Dreamer’s Book:

The Dreamensionist:


From the Beginning: A cave Person or Biblical Person used Hieroglyphic Illustration drawings to Key Type a Stone tablets. To describe their mind of thought to communicate with the globule Nation of the World.

Tendency of the brain splits into sections: Realization Practical Theist Fact; Mystic Fantasy: idealist Dreamensionist Dreams, The hidden book is born, since the visualizationist is able to illustrate see, description write: Imaginary images.

Upstairs: there is sky-Solar panel through the Window Pane, works at night: Harnessing Energy; Refractor Light of the Moon and Emination Pulse from the Stars, the book casing is activated shining upon the podium, using the computer wireless Tablet, on the Printer Table is left in the Center Hall of the Library or House.

Globule Books implanted tiny small Microchips near the solar panel glass windows, transferring sending data to recall, retracted, receive, Gathered books Information is collected, Fragmented squeezed Compounds, the words and drawings are combined; opening a vortex window.

Those who are Description Authorship Writers describers, 
Master Piece: Inspirationist Entertainers, Composition Interpretationist,
Creativity Composer’s and Image Illustrationist: Drafter’s, Drawers and 
Painters; every Artist or Writer’s has a visualize vision; 
a search wander to spark idea that needs to take shape.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words Right? The Dreamer is trying to capture an Imaginary transference speck within the tendent of the brain, passers-by of many. Virtual Dreamer must visualize: needs a computer to scan-the tendent of the brain, to open the portal. To Enter the Virtual World of the Dreamension:

(1.) Drafting away:

(2.) Day Dreaming:

(3.) A Sleep:

(4.) Knocked Out:

(5.) UN-concision:

(6.) Brain-Storming:

(7.) Idealist Innovation: Creativity:

(8.) Innovationist Music Composer’s:

(9.) Innovation Inventist: Mechanic/ Tech:

The Elder Professor is about to try to open a Ion portal Vortex within the Quarter Room’s; Basement, Garage and The mesh backyard of the house, however using the front door as an escape route; just in case.

The Problem: The Professor must complete his work before sundown, before the Daylight come up. The window of time he may have to wait the next night if he decides to stay-up before the morning. Using Light Collector Roof Window Panels, Star Emination and Moon Light Beam Bounce Reflection, Glasses is above each Quarterly Dorm Rooms: he will able to activate the Entrance within the house or library.

Something is Familiar: Person, Place, Soul Creature, Area Location, or thing, it is almost like the person has been there before. The Professor Uses a Wireless table Printer Tablet and a Disk Convertor as a book Conversion of Transference: To enter the Ion imaginary skys creating a Dreamensional Virtual Portal to the unknown: A world filled of ideas. Closet: Library, Amusement Park, Fairs, And Circuses: Garage: Lost/ Found/ Junk Retriever Set, Construction Builder, Fix-it: Tool Time Repairer. Mesh Backyard Doors: Forest, Jungles and Cabins: Wood lakes and Beaches Cottages.

(1.) The Daughter Room: The World of Manikin’s: neighbour-hood Set

(2.) The Son’s Room: Builder Toys / City Construction set, and Vehicles:

(3.) The Parent Room: Politic Policies / Principles Moral Ethics/ Event News:

(4.) Spare Room and Basement: Radio Studio Air Recorder Band, Television Disk Set and Game Room: Besides what is downstairs: the Heat Boiler Room, Cold Attic and Fire Place There is nothing to be afraid of! {1.} Select a book before entering the Quarter Room: The book must be transferred onto a disk

{2.} and inserted into a Turn the key-Knobs: They are now Grownups:

Each Room is different: The whole house converted into a spacial stellar quantum continuum doorways. The Closet: The Pole Hanger’s became an amusement thrill ride: Ski; Slider Sleds, Toboggans, Roller Skates, Rolla Boarding, Water Beach Surf Boarding, Snow Boarding, Cliff Hook Hanger Zip Line Ride, Jungle Vines/ Swings: and a short cut towards the Professor house. The problem: to enter the closet: The ticket Master needs to hear the dreamer scream, to make the person: become one year younger.

Morning: when the Professor Brother was eight years of age he invited his best friend to come to his house, Joshston Zombia brought a Game Play Board: Mystic Book of Magic: King Author Court, with dice, Placing the Instruction book on the Ion printer.

The Book morphed his brother and his friend: into a Castle Monarch Air’s and the other as a Magical Magician and their aid Assistance’s; similar to Scavenger Hunt.

Their cousins or friends are required to getting items from the outside Region Community, magically rubbing the palms, pressing the hands by touch on the original piece, duplicate the item: Goblet, Crown, Swords, and mallet using their enhanced abilities. They must Invent their own transport vehicles, or exercise: Brisk, walk, run or cycle, Kenosis Elevation: Navigation Direct (object’s) without machines, Aviation of area Air Flight, Velocity Speed, Flight Levitation, and Invent Transport Vehicles: Mecha / Zoids.

They Retrieve Items for the King or the Magician to gain points. The closer get they must find the magic items: the book became more activate however to gain Immortality the problem: one would have to win, (not aware of the Professor Experiment.)

The Mystic Book created a field barrior shield perimeter around the user’s house; later the professor brother brought his friends and family to play the game: Those who lost did not win were morphed into figurines. The Heroic Defender the King or the Magician became more command directive and got meaner: with abuse not changing them back.

Trapped they were suppost to retrieve the item for them while racing against time before it was over. The Hero used a telescope to gain advantage on his opponent to see the further in the future however he grew fraidle older, bit by bit into elder, similar to a video game.

The Professor Brother and the Magician could not die however Fraidle age is reverted backwards as children. Family and Friends is resets; regains their soul-life back. The Participators is given back their youthfulness, the game is restarted again. (Each time the Professor looked in the Telescope: the nation map: an Island fault land becomes slowly conversion into a stellar space ionosphere of the dreamensional space continuum. The Globule World is slowly disappearing becoming more fantasy.)

Since trapped in the game, Family and Cousins grew wary of game repeating the same game all the time. The King invited their First Chosen One, a friend of the Majesty Hero to become their Narrator/ Referee Rule-Ship Reader to save them all. The next Problem both got caught up in a love triangle. Similar to King Author and Sir Knight Jealous rose between them.

An Outsider another friend of the King pulled her away from the area before marriage could happen. Her mother hid the book in the library, died giving birth to The Next Chosen One. They lived in Canada for awhile her father decided it was time to move back and see his old neighbour Hood: England.

The Magician: is an excellent binding spells reader however not allow to read the Bio-Practical Real Thesis Non-Fiction Books: touching the magical mystic book could make him invisible. Both needed the help of the Next Chosen One: her name Mandgy. They acted rather worriedly strangely; neither the King nor the Magician, were not allowed to leave the house, The King left the job to his cousins to find her.

The Magician flouted while following her to school, Emperor Brother in the basement turned out to be a mean person wanting no part of the characterization script clutches of the Mystic book, he wanted out. The Chosen One was chilled scared afraid of them at first, found the Courage: confront her fears finding the dreamensional book in the library only it turned out to be a fake.

Mandgy once afraid of them had to get away from them: explored the Backyard of the house: once opening the mesh doors the yard-garden expanded into a plain meadow forest and Log Cabins, Wood Lake’s and Beach Cottages, Conservation Ranger Parks and Cabin-Huts Range Buildings. She notices the Yard-Shed that did not change. It stayed close to the house.

Opening the Yard-shed she found underground transportor transference energized Branch Trail Portal Path: lead around the Globule Nations away from home, foreign places.

Power of the Stars: give off light Emanation its own power. The dreamensional emanates a barrior between both houses. Both acting a little odd, both personality has mentally changed asking for The Next Chosen One help. The Chosen one blocked the solar light panel from the roof, blocking off an Emination Star and the Refracture Moon Barrior, light cannot enter.

Not aware of a Min-Acorn: Wolf was watching them though the computer to soon to transfer himself from fantasy, Materialization Image himself into a Real Wolf, Let not get too ahead of ourselves. The Families and Friends were free from the adventurer game. Early Morning return they all got to go back their houses however the Chosen One felt an uneasy tension: the game is not over: felt crepted out from the story, with a wonder to where professor has gone.

The Solar Eclipse:

Like a mentioned: The Sun came up in the Morning deleting the Dreamensional world of Darkness, when the sun goes down: Dreamensional Portal was suppost to be inactivated. Warned about two distance worlds soon will collide within their Stellar Galaxy, It is suppost to happen in the Morning Day.

Reports of the televised television tells the public about the Solar Eclipse Period soon to happen in the morning, “just do not stare into the sun; warned to stay home!” No one listening is paying attention to the cast News, The Chosen one went into the backyard and visited her cousin in Ottawa visiting the Washing Boarder House of Senates.

Morning: The Solar Eclipse: released materializes the Min-Acorn; converting him into Practical City and Pyrimidines: the Globule Economy into a Lego Mystic Toy City within the Region. For those who look under the bed saw Mystical Monsters walking out of the house, Demons Patrollers surveillancing the Street.

Adults who grabbed their Coats: The Ticket Taker’s took their sonic breath, needed them to scream, making the adults slowly morph into child youngsters until they reached Youngster Tot Age, retracting them no further.

Manikin’s and Doll’s: materialized morphed into real perfectionist people. Children got to meet their children hood dreams asking for their Auto-graph, Manuel Street Vehicles transformed into Tonka, Vehicle Sets; Vehicles became alive; startling the Drivers.

Drivers still could direct the vehicles to their where abouts location to where they wanted to go, traveling through the Region. The Builder Constructionist that uses brick, stone, rock, pillars who builds Residential Houses. Homes Pyrimidines transferred into Lego block sets, even the Intercession Ash-fault converted into a Leg Street Road.

Mystic Monster’s: did not push to scare the Chosen One or other children: The problem she was surprised when they jumped out of the Shelves, Treasure Chest Cabin’s and Cubbert, clueless how they got into the Realm Realization Nation.

