The Visitor Train Station:  The Passenger Section:

The Crowded Destination: Not a Minuet Before or After:

Inspired Inspiration:
Nut Cracker:
Alice and Wonder Land:
Fiction:Children Mystical Fantasy:
Authorship: Audley Georgedave Prince

The Visitors Train Station:
The Passenger Section:

The Rat Pack Crowded Destination:

Halolloza’s Children and his Wife missed their Dad a long distance away from home. It has been a couple of months their Father went on business trip attending a conference. Good News, Father was suppost to arrive today but did not happen that way. The road was flooded, and his battery went dead, he needed to stay to spend the night at a HOTEL.

That Evening: Zirra Halolloza family is invited them to spend the night with their cousins at their new house. Her Sister Asked Zirra “to bring the children”: Altha-Tina Halolloza and Alex-Zama Halolloza.

Zirra would usually  wait, she would not go without her husband however he came to the house late, he not make it in time. Jazzarry Halolloza tried to call on the cell phone however the telecommunication is disconnected, his phone needed to be recharged.

Calling on a Telephone Booth he told his family he would meet them at his cousin house unless he gets there to the house first. Altha-Tina and Alex-Zama both left a picture drawing on the fidget rater door. Mother also wrote a note they were leaving on the train and they took taxi.

Father came home a couple of minutes late. Oh where, Oh where could: his children and wife be? Father saw the note; his family left rushing out the door to catch the train before the railway leaves without them.

Father arrived at the Train Station and tries to call out his family over crowd barrior of people. The train Conductors calls: “On Aboard!” The children hopped on the trains with their mother behind them going up the steps.

Father was blocked by a Crowded, As the Train move the children  imagined the public of People were Rat Packs waiting for another Rail-Train to arrive. Father missed his children and wife by a few-minuets, the rail-train left. Mother guided the children to the cabin ROOM number and told them not to wonder too far and remember this number; 5, she will be near. The Children left to explore each train sector car isle Booth.

Isle Passenger Booth:

Images of Imagination passengers in the Cubical Isle Sector Box Booth seem like accessory of Toys. Passenger Isle 2: Clicket Rickety, Polymer Plastic Stiff joints body connectors, similar to dolls but more flexible than robots that moves freely. Puppets, Muppet reel string on the roof is sitting beside them. Wheel Barrings pulling: their hand, feet and mouth they slid through the hall. It Felt like someone is controlling their movement.

Next Sector 3: Solider in a train: stilt Stiff: Marching Mural Walkers, head-up tall high. A single unit line up with discipline Mural. Clicket: Robotic followers listen to Lieutenant, Commander and Captain. In Aliment their JOB to stop Hallo-cost, Genocide, Atrocities, Silver-line Solve and negotiations: to stop conflicts; assaults, combat, weaponary, Disconnection field Traps: Stop the On Slot: battle of war.

There are passengers who is Fidgeting nervous, Isolated Readers, Internet Loggers, Egoisted Loner and sleepers who does not want to be bother in his seat. Egoisted Parents: Chasing their children while hopping over the seats, similar to hopping over the moon, each passenger isle booth is different.

Dining Sector:  Mice and Rats creating dishes: Prep Preparations, Cook Preparers: diner Setting welcoming Costumers. Service Host well maintains the area, keep their kitchen is sparkling.

Another Sector also held in passenger seat for forest Creatures. Each sector area has a different personality on the train each divided in sections. The Conductor took everyone no matter who they were. Then the children saw the top booth cubical area rout, The map hanging on the train ceiling wall. The area’s that lead to different Train Station locations. The Conductor reaches in his pocket and took out his golden watch.

The Conductor then told the children they should not leave the train not a minute before or after, until the train arrives to the visitors station. The location place of destination: The direction where you belong.

Monkeys’ swing, in and swung out on the handle bars on a vine into the jungles. Soul Creature walk out into the Meadow Field plains or Forest. The Train slows halt to a stop, and then checks for passengers coming on board and those who left. If the sight is clear, they left toward the next station. They could not stick around, they could not stay too long, and they have a SCHEDULE to keep.

Each Passenger comes off and on. Duration of time slows down for those who they are being dropped off. Watching the time: making sure passengers are clear, they do not to get close to the train, keeping a watch surveillance eye on the crowd.

Ze-Mear Quarrymon a little child who is a dare devil decided to take off and leave the train went through the open hatch of the doors: the Ozone dimensional track portal stopped at the Creator Stellar Moon: The Astronaut’s Stop. He ended of flouting.

The Problem: If the train  leaves the child behind, the next arrival subway will pick up the child. Station Terminal will track the lost child keeping him in the Dome Station. The Child is allowed to Air; float, bounce on the stable moon creator while waiting for the Subway Train: the conductor is notified.

The child got to see the global world of the map while Astronauts got off this stop. Lucky for child there is a Duration Time freezes for twenty minutes. The youngster had to decide before the train leaves him behind at the Dome Station, before the train is gone.

Ze-mear-Quarrymon: decided to stay with his mom letting her know “leaving the train was bit scary”. He Mother told him “he should not have left in the first place” then he said “sorry,” then She hugged him saying all is forgiven.

Mothers knows best: “Be Patient”: she says, “Until placement destination of time has finally has arrive. Getting off the train, The Bell rings: Not a minute before and not a minute after.

Rat’s rushes out in packs they left the terminal searching for a vehicle; Taxis, Bus, Cars, vans, trucks walking possibly to meet Family, Friend, Acquaintances, and certain strangers, rushing out the door they went their separate ways.

No time for discussion, hi or bye, Keep an eye on the clock, when the train is ready to go before its leaves for the next station. Mother waits until the crowd to slows down. She catches the taxi going to the Plaza Mall to search for a present for her sister.

The Lost Retail Store:

The children were allowed to stick around and play with the accessory toys or read at the book. When mother calls they should leave immediately.

The lost Store of Retailer when parent call their voices may fade in the distance. The children may stay forever, lost in forgetfulness not knowing where there children is. Children motivationally is distracted with Interest not noticing each child is disappearing.

Children are morphed into accessory toys for those who stay too long. The children are fascinated with the entire accessories that is in the store. Snapping them out of their fantasy when their mom calls.

They recognized to whom they are, and did not hang around and left with their mother, Those who do not listen to the call: Does not matter if it is the happens to be Children’s Mom or Dad’s Companion Friend’s, Bond Family Members, Relative Cousin: The Adult might leave them behind to those who cannot hear.

Halolloza’s children rather stay with their mother or father this why children should always listen to the call. Taxi drove Halolloza’s family towards their cousin house, their relatives. To whom arrives to see his children first is the Majesty the King their father Jazzarry. Both children and his wife gave him a supportive hug of greetings. They reached the Visitor Station and celebrated Christmas with their relative cousins.

Not Minuet Before or Not a Minuet After:

Authorship: A.GD. Prince: