blocked needed breathe to come up for air.
Owl wonders in a small cavern hole of Ice. The whole is too short squeezed the Owl
who cannot move. The large Bear Rammed Pressed against the small hole
Penetrated the small hole by widening the cover however his back stuck cannot fit.

The Owl is pushed in a large cave tunnel dropped in Wider Cavern Cave Few Feet
under the Surface Floor.

A smaller Bear outside of the tunnel of cave saw the large bear told the
small bear to get help however the smaller Bear has another plan.

The small Bear Use his claw and strike Large Bears back. The Large Bear shouts with a yep. The Large Bear shook the tunnel Enlargens. The Bird Flutters swiftly dodges both Bears moves farther in the cavern. Both Bears fell in to the whole in a Deep Caverns of the caves.

The Cave Port Rose high above three feet above cavern surface Galax tight is several feet higher.
Ceilings Suspension Sun of warmth shines in an Icy window circler circumference.

The Bear pick up the small Bear and manages to hop and claw his way out of the caves Vertical step.
The owl flew out of the cave. On their way out of the Cave Caverns the whale broke underneath an ice plank
out of the water towards atmospheric surface landscape.

Owl and bear’s would have run or flew away but they notice the whale choking.

The Large Bear send the owl for help. The Owl flew to the north near the ski Resort to find any one.
Jevenillian thrust his dog forward with Dog sleds near Slope hill.

Pushing the Dog sled with his Left legs and feet giving little running he tries.
The Owl thrust forward suspended flapping his wings in mid air
stops Jevenillian.

Owl swirls around Jevenillian as then twirls in mid air in the circle
asking for his help. Mush redirect the dogs following the Owl back to the whale.
Jevenillian follows not far behind the owl. Owls stay close next
so Jevenillian does not wander lost.
Inuk saw the choking whale with his amulet he could walk in the
belly of the whale’s mouth; felt his soft tong felt like a strange
smooth floppy Rubber. The Basket connected the whale tonsils.
Jevenillian tried to pull out the picnic basket but could not budge it.

The Whale sneezed toss out Jevenillian back outside.
The younger sent a small bear to enter the sea Creature mouth.

The Bear afraid to be swallowed slowly shaving the handle breaking the
handle in two, freeing the whale’s tonsils. The Whale Sneezed again spat out the bear and the
picnic basket back to atmospheric plank landscape.

Since the whale could breathe again the Whale broke another Plank surface of ice
crevasse cranking a port hole diving back into the water.
Large Polar Bear, Small Polar Bear, an owl and Jevenillian went home.
A Hunter traveling in the distant near the Mink Coat Buffalo hunted
for sport. Jevenillian walked with two Large Bears, Snow Shoe Links Cat, small Bear and an owl.

The Two Bear lifted in motion his paws scared the Predator Hunter from his hunt.

He ran away never to see them again.


Inuk, Inurikca: Footstep, Paw Print in the Snow:

Light touch of crystal covers over the flat plain plank surface of the snow.

Environmental landscape tree’s forever lives for a hundred years, however the drop below temperatures of crisp frozen snow flacks particles is heavier than the canyon: branch, and chlorophyll twig leaf. Trunk twig branch is reduced by half: Fifty years. Sparkle glace, the snow seems crystal bright the flake blinds to the eye, pretty shimmery. Shut down that silver light!  Evergreen, Connivers, Pine cone forever lasts in forest that lasts all season.

The Inuit Igloo Region Community saw the shinny eye glace crystal that covered the environmental ground.

The circumference open high top window heavily covers the ceiling hole, the frost temperatures freezes like a glass shield. The breeze of the vapor misty is so cold air shift forms a suspension, the sun will not melt the cold barrior of snow.

In Mist of the wind trenches the window ever so cold. Inurikca: follows chickarees, and brown birds tiny fluffy, circular, short birds of many created an imprint of two, or three thin claws tracks in the snow. Inurikca: followed them to Inuk house near his door:

Inuk woke saw the snow cover that surface ground. Already warm, Insolated for the winter, with even a warm hat, glove, scarf winter coat. Inuk was well prepared to leave the igloo house and catch up with her friend Inurikca. Both searched for more tracks in the snow.

Both saw the Owl narrow long split talon, V tracks feet of three, that seem like long distance stretch mark heighten flap wings he swoops on the tree. The open surface ground of the meadow fields near the stump trunk of the forest the owl uses his eye to spot food. Short distance behind the owl spreads their feet a little far apart try to capture the twiddle short leg mouse. The mouse shifted his body in the snow while the owl in search.  The mouse blended with in snow camflauge itself covering up his white fur.

The colour coded visual of the snow and the fur seem the same to the owl trotted off in the forest did not catch his pray, mean while Mouse escaped near a stone hedge blocked with ditches hidden bramble bushes covered the area. The Owl gave up searching and left.

Elk Deers in the forest the children saw boot long narrow hoof marks.  Stance stretch lengthy jumps marks. Hoofs lead into the stump trunk of the biggest every green the bark. They gather and ate from the Conversed tree: three of them. The Web flat Feet Beaver swims in the freezing wood lakes of the dam. Beavers sat on top of their fortress home with their sharp teeth marks eating twigs, chopping trees. Nocturnal these animals are repairing the home.

The white otter near the beaver’s home take residents also is their next door neighbours. The Otters are tenets. The Builders built a house for them providing home for many.

The ocean shores of the sands of the beach: many beach seagulls’s sat resting on the hill Crustation sand of the reef, Cold sand. These Birds could be seen. A Falcon flew near the Mountains cave edge ridge mountain cliff hovers the skys. In a row boat: They could see the whale, dolphins, seals, eighter travel with them or passed them by.

Inurikca copied the Imprint accorded on record, sharing Inuk and Inurikca finding to their colleges, giving presentation to their school mates. Research of Interest: Exploration discovery could be fascinating while in search.

Prove Read: Review:
A.G.D. Prince:


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