Mystic Scare Monsters: materialized located a particulate child, Those who are afraid, trembles through their mind thought and dreams, however once when the child reaches bravery and Courage level, the Scare Monster push back were suppost to vanish. Even the Scare Monster’s became confused realized they were not able to disappear return back to Virtual Dream Relm scaring the City Nation while contacting the police.

The Eclipse would not go away bringing the Monsters back into sold form: The Min-Acorn Wolf laughs:” Both the Bio-Practical Thesis Worlds and Dreamensionist World have collided is now one; Thank to the Professor he created a dons a new age”. The Professor Brother remembers seeing his brother going up stairs while he and his friend were playing the board game. He told the Chosen One where she might find the book on the printer scan. Then the Chosen One realized the book on the printer acted as a disk, scan insert.

The Children side-tracked the wolf finding within themselves the inner strength of bravery, and Courage keeping the monster busy from entering the closet. The Monsters almost coincided with the children imagination, a line is drawn keeping the scare Monster back, they’re not afraid. The Chosen One went inside Prime Minister’s closet a short cut, rode back to the Professor House on a hanger Zip Line, reversing her age a year younger.

The Wolf used the Broiler Room and Fire Place hoping the Chosen One would retreat. The Problem: Fire Place seem hot enough set fire to the ceilings and Banisters stairwell blocking the Mesh entrance, she go in. She kept calm crawling under the fire like a firefighter, reaching the Stairwell. The Fireplace vanished back in position.

The Boiler blew cold and hot heat not affecting the little girl at all dissipating the boiler also back in position. Upstairs Hallway: The Wolf expanded; lengthen the hallway with more distance between them. The Child kept her focus shorting the long path, flash lightening speed right next to the computer.

The Chosen One Opened the Printer Scan: The Professor Stateship Memo: Told the Chosen One the book is magnetized, to separate repel, release the Book from the Monitor Processor and the Internet Web, she must find the button that says unlock. The Chosen One closes the Glass Solar Panels and waited till the Solar Eclipses separated apart, then released the Book after the power subsided has dissipated, weaken.

The Min-Acorn offered the Chosen Ones any Parallel Real World Verses of her selection before she could separate the book back in the Dreamensional Imaginary Relm Book of thoughts. The Solar Eclipse started to separate apart. The Chosen One tells the Wolf she chooses the Bio-Thesis Practical Realization, Real Era of her Nation and not just as an Imaginary world of Mystic Dreams which is a part of us.

Imaginary Images hold of limited possibilities and wonders she will always to be part of that. The Min-Acorn, and the Mystic Demons, Ghouls, Goblins were pulled back: Worelled suctioned back into the Vortex, The Min-Acorn Wolf switches places with the Professor back in his hallway he returned in the upstairs hallway: His child Hood: Soul-body stretched Radiation fluctuated him into a Grandfather. The Wolf warns that he will return someday meanwhile The City came back to Normal.

Authorship Writer: A.G.D. Prince

The Visitor Train Station:  The Passenger Section:

The Crowded Destination: Not a Minuet Before or After:

Inspired Inspiration:
Nut Cracker:
Alice and Wonder Land:
Fiction:Children Mystical Fantasy:
Authorship: A. George Dave Prince

The Visitors Train Station:
The Passenger Section:

The Rat Pack Crowded Destination:

Halolloza’s Children and his Wife missed their Dad a long distance away from home. It has been a couple of months their Father went on business trip attending a conference. Good News, Father was suppost to arrive today but did not happen that way. The road was flooded, and his battery went dead, he needed to stay to spend the night at a HOTEL.

That Evening: Zirra Halolloza family is invited them to spend the night with their cousins at their new house. Her Sister Asked Zirra “to bring the children”: Altha-Tina Halolloza and Alex-Zama Halolloza.

Zirra would usually  wait, she would not go without her husband however he came to the house late, he not make it in time. Jazzarry Halolloza tried to call on the cell phone however the telecommunication is disconnected, his phone needed to be recharged.

Calling on a Telephone Booth he told his family he would meet them at his cousin house unless he gets there to the house first. Altha-Tina and Alex-Zama both left a picture drawing on the fidget rater door. Mother also wrote a note they were leaving on the train and they took taxi.

Father came home a couple of minutes late. Oh where, Oh where could: his children and wife be? Father saw the note; his family left rushing out the door to catch the train before the railway leaves without them.

Father arrived at the Train Station and tries to call out his family over crowd barrior of people. The train Conductors calls: “On Aboard!” The children hopped on the trains with their mother behind them going up the steps.

Father was blocked by a Crowded, As the Train move the children  imagined the public of People were Rat Packs waiting for another Rail-Train to arrive. Father missed his children and wife by a few-minuets, the rail-train left. Mother guided the children to the cabin ROOM number and told them not to wonder too far and remember this number; 5, she will be near. The Children left to explore each train sector car isle Booth.

Isle Passenger Booth:

Images of Imagination passengers in the Cubical Isle Sector Box Booth seem like accessory of Toys. Passenger Isle 2: Clicket Rickety, Polymer Plastic Stiff joints body connectors, similar to dolls but more flexible than robots that moves freely. Puppets, Muppet reel string on the roof is sitting beside them. Wheel Barrings pulling: their hand, feet and mouth they slid through the hall. It Felt like someone is controlling their movement.

Next Sector 3: Solider in a train: stilt Stiff: Marching Mural Walkers, head-up tall high. A single unit line up with discipline Mural. Clicket: Robotic followers listen to Lieutenant, Commander and Captain. In Aliment their JOB to stop Hallo-cost, Genocide, Atrocities, Silver-line Solve and negotiations: to stop conflicts; assaults, combat, weaponary, Disconnection field Traps: Stop the On Slot: battle of war.

There are passengers who is Fidgeting nervous, Isolated Readers, Internet Loggers, Egoisted Loner and sleepers who does not want to be bother in his seat. Egoisted Parents: Chasing their children while hopping over the seats, similar to hopping over the moon, each passenger isle booth is different.

Dining Sector:  Mice and Rats creating dishes: Prep Preparations, Cook Preparers: diner Setting welcoming Costumers. Service Host well maintains the area, keep their kitchen is sparkling.

Another Sector also held in passenger seat for forest Creatures. Each sector area has a different personality on the train each divided in sections. The Conductor took everyone no matter who they were. Then the children saw the top booth cubical area rout, The map hanging on the train ceiling wall. The area’s that lead to different Train Station locations. The Conductor reaches in his pocket and took out his golden watch.

The Conductor then told the children they should not leave the train not a minute before or after, until the train arrives to the visitors station. The location place of destination: The direction where you belong.

Monkeys’ swing, in and swung out on the handle bars on a vine into the jungles. Soul Creature walk out into the Meadow Field plains or Forest. The Train slows halt to a stop, and then checks for passengers coming on board and those who left. If the sight is clear, they left toward the next station. They could not stick around, they could not stay too long, and they have a SCHEDULE to keep.

Each Passenger comes off and on. Duration of time slows down for those who they are being dropped off. Watching the time: making sure passengers are clear, they do not to get close to the train, keeping a watch surveillance eye on the crowd.

Ze-Mear Quarrymon a little child who is a dare devil decided to take off and leave the train went through the open hatch of the doors: the Ozone dimensional track portal stopped at the Creator Stellar Moon: The Astronaut’s Stop. He ended of flouting.

The Problem: If the train  leaves the child behind, the next arrival subway will pick up the child. Station Terminal will track the lost child keeping him in the Dome Station. The Child is allowed to Air; float, bounce on the stable moon creator while waiting for the Subway Train: the conductor is notified.

The child got to see the global world of the map while Astronauts got off this stop. Lucky for child there is a Duration Time freezes for twenty minutes. The youngster had to decide before the train leaves him behind at the Dome Station, before the train is gone.

Ze-mear-Quarrymon: decided to stay with his mom letting her know “leaving the train was bit scary”. He Mother told him “he should not have left in the first place” then he said “sorry,” then She hugged him saying all is forgiven.

Mothers knows best: “Be Patient”: she says, “Until placement destination of time has finally has arrive. Getting off the train, The Bell rings: Not a minute before and not a minute after.

Rat’s rushes out in packs they left the terminal searching for a vehicle; Taxis, Bus, Cars, vans, trucks walking possibly to meet Family, Friend, Acquaintances, and certain strangers, rushing out the door they went their separate ways.

No time for discussion, hi or bye, Keep an eye on the clock, when the train is ready to go before its leaves for the next station. Mother waits until the crowd to slows down. She catches the taxi going to the Plaza Mall to search for a present for her sister.

The Lost Retail Store:

The children were allowed to stick around and play with the accessory toys or read at the book. When mother calls they should leave immediately.

The lost Store of Retailer when parent call their voices may fade in the distance. The children may stay forever, lost in forgetfulness not knowing where there children is. Children motivationally is distracted with Interest not noticing each child is disappearing.

Children are morphed into accessory toys for those who stay too long. The children are fascinated with the entire accessories that is in the store. Snapping them out of their fantasy when their mom calls.

They recognized to whom they are, and did not hang around and left with their mother, Those who do not listen to the call: Does not matter if it is the happens to be Children’s Mom or Dad’s Companion Friend’s, Bond Family Members, Relative Cousin: The Adult might leave them behind to those who cannot hear.

Halolloza’s children rather stay with their mother or father this why children should always listen to the call. Taxi drove Halolloza’s family towards their cousin house, their relatives. To whom arrives to see his children first is the Majesty the King their father Jazzarry. Both children and his wife gave him a supportive hug of greetings. They reached the Visitor Station and celebrated Christmas with their relative cousins.

Not Minuet Before or Not a Minuet After:

Authorship: A.GD. Prince:

Galaxy Universal Planet’s: Nation of Earth Inhabitance: A World with a Difference:

Authorship: A. Georgedave Prince

Galaxy Universal Planets:
Earth Inhabitance: A World with a Different:

Unhabitable Universal Planets are alone in the World: Earth visualizes a dream restless he could not sleep. He dreamt visuals Imagery realm images sight of the future.
A strange new Planet of Inhabitance, fault Landscape surfaces, EARTHLING Human Nation, Soul Creatures are connected to circumference circle atmosphere of this Strange Planet. The round tilt sphere ball wake up in sweat seeing a connecting dimensionia barrier Code Hand links: a connected chain. The round sphere ball floated in the stellar of space. The Dwarf Star: The Sun, and the Super Nova’s educated the whole class. The Sun taught with a hypothesis of thought, Philosophized theory. (Not theatrical).


Stellar of space once is empty with void, from the word eggs: Proton shifting with abundance of Neutron particles, Big Bang microwave white light Energy give formation to the solar system. Galaxy Planets polarized rotated in a Parallel Formation: Galaxy Universes, the Solar System, the Sun and the Super Nova’s
believed that they were alone in the Galaxy.

The Planet component surface is either Desolated, Cloud Cluster Gas heat; Neutron Gas heat crystal emanation, Moon Creator Refracture, Vista Misty tint Vapor cold, Toxic Vaporous, Frost Plank Glacier freezing partial flacks of snow, Surface landscape: Platonic Ground: Metallic Soil and Sand, The Ion air: atmosphere, hemisphere, troposphere, Stellar Ionosphere is divided: Immersive Aqua particle Ion Liquid water depth of the Oceansea; The Deep.

Other galaxies worlds will not dare cross the barrior: mass breathing air and moister. Questioning: if a Stellar Nation world has intelligence, may or may not exist at all, could never happen however no knows for sure.  Carbon form of life is once thought not to exist. The Dwarf Sun explains we are alone in the Universe the Sun tells his students.

We are alone in the world stated the sun repetition repeated himself indecisive. The Sun once believed Planet World galaxies could not evolve any further. The Planet Earth, who kept to himself but was in confliction, he was stunned at the Sun’s statements but could not say anything about it, He could not take a stand, also could not prove his theatrical facts. We are alone in this world.

The Planet Earth visualization dream was not recognized by the educators, or the Universal Galaxies but he told his best friend Mars. The Sun told his student not to venture off the boarders boundaries of the mysterious beyond and not to wonder too far away from the Planet solar system. The Sun asked them to stay within the region. The galaxy space stretches across the Universe is a tall infinite endless Region.

We are alone in the world stated the Sun. The Earth whom kept to himself quiet was in confliction, stunned by the Sun statements. He told Mars who is a little worry about the Planet Earth’s state of mind, that he may be ridiculed by other worlds. To take his Mind off his troubles The Planet Mars took the Planet Earth to Cosmos Jupiter Restaurant: The Planet Earth needed to relax.

Metallic Meteor Surfing:

The Cosmos Rotation of Planet enjoys Sports competitor competition, to who is competing. Sport Games: Bump Deflection Basket Ball, Marble Bull Eye target BD-AMON, Rotation Soccer, Tint snow bank Asteroid gulf, Parallel Polarize Ice Hockey, there is an event: Asteroid Metallic Mineral Rocks construction Stadiums. Metallic Meteor Asteroid Rock construction builder deformed connection craft-shape. Creative art in the stellar of space Galaxies found is fascinating.

The World Mass Planetary Galaxy World of Planets: gather together at the club with different abilities. Magnet native and positive: connection, Graviton up wards Ascend; Gravitational down words descent, Polarize orbit shifts distance parallel from each other, Repel deflector pushes away. The Glow Moon Creator shift parallel Refracture Crystallized tunnel glows at night rotation beam emanation from the sun energy.

Object Axel spindle with in a Circumference. The Triangulation angle of a Circle: without Square, Rectangle or triangle. Triangulation Location of the circle fault line landscape: Latitude Horizontal and Longitudes Vertical through the Globule world Map. Stellar Galaxy of space still searching for the center: expand of the universe stretches out and keeps on moving.

Bored The Planet Mars and The Planet Earth left the Restaurant they went surf boarding on Flaming Comet having fun. The Exosphere is the smallest Ex-Terrestrial Planet in the solar system. Beneath the Platonic surface is Silicate iron molten core. The landscape molten rock that looks like a Bowl is known as a Caloris basin. Deep beneath molten Platonic Surface there is ice and water untouched from escaping: Exosphere. Untouched by Humanity, if the Exosphere is converted into atmosphere ice and water not Seal tight, releasing mass air and heat. The planet became the atmosphere no longer the exosphere, mean inescapable.

Earth and Mars flotation sphere surfed through the cool surface of the Milky Way. They were caught by the Exosphere Mercury. He rotates cycle around the Sun in depth speed: thirty day, from the cycle Planet Earth rotation year, three hundred and six five days. The Planet Venus rotates two hundred and twenty seven days from the rotation from the year of the Planet Earth.

Mercy tries gain friendship with the Sun and the Super Nova’s be part of the crowd even if they were not interested. The Radiant Sun told The Planet Earth and Mars not to go surf Boarding. The Sun was worried about the Precipitation temperature. The temperature degrees May change the surface landscape. He views the spectrum window of both Planets through the global scope window.

The Planet Mars covers for the Planet Earth claiming it is his fault. Through the glass global window the Sun saw the surface change in the landscape of Mars: Brown sand shifted converted to red and badge white. Mars got detention was suspended for seven weeks, (alignment is every seven years). The given Earth’s traveling distance to visit Mars. The Sun asks the Earth not to isolate himself from the other Galaxies surroundings.

The Vast Universe of Planets is a big part of the family, remember them. The World of Inhabitance Does not exist Sun requires actual Prove. The Plant Earth is excused from detention to think about what the Sun has said. The Planet Earth visits a Friendship Warm, Cool with Stern Rational, Vast misty tint, Gas of Acid similar to a boiling stove of Venus.

About Mars: is the side of Canada famous for Platonic Red and Badge white land surface, with dusty wind storms and dry rock beds. Rumor has it the Stellar Nation could have had inhabitance once on his planet however Helios Sphere shield, Oxygen of the Orb was Ripped out, leaving dry water beds. There is no is actual prove to suggest these facts still searching for answers.

Venus is thoughtful to the Planet Earth she recognizes the world could be filled with Infinite number of Possibilities. There is no right or wrong answers. Map Triangulation of Realization Fault Link could be fact or fiction to where the center is? Planet, Stars and Moons is constantly shifting in the sky. If there is a strange new world of another Planet: Inhabitance is out there. The Galaxy Planet probably might welcome this new galaxy world in our solar system even if they do not know yet.

It Just Galaxies Worlds right now are not prepared to give welcome Cultural differences. Universal Unhabitable Planets Orb shares the Vast Galaxy we breathe. Venus was open up to possibility that Earth Visualization World may exist. The Planet Earth depressed thanks Venus and gave her hug while wondering about if there is possibilities that Inhabitance exist, if the sun is right the Planet might not accept the possibility, to his frustration.

Before the star pulled in a Vortex Black Hole, the Emanation metallic crystal Star saw how depressed the planet Earth was. Asking the question “what is wrong”? The Planet Earth told the star his dilemma, his problem. The star could not help but he knows who could. Shifting in a circumference circle the star is being pulled swirling closer to the middle abyss.

The Star asked him to go outside the boarder and search for an Asteroids Comets from coldest region of space, Debris Belt Comet Region. Star caught in the cycle port was Pull in the Whorl vortex port hole, The Vortex squeezed the Star elemento’s starry light of energy then relapsed. Fading away into the cosmos of space; Starry crystal Releases his Micro waved heat Energy in space; recreates new formations.

The Sun’s Observation:

In the Farthest Region of Space, Debris Asteroids Metallic comet is Deform shape of metal rocks Iron solid tuff rock: Large or Small. Asteroids that could be Simulate attached combines connected together.  Meteorites Rites break in short pieces burns up like golf balls, enters the atmosphere descends down on surface platonic landscape however usually does not touch the ground surface.  Asteroids Comets act similar to Artistry performers and dancers, the metallic rocks that are very creative.

The Planet Earth Observes: Halley’s Tail Comets: Once thought to a star, particles debris field shifts rotates behind the Asteroid: similar to the tail gaining velocity speed momentum. Asteroids also are known to crash into other planets and other Metallic rocks while rotating in the far region of vector of space.    The Planet Earth also observed two comets: Parallel Polarizes Orbit shifting spindle around each other. The Comet softly attaches combines, connects together. The Planet Earth then realized Asteroids within cycled orbital field gave him soul of life; He showed the other Unhabitable Galaxies Planets his findings.

Back at Dormitory Class of the World Planets noticed something different about The Planet Earth. Galaxy Planets look through the global window Scope and saw Micro wave white light Proton sending emitting energy to The Planet Earth, Triangulations Platonic Fault landscape Surfaces, Environmental landscape developed on  Islands and Globule Land, Ion  Atmospheric Air is divided from liquid water, and land mass Volcano explosions.

Through the view of the Global glass window scope of Planet Earth, Mass Soul of Life Inhabitance and Soul Creatures habitats started too developed. Earth became the talk of the town. In creditable as this seems Galaxy Planets Public Commotion start to worry, The Dwarf Star: The Sun may or may not be inspired by this evolving development that might be discovered. “Wondering to themselves; what will happen to the Planet Earth,” and “Will the Sun say”?

The Sun Enter the class room to teach his class and noticed looking through the view scope of uninhabitable planets he noticed something different about the Planet Earth something is happening within.  The Dwarf Star then realizes since the Big Bang formation:  The Star that collapse must have released micro waved energy to create soul of life. Earth admitted to the sun  he went to the furtherest region of space and saw Comet Asteroids orbit spun latitude and longitude cycle rotated revolving around each other forming a planet. The Sun Inspired by what he saw Habitat, Soul of life, telling the Planet Earth a secret it is within you. A New Cycle of new life begins.

Then the sun remembered his statements and then said he was “sorry”. The sun became open minded to possibilities of Inhabitance and world’s creation. The Sun and the Super Nova discussed the subject decided that Planet Earth has Passed. The World that was suppost to be either once a desolate land Surface, Mass Vapor; Misty tint snow and Cloud, Practical Ion aqua Immersive water Liquid water divided from the Ion skys, Cluster: Heat of Gas; and other worldly Composition Components. The Sun became open minded discovers there is endless possibilities.

Universal Galaxies were given Graduation Diploma’s Certificate with honours.  Planets in Aliment Organized in order: The Planet Earth received a special Diploma Degree for his originality idea; Inhabitance soul of life, Sharing humanity development of the world. The Sun decided to help out the Planet Earth in one condition: if he could aid and warm the Planet, The Planet Earth agrees.

The Third Planet quiet close from the Dwarf Star share is light upon the planet Earth: Habitat animals, Globule World Fault line; Environmental landscape, Platonic is Below Ground surface, Sea Creatures, carbon base life forms from this day Inhabitance still lives within. The Planet Earth despite what the Galaxies Planet’s once thought realized he is not alone in the world.  Planet like the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, even Jupiter visited him every once a while view window scoping to see the developing nation and the environment with Interest while pass by to say hi.

(1). Mercury: Exosphere is the atmosphere of Mercury: compression density: The smallest ex terrestrial Planet in the solar system. Platonic Silicate iron molten core and water depths below are inescapable. The Platonic top surface landscape of molten rock Look like a Bowl known as a Caloris Basin. Mercury rotates half speed from the year of Rotation Planet Earth. Thirty days: per-year. If there are Rainbows heat lasers has the ability to disintegrate.

(2). Venus:
Thick Misty cloud Pent ration shielding of toxic heat acid. Venus is the same side of the Planet Earth. Hot heat temperatures in Morning or Drop cold, temperature at night. Venus Rotates faster than Earth. Boiling hot is similar to a stove or a gauzier. Rotation: two hundred and twenty seven days per-year.

(3). Earth Graduation with a Degree Diploma World of Inhabitance, Habitat, and environmental, Platonic Landscape: The Planet within is Inhabitable. Mass Air: Soul of life. Rotation: three hundred six five days of the year per-year.

(4). Mars: Cold Surface of the Desolate Red Sand wind Dumez Dust storm:
and dry river beds. The Side of Canada:

(5). Saturn: and Jupiter is Opposite:

(5) Saturn is Insolated hot planet with orb Ringlet Rain in certain parts of the Planet in the Ionosphere. Suffocation, Cluster Harness Heighten Heat, Sand Crustation Iron, Vista mist wind chills; with longitude: Ringlet Rain: stellar particle ice molecules longitude forms small amounts: little Rain: from the Latitude side planetary particle orbit Rings:

Cluster Heat Hydrant Gas with Heighten cyclonic Winds: Every So Often Saturn Rotate around the sun for Three Days creates its own Trap Cluster Heat. Methane, Helium, Argon: Nitrogen’s of Heat: Uni-monium and Oxy-Winds:

(6). Jupiter: is the three time the sides of the planet Earth. Red spot Planet, Nimbus: Misty white Para-dine cloud, conversion turns to a violent red sky fog mist, Components: Yellow, White, Methane Heat, Helius, Helium, Invisible misty strobe tint wind, and Oxy-Hydro, Releases’ of Condensations of water heavily covered clouds of rain.

Current Winds brings: Cyclone Woreller: Typhoon-Hurricane. The Planet could rip a plane in seconds. Orb Meteor Polarizes rotates in alignment. Ice Comets, Meteor Crustation Orbs is in outer stellar region of the planet; Ringlet Orbs: Orbit Rings keeps comets in places.

(7). UNrainous: Ringlet rotation Orb, Mass winds: in the outer stellar region of the planet, Helium, Methane conversion turn chilly cold, Ion Misty vapor, slushy crush Ice berg: Ice water liquid that moves consider as Aqua Liquid Planet. Similar as an Ocean-Sea: Hypothermia chilled Too Cold.

(8). Neptune: Glazier, Snow, Plank of Ice, with little Ground Surface:
Known as Dark Spot Planet:

Dwarf Planets:

(1) Pluto: Dwarf Planets: Known as the Kipper Belt: Oval Shape: the Oort Clouds of snow and Ice Freezing temperatures: misty tint blue:

(2) Ceres: Stellar Cold Dark Planet: Ice Cave Coves:

(3) Eris: Known as Metallic Heat of Saturn: Electric storm
Rather than Jupiter: creator Metal Hot:
Asteroid Meteor Dwarf Planet:

(4) Make-Make Haumea

Authorship: A.GD. Prince:

My Servant Job: The Test of Faith:

Intro:  Whence when came from Devil,

To and Fro about the Earth and had Access to the heavens,

Do you see my man Job,  He will faithful,

Just Do not Paralyze his soul.

Corus:    Do you see my man Job,

Born with Fear (respect God),

Do not touch him devil,

Do not Go Near.

Verse 1: The Devil came to and Fro (The Heavens,)

Job Shall Curse God to his very face,

The Devil shall touch Job’s heart, (Touch his Surrounding)

Job shall surely lose his Faith.

Bridge:  {Job Servants:} Job the Cattle Died, I escape to tell you,

Job there Famine I cry, I escape to tell you. (tremors)

Corus:     Do you see my man Job,

Born with Fear, (respected God)

Do not touch him Devil,

Do not Go Near.

Verse 2: The Devil Came To and Fro, (The Heavens)

Job Shall Curse God to his very face,

The Devil shall touch Job’s bone, (Boils on his hand and Feet)

Job shall surely Lose his Faith,

{Job Wife} Curse God to his very face,

{Job Friend’s} Defiles of Sin: Job is surely disgraced,

Bone to Bone, Skin for Skin, Job remains faithful,

{Job’s Qualities:} Blameless, Upright, shrew evil, My servant Job,

Blameless, Upright, Shun evil, Do you see my man Job,

Blameless, Upright, Shrew evil, My Servant Job,

Blameless, Upright, Shun Evil.

Corus: Do you see my man Job,

Born with fear (respected God),

Do not touch devil,

Don’t you go near.

Passive Ending: Job has gain twice as more,

God allowed it so,

Job remains faithful,

Do you see___ See My Man Job,

He remain’s Faithful———–.

Narration: God never Touch Job with Corruption:


Drown in the Tears of God Eyes: 

Verse 1: The World is Violent ,

The  World Corrupt,

God was Sad what the people have done,

Destroy them all through out this land,

but he found favor in Noah Eyes.

Bridge: Take two animals of each kind.

Build a boat before the rain comes down,

Noah tried to warn, The people of this land,

You could hear them laugh and say.

Corus: Not-a-water, Not-a-drop-to-drink,

The Land is bone dry,

Why build an Ark Noah,? When the sun is in the sky,?

That why they drowned in the tears of God eyes.

Verse 2: Ham, Shem, and Jasepheth took their girlfriends from their homes,

They escape toward the boat,

Before the Rain Came down,

They made it into the Ark,

Bridge:     Hear the people plead,

Let me inside,

The Door seal shut,

You could hear the people cry.

They were warned, Oh– Warned,

Corus:   Not-a-Water, Not-a-drop-to-drink,

The Land is bone dry,

Why build a Ark Noah,? When the sun is in the Sky,?

That why they drowned in God’s eye.
(Passive): God set a covenant with Noah, A Rainbow in the sky,

That the Flood that covered the Earth shall never happen Again.

Noah children separated,

(Narration): As Noah Blessed the table,

(Narration): and Release the animals,

Passive:    Separated, apart from their father then,

Repetition: Not-A-Water, Not-A-Drop-to-drink,

Land Bone Dry,

Not-A-Water, Not-A-Drop- to-Drink,

Sun in the Sky,

Not-A-Water, Not-A-Drop-to-Drink

Land bone Dry,

Not-A-Water, Not-A- Drop-to-Drink

Sun in the Sky,

End:  Why build an Ark Noah,? When the sun is in the sky,?

That Why they drowned in the Tears of God eye.


Jonah Son of Ammittai:

(Intro): Corus:
Son of Ammittai: go to Nineveh,
Son of Ammittai go to Nineveh,
Disaster Maybe brought upon them.

Verse 1:
Jonah went to Joppa on a Boat,
Tried to escape from Tarrish from the Lord,
Hidden in a captain cabin, away on sea,

Hear rain come down,
The sea with a wave and Roar,
The Sailors could not make to shore,
Oh Shore.


Son of Ammittai: go to Nineveh,
Son of Ammittai go to Nineveh,
Disaster maybe brought up them.

The Captain Called to Jonah call to your God’s name,
Where thy be,
What thy name,
What occupation he does,
To where thy live,
To What thy is,

(Bridge 2:)
Standing in the Present of the Lord,
I am Hebrew who free the people, Lord thy God,
Toss me over board and the sea will be calm.

They threw Jonah over board,
In a Belly of a Big Fish,
Near the Coast, He repent,
but he did what God said,

(Verse 3:)
On ward to Nineveh he went,
Told the People to repent,
The King decreed this will-
never happen again,

(1.) As God saw:
(Disaster was never brought upon them again,)

(2.) As God saw:
They did not know their left or right,
(Disaster was never brought upon themselves again.)

Thank you Jonah for going to Nineveh:


Fall of Babylon: No More: 

Verse 1: No more Silver, No More Gold,

No more Copper, No more Coal,

The Government will say too bad, Too bad,

No Buyer will buy no more.

Verse 2: No more Rubies, No more Diamond,

No more Crystal, No more Jaspers,

The Government will say too bad, too bad,

No person will buy no more.

Bridge: The Riches are devastated,

The buyer will buy no more,

The merchant will cry and wail,

Oh No! Not one buying no more,

None is buying No-More.

Verse 3: No more gas, No more oil,

No more Linen, no more emeralds,

The Government will say too bad, too bad,

No more buyer  will buy no more,

The merchant’s will cry and morn,

Ending: Too Bad.



The Lord Prayer: Our Father:

Verse 1: Our Father,  Who are in heaven,

Hollowed Be our Name, (be thy name.)

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done,

As Earth as it is in heaven.

Corus: Give us this day our daily Bread,

Forgive those who trust pass against us.

Bridge:  Lead not in temp-ta-tion,

Thy the Kingdom, Thy the Glory,

Forever and Ever amen.

Verse 2:  Pleading, In Repentance,

Forgives us for a sins, (for our sins)

Redemption, Release us, from the shackle Barriors.

Corus: Give us our day our daily bread,

Forgive, our, debtors,

Bridge: Lead us not in Temp-ta-tion,

Thy the Kingdom, Thy the Glory

Forever and Ever amen.


(Bridge:) I agree to every word I say,

I give my oath to every word I Pray,

Earnest that I keep,

The Truth of Honesty,

I pour my heart to you:

Verse 3: Salvation, Exaltation,

Save us and Let us in, (Let us in,)

Redeeming, Rejoicing,

The Lord Savior:

Corus: Give us our day our daily bread,

Forgive those who trust pass against us.

Bridge : Lead us not in temptation,

Thy the Kingdom, Thy is the Glory,

Forever and Forever amen.

Verse 4: Sanctuary, Foundation,

Shelter us let us in,  (Let us in,)

Brick by Brick, Stone by Stone

Build a Structure Sturdy Base:

Corus: Give us our day our daily bread,

Forgive those who trust pass against us.

Bridge : Lead us not in temptation,

Thy the Kingdom, Thy is the Glory,

Forever and Forever amen.



Compose Lyric’s:

A. George Dave Prince:

Blessed Those:

Verse 1: Blessed Those with happiness,

Blessed those who are Kind,

Blessed those who are humble,

With those with moral of true.

Verse 2: Blessed Those with happiness,

Blessed Those who are meek and mile,

Blessed Those who are the poor,

The Heavenly Door shall open up for them,

Bridge: Foun-da-tion,

Sturdy as a Brick,

Sturdy as a Stone,

Solid as a rock,

Layer of the Base,

Repeat: Pattern of Construction,

Pattern of Construction,

Verse 3: Blessed Those with Happiness,

Blessed Those who want to be saved,

Blessed those with Salvation,

God may reveal the secret to them,

Ending:   Blessed those with happiness,

God shall will comfort them.

The official blog of UNICEF Ethiopia: the go-to agency for children in Ethiopia supporting child health and nutrition; providing water, sanitation, and education; and protecting children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS.

via UNICEF Ethiopia — Discover


Tooth Fairies and Nympth’s:

City Structure Teeth Foundation


Tooth Fairies and Nymph’s:

City Structure Teeth Foundation:

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Tooth Fairies/ Nympth’s: City Foundation:

 It is important for the nation to protect their molar Teeth, similar to the nation Protecting the Nation Economy Environment and Landscapes: Seen from a distance; Colour of the Air Quality: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Murky Dark Sky Clouds, Waste land Pollution, Oceansea’s Carbinents and Murky Sledges, Teeth is seen in a mirror to how gritty it gets, when not property taken care of, also changes colour, (Plaque, Tartar Buildup and Unseen Cavities.) Those who go to Industrial Work, Store Restaurant: Important to rinse your mouth out and return home to brush your teeth and floss your teeth immediately especially working with chemicals may degrade your teeth.       

Resting in bed the child wake up, he searches for cloth’s to wear, then he brush his teeth, preparing for school. He noticed something is not right, something shifting in his mouth, he discovers a loose tooth. The Child Gandle: Brown Skin, three feet, five inches tall, Black wavy Hair, wears a blue lighting shirt: and blue track pants; telling his mother about what happen to him, she make an appointment to see the Dentist, Meanwhile cleaning the Teeth the Dentist decide to not touch his loose Tooth telling his parent’s it will come out on its own.

 Morning the Tooth came out on its own. The child decides it time to put his Tooth in a Jar. Usually a tooth would Decay slowly in the jar. (The Nymph rubs padded glass with his shirt creating static fuse electricity: tooth duplication without breaking or fidgeting with the bottle.)


 The Tooth is traded for either a Trinket or living Cost of five Dollars. The Problem: After the Tooth Nympth went through a vortex portal tunnel, Gandle saw the portal closing, Curiosity caught his eye, transferred him into Fairy, Nympth Tooth Nation. Gandle saw a future city, unlike his city that he lives in.  Ladies Fairies or the Guys Nympth’s: using a Tooth to Built Structure Foundation’s: Residential Homes, Industrial Industries, Industrial High Rise Apartment Building, Teeth is harvested, gathered together similar to a lumber-yard.


 Teeth became a Construction Set: Icy Silver, Pelt Hailey Comet, Whiten crystal Snow, Teeth is Slender long: Thicken or thin. It is use for: Roof Shingles, Fences, Sidewalks, Driveways, Front Wheel Water Mill’s Lift, and Desks, Recycling reused material.

 They live in a Platonic Environment, Meadow Grass Plains, Flower Fields, Wood Lakes and Wild Forest is Closest to a Conservationist Park. The Economy also has an Amusement Parks, Fairs, and Circuses for children and Mystic Flyer’s.  Resident Houses or Apartment Building was inside the stagma of the Bud petal; Bud leaf closes at night. Plutonic Environmental landscape: Flowering Fields and Trunk Branch/Twig Trees anyone could get lost it.


 Conversion Pattern’s of their world is similar to our own: Wind, Rain, and Sun, with Additional Conversion flavor: Fluoride Rainy Weather; Bubble-Gum, Mint, Strawberry and Grape. Chilly Snow is little Different: Similar to Tooth Paste, in this case it is not enough to cause a stomach aches. Similar to our world do not engulf the snow. Similar to Acid Rain: Acid coke could cause a lot of damages to home’s depending on the level of precipitation, Gandle saw Firsthand how Acid could create a pothole that degrades, disintegrate rip-tear eating the sidewalk and Shelter Roof slowly. 


Even in their world cement, pavements should last for decades; acid over time has its effect. The construction workers fill the pot-hole pouring Nova-Paste Fluoride: Cement and replacing tooth shingles for the houses that needed fixing.  The Dental Floss Liner to keeps the Neighbour-hood gleaming. The Liner is between the Residential houses Floor or title, Driveway, Intercession Roads and Streets, within the Curb Bank’s, Crease or Crevices. The Floss Liner Act like a Censer Range Collector until if it gets full; the strip is automatically deposed of, into a Garbage, Lint, Dirt disposal Unit, Then The Floss-Liner breaks-up the particles between the floors, Titles, or curb Streets keeping the area clean.


 The Tooth Brushes is a sweeper and a polishers sparkle finisher. Conservation Nation Fairies, Nympth’s do not need cars, Nympth’s or Fairies notice a child walking around the city without wings became worried, wondering how he entered the city.

A Fairy noticed a child entering a Water Wheel Mill house realizing with all this frills he discovered, he found  himself lost and alone entering a some one’s house for the night.


There was talk around the neighbour-hood about a child that cannot fly in Tooth Fairies Nation. The Fairy Authorities went to investigate the claim the Authorities found him a sleep in the Water Mill House. Since he is in Tooth Nation, they decided to let him stay awhile and he could have fun and play at the Amusement Gleaming Park. A Nympth whistled, up trotted a Horse Pegasus came out of the barn prepared to take on any passenger’s: Saddled the child while giving him a tour of the city.


Flotation Air- Coast Sky Island is so high it beyond a human reach in the Troposphere fairies need their wings to get there. Amusement Parks, Fair, and Circuses was on the Air- floatationous lands. Amusement Park: Twirler Water Slide with a Dip, diving pool.  Next Island had Dentist chair: with mobility function, the seat kept Gandle Comfortable. It also came with a View-scope Cubit Virtual Screen: to see the stars and the moon. Audience gathered Star gazing watching the Crystal Fractural of teeth shimmered on the moon given energy by the sun before Down Peek of Don, reflecting light back to the planet.


 Even the Star’s has Silver-crystals; Golden teeth creating its own eminent energy, the night sky seems like a fantastic Orb- Cube they could see distance belt galaxies and planets in their sector, similar to a Television, or a movie screen-cubes.

 Rainy coke fell and heightens winds caused a lot of damages to the sideways and trails causing pot-holes. A reminder to make sure that Gandle and the public children of Planet Earth take care of their teeth keep them clean, Fairies and Nympth’s also has worries of their own teeth to keep them precious.


 Gandle saw through the Globule Orb of the Nation of Earth; real people abusing their teeth hoping for more money. Tooth Fairy Community shares with the child a secret; they need teeth however it should not be on purpose. Those who done on Purpose: their teeth May not Grow Back, their Dentures is Wasted on False Teeth if not careful. Strong and Healthy teeth stand for everlasting longevity for ages, if the person decides to take care of them real well.


 The Nympth found he lived in the Mill Wheel House coming back from another mission, Coincidence perhaps: The Community left her in charge: bring the child home. Since the Globule Nation World of the Earth has a wide many on the Planet.

The Nympth: X-Rayed his Teeth, Opening a vortex portal back to his Resident home with-in dream Relm- state back in his quarter room fast asleep. Waking- up he tried to tell his Parents about his adventures, they thought it just in his imagination.

Eastern Bunny: Cotton-Tail Bunny: EDIT


SHARE The Eastern Cotton-Tail Bunny:

Mother Raid the Fridge: cannot help herself from Gluttony eating too much. She eats Junk food like: Chocolate Bars, Ice Cream, Pies, left over Pizza: Mother Learn she is Pregnant with a born baby bundle of joy is on the way, both to be parents are surprised.

The Easter Bunny is fun, Interactive, not too hard; not to Easy, A Scavenger Hunt for the children using Clue Finder: To Discover, Area Locator, Search and find the whereabouts: of the Egg’s that morph into Chocolate Covered Sweet’s Treats. Family Circus: Once said, “Children need to be challenged they have to try to find the surprise”. (Chocolate Bunnies, Kinder Egg Surprise, and Chocolate Bunnies,) {Chicken Hen Eggs or Organic Eggs,}

During After the Dark Day Easter Resurrection: Sunday Easter found a new hope: families lifted themselves from a shell out of Darkness. Easter became a reminder of arise occasion: The New Risen is born, and their children will soon Inherited the whole globule Nation. Jesus once was a child who taught discipleship discipline of Moral Modesty of love to Regions, Families celebrated a Don of a new Era.

The Problem: Easter Cotton Tail studied Farmers collecting eggs from a triangle Orb-side clip view point: The chicken coop and watched bird’s create their nest. Eastern Cotton Tail’s Innovation idea created a Multi Strong holder Oval Egg tray, and Strong Single dip cup holder Tray, Egg White Blend Mixer: for sport competitors, Veggie Eater’s, Joggers and the community house holds. He also made a Chocolate Sweat Treats in a basket for the public.

Santa Clause: Donated Organization Charity Gifts to an entire nation, those who are in need of aid, and The Orphanages. The Toy Maker appreciated North Pole Elves: Volunteers, similar to the Salvation Army Organization, to spend time with Dear love ones: to him everyone is special no matter what the year is, The Year of Get-together’s and a New Resolution of hope: A new Start; with heart, thought and with Discontent happiness.

Cotton Tail and his friends once loved to play Pranks while having fun: Once they decorated Santa Tree, with Spherical Tin Metal-Balls in shape of an oval egg, glittering colours, inspired Kris Kringle to make Tin-Orbs more Christmas like, Santa Tells Easter Cotton Tail: “He on the right path,” “To keep on trying”.

Another Time they hidden the chocolate Sweet Treats; Scattering them all over the globule Nation of Earth and lost them. Easter Cotton Tail and friend did not realize they created a fragment Puzzle Cue finder’s games for children, The Scavenger Hunter’s was born. The Rabbit had Two Enemies: Jack Frost and The Boggy Man who were not interested in the holidays another story.

When a baby bunny is born they have tiny little Walnut bodies, their skull heads peak out within the dug-hole similar to an eggnog: in shape of a side an oval egg. The Bunnies are too small, thin, and skinny from coming out of the dug-hole. They cannot create a Path- Tunnel by themselves. Hidden from other land Predators Animals, Wing Prey’s, Easter Bunnies live underground: pyrimidine morphs peeresses Two bird legs from the bottom of oval Egg walking about, Marking a birth of a new special Occasion.

The Hopper distracted the Predators, Wing Prays by hopping, moving away from the dug-hole. The Hopper hopes: The Predator; Wing Pray’s would not notice the small bunnies while cloning it selves within the environment, passing them by without being seen. Poets is Inspired by Chocolate Eggs, and Chocolate Bunnies, this how Eastern Cotton-Tail came to Life.

If anyone is trying to trap the Rabbit is probably the children. The Problem: The Bunny is an Escape Illusionist, who can never get it-self caught. In the words of (Family Circus Children,) “Now you see him, and now you don’t”. The Best part of Day: The children could get’s to be creative and paint their Eggs / Decorative and put it in a basket, The Easter Bunny also delivers without being seen.


Vote of the Wolf Pack: Senate of the Wolves:

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Children Novel Books: 
Vote of the Wolf Pack:

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Whitby, Ontario, Canada:
Authorship: A. Georgedave Prince:

Vote of the Wolf Pack: The Senate of Wolves:

Kolley second in Command: Scouted the regional Wild landscape Area of the forest; Kolley went farther than usually. From the meadow fields he went far towards outer area of Wander’s Woods: Kolley spotted a farm. He crouched down Kolley hid in the meadow field; high grass stretched across landscape the rich flat soil plains. Harvest field of fruit trees, vegetables next to the wheat Field. Kolley could see the whole region distantly. A fence blocked his path while sheep’s gather in the open field: The gate closed. Sheppard Dogs kept watch of the farm animals.  The Wolf reached beyond the Wilder forest, Kolley Wandered too far into Territorial Civilization Forest Landscape: Farmer workers were everywhere attending to their duties.

Kolley scouted around the front property of the house, He saw a backyard Carrel, a barnyard: with horses, Cows, donkeys, Dogs, Cats, also there was a raised platform: chicken, rooster coop entrance. The wolf had a chance could have raided the Carrel farm.  The Problem: the farm is too well heavily guarded Kolley needed reinforcements, but he needed to convince the leaders and the Senate of the Wolves in order to pass his vote to go forward to raid: A Frontal attack. He will take the wolves in a new destination direction if he is heard, in order to do that he needed to give presentation and represent his case; he decided to retreat for now.

The Senate then decides informs the public: weather they believe or not, they should to go ahead with this plan. The Choice: To stay in the wild or not to enter Wander Boundary Civilization Forest, if they should they stay within their sector? The counsel was not sure about leaving their area; surpassing the Wild boundaries of Wonder Woods, not aware of the dangers that awaits for them there.  Commotion’s of wolves worried; they were hunting in uncharted territory. E-Zann-Dim-Mist the leader was not prepared to lead the pack to strange place. Who know what they were carrying? Their answer was no. This of course left the second in command left disappointed in despair leaving the counsel.

The Leader Wolf E-Zann-Dim-Mist and his Sister Sheilda once was quite a pair. Both made quite a good team they hunted together kept watch protecting their flank from any element of surprise. They came preparation prepared and not be afraid to take on challenges: The Pack is never alone. The Leader is never wondered too far away from his sister and Kolley knew she always support him no matter what. Once an Animal Trapper entered the forest and captured their Leader wolf. Not too far away his sister tried to save his brother but could not reach him in time. The Animal Trapper carried him and drove away without noticing his sister running behind him.


Kolley was within reach hidden in the fields but he saw his opportunity to become leader: Don of a New Age. Kolley Knelt in the grass he watched the person, lift E-Zann-Mist in back of the Pick-up Carrier and drove away. He told Kolley Sister “he could not catch up to the driver he was too way too fast”.  Kolley Sister stunned, zone-out for a while missing her brother. Since their leader is gone Kolley stated to the wolf Pack, they need and new Captain. However the Wolf Pack was not prepared to except the fact their leader was gone. If the leader does not return on the next full Moon, Sheilda may have to step aside: step in a new Societies direction of the Second of Command. With glee he celebrated but his heart pretends to be burden with guilt and told the council “he could wait for his return,” supposedly depressed. Since there are no new challengers Wolf Packs awaits the return hoping he would come back.

Domin-Not-Tu: and the Great Hunters:

In another part of border far away from Wander Forest, Jestim-Mare Woods there is another Wolf. Not much into hunting, his Family called themselves The Mighty Hunters, Long Distance Runners they stay in a pack: a mighty team: boundary lone trackers who brought food for the Pack by themselves. Strength of Muscle: Earrobatically Toned: Velocity of speed Stamina, and, acrobatically flexible:

He did not want to stick around with them. The Problem: he could not accept the loner pathway and search for his own avenue to hunt. Muscles and Too Earrobatically toned there was too many Master’s in the Forest. The Pack must beware to watch for the Mountain Lions which were are lot stronger than them. They arranged a betrove courtship marriage for their brother Domin-Not-Tu: A perfect lady: Bezt-Zorria shall represent him and do his hunting for him while he could laze about in his living quarters. All he had to doing is nothing:  The Lady wolf did not mind taking care of him as long as he stays with her and she would take command.

The Problem: Domin-Not- Tu: searches for a partner who shared his ideas, wolves who would cooperate with him as a team. He decided not to stay in the forest he decided to run away and ditch his from family and friends. The Wolf Pack surrounded him at the Hwy bridge and they tried to calm him down not to jump. They tried to talk him out of it and slowly bring him back to the forest where he belonged. Over the highway he jumped onto square bus landed on the roof without slipping or falling. Then he said good bye to his family and friends. Telling them; “This is not how I wanted to live his life?”, “This is yours way of life; not mine”. Moving on: he was gone. Family and friend dissipated and went separate directions. His Father is the last to see him disappear and he saying to him “good luck”.

This Bus went far distant across the next border without border patrol seeing the extra traveler. Security let them ago and did not much care or pay attention. The Wolf went to and fro forest to forest and appeared in front of many people that did not pay much attention to him to where he traveled. At the right time, right place: Regional Forest: A person looking into the reflection to his soul, Dream Scape. A Shaw man calls onto the spirits. The Searcher looked in to the eyes of Wolf, looking in cortex of Do-Min-Not-Tu for a second. He thought he saw a mirror image of his look alike. The Wolf turned around then went back in a forest. The Soul Searcher: started too howled at the moon. He seems to have found meaning.

Another Regional Forest Whit-Oawa: He rescued a lost child send the youngster back to his family guide out of the forest. Dom-Not-Tu: did not leave the Conservation Regional Boundary. The family was not convinced a wolf guided back to the area thought he was telling tall tales.  Ziononmical Park: Police once chase a Ghost, following the listening sound of bushes and leaves. The wolf appeared and the disappeared in the meadows like ghost in the forest. Residual tracking: the police followed the Trail of the Crime Perpetrator: The suspect. The Cops captured and appended him in hand cuffs.  Domin-Not-Tu leads them without realizing it. Domin-Not-Tu was just exciting running, jumping through the fields but he also saw those carrying bellow weapon’s, Batons handlement Sticks.


Full Moon: No Challengers’:

Half Moon Kolley is in good spirits there are No challengers his command is close at hand. Three More Wolves surveillance the farm but does not attack until the full moon has come. Kolley told her “to be smart and be his girl friend, I am the only one’. She left him standing on the mountain alone and said to him “he should find someone else”. Distantly walked away from him:

Domin-Not-Tu is now in Civilization Territorial Bound within the reach of Kolley and Sheilda told by bears. He stands a distant away from them; trekking the forest next to the mountains, the traveler has some experience talking to0 the landscape animals. He discovers there are more wolves similar to him were in the forest. Third in Command told Kolley told a secret telling him a new traveler is in the forest. A wolf that could hunt and capture food with ease: A new comer has entered The Wonder Wild Forest.

He brought food back to the Mountain-side of the Hill: Worrell Mountain: while Kolley was about to announce his candidate new direction. Kolley’s new third in command is the first to intercepted meet Domin-Not-Tu. Domin-Not-Tu was just searching for a place to stay for the night and offered him a gift behind the hump of his back: Food. Domin-Not-Tu knelt on his stomach pledging acceptance transferring to the third in command. Similar to a rug carpet Domin–toss shifted transferred over the food like a Sahel pack which was on his Vertebrae back, Domin-Not-Tu was accepted.

Kolley decided to save his speech for another time latter: Since a new wolf entered their forest and brought food, All the wolves look out their cave to see the new comer Domin-Not-Tu. Kolley believed he was just a pass byre the traveler who will not stay long, a guess not too worried about until he met Sheilda; hunting in the wild. Secound in Command gave access to Domin-Not-Tu, too any girl he of choice and a guide to show him around the forest, those was his orders. Welcome him to Wild Wandering Forest: Kolley thought he was superior again, Domin-Not-Tu who will not interfere with him so he thought. He was just passing through, with Independence freedom.

Sheilda was hidden in the wild high tall grass hunting for food.  She also captured food for her wolf pack while her brother was missing. A Moose almost charged her with his pointy sharp horns tried trample her but was intercepted by another-wolf. The Moose chased the intruder who dodged the horn buckling, locking it into a tree. The Moose could not pull the buckle out. He will eventually pull them out then left. Sheild thought the spirit of her past Zann-Dim-Mist came back: A Mirage a stranger appeared as the Mist dissipated it was Domin-Not-Tu: her future husband. She was sad but not alone not more in partnership. Both ditched the guide and went exploring. He decided to stick around. Sheilda now had someone talk too: about her brother and Kolley Speech: Don of a New-Age.

Full Moon: Kolley howled at the moon since is there no challengers standing at the top of mountain. Kolley should have became the new leader. The Stanger decided to challenge Kolley for position of Leadership. To whom challenges: The Distance Traveler. Domin-Not-Tu has the privileges right to challenge their leader also he respected Sheilda brother wishes, after all wolf packs  should be living in the free and wild, Civilization Boundary Forest is too dangerous .

Domin-Not-Tu: Speech:

Domin-Not-Tu asked the Wolf Pack Senate to hear him out? While on travel he surpasses the Boundaries Cultivation Forest he saw weaponary carriers used for hunting and tracking someone. Their Boundary Community is not safe for animals: Community Forest area is far too dangerous. Theirs is strange handlement sections of tools, Devises, apprehension traps, baton sticks, cages; Dug ditches tunnels under the surface environment covered with field of grass unnoticed. There is communion commotion between the public crowds: They became worried. He told them Weaponaries:  Shingle bellow Echoes with violent’s a person could hear it from a far and will cooperate. This weaponary know no bounds: The scariest handlement on the planet.

Kolley thought they were Miss Conception, manipulation of lies even for a new comer:  “He not telling the truth” Kolley is upset. Asking the crowd to come with him and follow him towards the farm field. Then Domin-Not-Tu accepted Kolley’s challenge: Forewarned: Kolley may be hunted, once crossing the line it may Worrell Mountain as well. Boundary Civilization Forest there no place for Land animals there. The Wandering Wilderness is better, safer place for  them  however wolf packs may hunt in civilization Forest as long their outside the gates without fear. Once there is no turning back if caught, or captured.

Sheilda then remembered her brother has been taken away and Kolley did nothing about it. Kolley could have saved him however he did not. He told lies to be first in command. The Challenge: Both Circled around and around, spun in a full circle. Both turned in a circumference. Kolley mentally got so angry he crouch tried to give Domin-Not-Tu pouncing lesson. Domin-Not-Tu dodges Kolley while Kolley dove over the ridge hill in the air. He fell in the air but landed on his claw feet. Dizzy he ran by himself to toward the farm. He shouted out to Domin-Not-Tu “you see”. Kolley captured stealing a chicken but was caught by the Carrel farmers. Those in the field hidden could hear the echo bellowing ping outside the farm. Kolley shot and frustrated the challenge was over. The Wolves Howled with sadness: Domin-Not-Tu was telling the truth. The Senate gave Domin-Not-Tu leader-ship of the pack and tides marriage with Sheilda. Domin-Not-Tu and the Wolfe Pack Howled call back the wolves to return. To those who were surveillancing the corral farm, Left the sight of Civilization Forest. They went back to Wild Wandering Forest where they belong.

Under a new leader Ship: of Domin-Not-Tu: he separated from his family and friends went on his own path: The New leadership he trained his pack to hunt even the lazy wolves. The wolves cooperated together as a family. Surveillance of privileges: to never cross the Boundary Civilization Forest to never hunt there ever again. The surveillance Wolves returned and hunted in the wild and was free.

Authorship: A. GD. Prince:


Rejuvenator Botany Plants: The Green House Residents: 

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E[P1] -mail: agdprince@rogers.com Web Site: http://www.bj01.wordpress.com, WEbook Serge Profile: Come and See: Canadian Caribbean Book: Whitby, Ontario, Canada:

Inspiration: Fi-Fi and the Flower Tots:

Authorship: Writer: A. George Dave Prince

Rejuvenators Botany Plants: The Green House Residents:

Distance away from the hustle and bustle in a distance world away from Human Nation and the Milky Way Galaxy, away from the Pollutions, emissions, radioactive waste, in the stellar Universe of the Plantation Galaxy:

The Green House Residents Plants live in the Land Scape Environment Nation: Flowering Fields, Open High Grass Meadows; Forest, Jungles, Lake; Beach Woods, Conservationist Parks and Sludge Swamps. The Rejuvenators live in Resident Environment: Solar Glass Houses. In Far reaches in Stellar of Space Region of the Rejuvenators Plantation society, The Community lives near the Green Belt Solar System father away from the Planet Earth.
Bark Trunk Complexion: Branch, twigs, Leaflet and Stems Soul’s: Stilt long with circumference round, wide thicken or slender narrow: Long Lengthy high Trunk Branches connected to the twigs and Green Leaves. The Trunk strip bark of ply wood belongs to the body of the tree is Seven feet tall person.

Stem bud Flower: Stilt: Slender narrow thin width, bud Petal circumference, In the middle of the bud cortilla Stilts the from the chin is a face, corsage boutique covers the neck and the collar bone. Lengthy long or short hands, twig Petals on their bone marrow of the feet, Glycols Glove Hands: Elken Dwarf.

Anchor Roots: Land-scape grappler feet hooked into the platonic surface ground in cases of Disastrous Precipitation: Just in case of dangerous change of weather. Calamity collisions could cause mud landscape slides, Rain Sea Flood Wash out, Heavy Rain: Storm-Lightening, Bizarre high wind speeds, At any moment stem or Bark Trunk could timber fall, or be thrown in ditch through rough weather.

Stem and Bark Trunks are not so far way from Human Society. They could injure or hurt themselves, and not mention the obvious Death. The Rejuvenators are not so scared of the normal weather rainfall, Breezy air wind; Sun warmth radiance of heat could heighten weather precipitation of the worst case development. The Rejuvenator may retreat back to the solar glass house for protection: bad precipitation. Rejuvenators: must be aware of their surroundings. Educators teach children about the safety and dangers of their environmental landscape.

Bark Trunk, Stems Buds do not need Bond Fires. Make sure the surface of the ground is not smoking or hot: especially with the hot sun suspension of light penetrating the soul roots of the Surface Soil Ground. Plants need essentials just like you and I. Hospital, Sports, Harvest Stores, Malls, and Restaurants, The Respiration of their lungs is more complexed.

The Respiration System:

Environment Landscape:

Breathing Respiratory System: Plants Breathes in Carbon Dioxide. Move up through the Stems and Trunk branch, twig leaves. The Lungs descend and ascend from the root of their feet, to the top of the Branch or bud stem holding sap sugar Glucose. Wind blowing phasing oxygen through the Trunk of the trees and stems. The Wind is given Bark Trunk or stem: small port cracks, crevices between the trunk branches, and twigs. The wind shift filament air pockets: storage of food.

Air moving upwards, downwards toward the bud flower or Tree trunk phases the anchor root. The Wind transfer Oxygen, in exchanges the breeze will give the Bark Trunk or Bud Stem carbon. Air respiratory system is given to origin anchor roots: Globule Nation: The Wind Breathe givens air passage extra lung breathing through our noises and mouth; Breath Inhale: Breathe Exhales. The Rejuvenators provides for the soul creatures, and People of life. Sharing fresh fragrant heavenly nice sent that come from the bud of leaves, bud flower sharing Provision of Air: Return Breath of Oxygen. Vital Part of leaflets, Grass, bud Flowers, Provides Filament chlorophyll glycols: From Fillings Coverings: Thick White.

Rain Shower: Plantation Anchor roots absorbs, drinks from the surface Soil Ground. Stem, Tree Bark Trunks: leaves need waters also is provided glycols enriching the plantation seed Root and the soil, dewdrops replenishes growth. Earth human’s world should drink four glasses of a day, Aqua water. Divide in the Morning, Noon, and Night, should not drink a whole glass all at once. Rejuvenator’s: drink in the morning and at their bed side before going to bed. They need to drink plenty of water. The landscape environment could wait unit rain fall, enriches the ground soil, The Environmental land scape could at least hold for a week without water. Similar to Earth human, Rejuvenator’s stores tap water units, and fire hydrants in every house hold. Water is living Source of all co-existence of life: Complexion: Stem Flower Bud Rose:

 Summer: Flourish and Grow:

Stilt stem: grappler soul feet pad and with walking able ability, The Plantation Roots is hooked from the surface ground environment, she could unlock her hock roots shifting pulling back the Anchor back into the feet. Throne Stems: Legs, Hip, and Knee, from the ankle bones have a twig leaflets.

Shoulders, arms, hands, stilt out Seasonal Grip Glove. Ladies wears from collar bone a bouquet wrapped around the neck, The Guys V-Vest Corsage. The Soul Body from the neck and chin, of the bud flower raises a complexion face: Rose Rosita. Her mother wakes her daughter pulling the blinds covering upwards wide open. The Radiance Light of the Phi sis suspension: the sun warms her soul body. Rosita sleeps standing in her pottery earth soil Bed stretch her leaves towards the sun, “Wake up Rosita”: Every morning Rosita drinks a lot of water each morning every week.  (Human nation drink four glasses a day, not all at once. Bud Stem, Bark Trunks drinks a lot of water, softening, covering the whole soil.) Leaves will flourish when done properly, they will grow.

Rejuvenation of spring: Juvenilely Flower, Leaves Return: Winter has passed spring has arrived. Special occasion’s event is about to happen in the Rejuvenation Nation. Spring growth Rejuvenates Flower buds, and Tree Trunk branches, twigs freshly uncovers the renew twigs leaves and bud flower Petals.

Winter is melted Lila Lilly, Green Pad complexion: Stem Leaf Green triangle Ridges around the Edges, Pink leaves in the center middle right, and center middle left, Stilt Ovule shape leaves. Stem Branch in the middle next to the bouquet collar bone, and neck sprout out a face complexion. Since Rosita live near the farm both could see landscape of Rebirth in the meadow close to the forest. The town square also nation also waits for fascination of discovery change until morning. Insects and the soul Creatures come out from hiding hibernation those whom sleep through the winter is kept warm from the cold from winter snowflakes.

The Beginning early morning before sun rise: Sugar sap pollination powder, seed petal, small bud petal flower, and cotton ball, is eighter carried by the wind or insect and species transferring them to another field. The seed, pollen powder, petal leaves flouts carried toward another field sailing through the breeze. Rejuvenators are not allergic with allergies.

Summer is busy: The Rejuvenators Tree Trunk Branch twig leaflet, Flower Bud hairs needs to be trimmed to the hedge. Ebonize, and Bramble Bundles popular bushes shape their strand leaves stylish. They get quiet creative with their hair. Summer Landscape stilt grass, Stilt Leaves, Flower Buds gets over grown high in height: Flourishes with growth.

Farm Harvest fields prepare storage for the Stores, Restaurants, Malls and plaza for marketing, Farmers plant Landscape environment seed orchards, Organic, Fruits and Vegetables in the Harvest Fields. Afternoon the children Goes to School, student colleagues learn Education studies of global world Economy, historical History, and elementary Elements, component, compound of math, science and Gym Physical health, the Universal world of curriculum and National and Foreign languages.

Artistry of Art, Compositionist, Composers, Notational Writers of Music Performance, Acting, Stage, Performances, and Dancing Performances is included Community activities outside boarder of the school. To keep the children active busy they participate in sports, Community Civic Center locations with participation programs, music, Amusement parks, Fairs to have fun.

Developing the mind of understanding Children learns about the Aquatic Plants that live in the Ion Ocean seas and rivers. There is an Aquatic Dome city beneath the Immersive depths of the deep. The boat transforms into a submarine phasing through Water, Aquatic bubble Glassy Plexy Dome.  The Children question the hypothesis: is this a theatrical Theists, or philosophy: How is this possible? Is it? Aquatic plants exist. They soon learn that Kelp, and Sea Weed is living prove of under water plants exist in the Oceansea’s.

(Flourish and Grow):

Mountain Hill Night Glow Flower’s:

(Illumination Glow Night Flowers 🙂

The Creator Crystal Moon Flowers: Plant Flowers that thrive in the moon Light and at night: Closes it petals in the Radiant Sun Morning:

Glow Illumination Floral Moon Flowers, Datura Double Purple, Angel Trumpet Bell Flower (seed is not to be handled), Lotus Blue Flower, and Pink Sakura: Cherry Blossom.

(Early Morning Riser’s,)

Queen B: Pink Flower, Tremble Rocky Mountain Flower, Orca Flowers, and Morning Glories:

Mountain Hill: Glow Night Flowers:

High Hill trail Forest Peak near the Mountains a phenomenon a curd. Flash of an Aluminous Flower beaming glittering bright light at the hill near where the camp sites… The Rejuvenators younger thought the Hill side was Hunted, None went near the forest. Marley Tremble Rocky Mountain Hill Floral Flower invited Rosita and Lila to the camp. Marley is Private Child whom keeps to himself. He Marley is active in school and went to guide camp.

Marley tried inviting the other children but they would they would go near the Hunted forest none would listen to Marley Explanations. Lila and Rosita decided to solve the case themselves by joining in the Camp. There must be a logical Reason. The Guide of experience children pick a safe spot where to camp while the Authority examines the top richness of the soil Surface, Open Area depth of the trees and place where rain showers, they could also hold their food storage.

Authority Guide is will to help with aid if any need to learn to set up their tent properly. The sun descended in the Evening of dim light. Lila and Rosita were Roommates while in the tent. The array sun of radiance turns to Illumination of Night. The Aluminous Moon of light Refractor shined over the peak, the meadow Camp.

Since the Aluminous Moon borrows from the Sun. The metallic moon creator: crystal prism reflects bounces off the suspension of light unto the Rejuvenators world, Bright light shines hovering over the camp. The Children saw the suspension of light spiracle surrounded the camp. The children could have panicked but went to the Queen B: Tropic Pink Flower. The instructor was suppost to help them. What they were about to see unaware with an element of surprise touch by moon Prism: Reflection the Pink flower glowed. Unwinds in the day slowly flourishes open at night.

In the Illumination of the night these plants Large Plant Opened.; The Illumination White Floral Glow Moon Flower, Datura Double Purple Flower, Angel Bell Trumpet, Water Plant Glitter by the moon reflection Lotus Blue Flower, Pink Sakura: Cherry Blossom Tropical Plant, Orca petal Plant thrives open in night must remain undisturbed. The children solved the Aluminous Glow in the fields that many Rejuvenators thought that the field was haunted. Floral Plant Flowers that glowed in the night. Lila and Rosita slept standing in their soil comforter beds they went to sleep. The Floral Early Raiser Flower: is the first to wake before the others in Morning of Don.

Autumn Season of fall:

Landscape Canons leaflet Stem twig, Tree Trunk Branch twig is weaken by the Radiant Phi sis of the sun. The Canons leaves gathered to much energy distorts colour yellow. The Leaf changes in the Morphic season in complexion bright colouration. The season Canons leaves flake, Wrinkles, fragile crushed breaks in many pieces. Still leaves.
The leaf loses the grip strength cannot whole on to the twig oval leaf that drops to the ground. Loosening the leaf that fallen to the ground by gravity or the perception shift of the wind may carry eventually land on the surface of the ground. Humans are injected with a flu shot to protect themselves from the winter temperatures Chillness of the Cold Fever.

Landscape environment is whole punctured in Autumn Fall. The Meadow field is arrogated before winter settles in. Potassium Mulch covers the meadow landscape soil field environment from tough harden ground Soil. Plants will not grow.

Even the Rejuvenators need Protection before the winter the doctor’s helps the community before Autumn Fall. The Rejuvenators season’s complexion colouration is wonder to behold reflective radiant natural of nature sight of outer beauty. The Rejuvenators Stem, Trunks Branch, twigs is potentially warm they do not need fire. In the Season landscape plant flowers, usually rot and does not return once the winter settle on the ground. Landscape the winter certain Plant live: Tree Trunks: Branch, Twig Leaflets: Needle Trees or scale like leaves, Spruce, Bear and Pine Cone: It is Essential of Floral Plants and Trees to prepare for winter with bright colourations leaves while Doctors help the economy. Autumn Fall Array of Colours is fashionable to the nation.

 Season of winter:  Rejuvenators:

Snow Coat and Gloves:

Frosty winter cold rush chill, flurry, blizzardery high speed of the winds. Root absorb flakes of the snow, regularity glucose slows down. The misty sea from the top freezes and the misty water evaporates into the clouds.

Feel the ion breeze of the misty watery sea. The Earth tilts turn away from the sun feeling the cold chill air of the wind. Winter has come. The land scape branches, and bud petal patch bud is bare, is gone. Petal Bud flower dies.

Lasting Long Ever Greens, Needle Nose trees, Converse Pine Cones trees survive the winter. Flakes drop to the ground the Rejuvenators loses their canyon colourful Morphic leaves, and bud patch petals while outside in the winter cold air. When winter flakes falls on the ground the landscape Snow weighs heavier than Bark Trunk: Branch, twigs.

In this Case Rejuvenation rejuvenates puffy new winter coats. Morphic freezes on the bark of their branches, or stems wearing warm gloves and mitts. Glazed crystal dimon that sparkles: Friezes like jewels, Option of; Snowy, Hazy Hail, and Icy Silver fashion trend of colour.

In the winter the Rejuvenators are warm playing winter games and sports, have enjoyment of fun. Outside in the snow they are not cold. Busy in the winter snow has to be removed clearing the drive ways. Every fall and winter food is stored in doors must be packed away.

In doors the Rejuvenators Morphic colour will shift back to origin juvenilely rejuvenate oval shape Leaves or petal bud patch growth returns back to the branches or thin stems. In the Green House Neighbour Hood the Snow will fall to the ground surface. The Solar Glass window panel will keep them warm for the winter. Petals have no need to chop fire wood. Illumination of night the Rejuvenators stilts in the vase or pottery bed. In the comfort of their blanket they rest to sleep standing.

Authorship Writer: A.GD. Prince