The Book of Dream’s: The Dreamensionist:

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Authorship: Audley Georgedave Prince:

Dreamer’s Book: The Dreamensionist:

From the Beginning: A cave Person or Biblical Person used Hieroglyphic Illustration drawings to Key Type a Stone tablets. To describe their mind of thought to communicate with the globule Nation of the World. Tendency of the brain splits into sections: Realization Practical Theist Fact; Mystic Fantasy: idealist of Dreamensionist Dreams, The hidden book is born. Since the visualizationist is able to illustrate see, description write: Imaginary images;  The Problem: no one owns the Book’s of Dream destiny to where it may lead.  The Dream Book: Long Existed before people.

Upstairs: there is sky Roof-Solar panel through the Window Pane, works at night: Harnessing Energy; Refractor Light of the Moon and Emination Pulse from the Stars, the book casing is activated shining upon the podium, using the computer wireless tablet on the printer table is left in the Center Hall of the Library or House. Globule Books implanted tiny small Microchips near the solar panel glass windows, transferring sending data to recall, retracted, receive, Gathered books Information is collected, Fragmented squeezed Compounds, the words and drawings are combined; opening a vortex window for more space.

Those who are Description Authorship Writers, 
Master Piece: Inspirationist Entertainers, 
Composition Interpretationist,
Notation/ Lyrical Creative Composer’s, 
Drafter, Drawer, Painter Image Describe Illustrationist, 
Magic Trick Illusionist: 
Every Artist or Writer’s has a visualize vision;  
A Wonder search that should spark an idea that needs to take shape.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words Right? The Dreamer is trying to capture an Imaginary transference speck within the tendent of the brain, passers-by of many. Virtual Dreamer must visualize: needs a computer to scan-the tendent of the brain to open the vortex portal; to enter Virtual World of the Dreamension.

(1.) Drafting away:

(2.) Day Dreaming:

(3.) A Sleep:

(4.) Knocked Out:

(5.) UN-concision:

(6.) Brain-Storming:

(7.) Idealist Innovation: Creativity:

(8.) Innovationist Music Composer’s:

(9.) Innovation Inventionist: Mechanic/ Tech:

The Little Professor is about to try to open a Ion portal Vortex within the Quarter Room’s; Basement, Garage and The mesh backyard of the house, however using the front door as an escape, Entrance  route; just in case. The Problem: The Professor must complete his work before sundown, before the Daylight came up. The window of time he may have to wait the next night if he decides to stay-up before the morning. Using Light Collector Roof Window Panels, Star Emination and Moon Light Refracture Bounce Beam, A small Glass Collectors is above each Quarterly Dorm Rooms: he will able to activate the Entrance within the house or library.

Something is Familiar: Person, Place, Soul Creature, Area Location, or thing, it is almost like the person has been there before. The Professor uses a wireless table printer tablet and a Disk Convertor as a book Conversion of Transference: To enter the Ion imaginary stellar sky creating a Dreamensional Virtual Portal to the unknown: A world filled of ideas. Closet: Amusement Park, Fairs, Circuses, Garage: Lost/ Found/ Junk Retriever Set, Construction Builder; Fix-it Tool Time Repairers, Mesh Backyard Doors: Forest, Jungles; Cabins, Wood lake Cabins and Beaches Cottages, Library Dreamensional Index world of readers another story.

(1.) The Daughter Room: The World of Manikin’s: neighbour-hood Set

(2.) The Son’s Room: Builder Toys / City Construction set, and Vehicles:

(3.) The Parent Room: Politic Policies / Principles Moral Ethics/ Event News:

(4.) Basement: Radio Studio Air Recorder Band, Television Disk Set and Game Room: Besides what is downstairs use for: the Heat Boiler Room, Cold Attic and Fire Place; There is nothing to be afraid of!

(5.) Extra Spare Room: Living Quarters: Just in case of Visitors:

{1.} Select a book before entering the Quarter Room: The book must be transferred onto a disk

{2.} and inserted into a Turn the key-Knobs:

The Professor’s Brother’s and Sister’s Quarterly Dorm Rooms:

Each Room is different: The whole house converted into a spacial stellar quantum continuum doorways. The Closet: The Pole Hanger’s became an amusement thrill ride: Ski; Slider Sleds, Toboggans, Roller Skates, Rolla Boarding, Water Beach Surf Boarding, Snow Boarding, Cliff Hook Hanger Zip Line Ride, Jungle Vines/ Swings: and a short cut towards the Professor house. The problem: to enter the closet: The ticket Master needs to hear the dreamer scream, to make the person: become one year younger.

Night: The Professor picks a Convertor Diary Book with Blank Pages put on the printer:  Time Clock: keeps spinning fast around in circles: three hundred and thirty degrees and Intersection Vehicle’s are seen in a flashes too soon to be a blur. The Property did not move, the land Pyrimidines shifted changed: Ion Realization Realm, Animatronics’ Realm, Cartoon Relm, the House enter Virtual city.   Most people would think the city is a Protector Glass dome: However the Cube is high above the Troposphere it is hard to see.  

The Sky Cube controls the sky wheather of each nation economy and incoming Information.  Speck of dream’s: come in short sphere Triangle Shape: is portal transferable sent within the brain. Passing each individual eye’s, only a person could select the right dream for them.    

The Public Animainian’s, Human Nation, Green Belt Cultured Rejuvenationist, Stellar Nationior’s outside the city they are friends: The Industrial, Residential Community, The city seem to be in a circle, Sea Ocean is Fifteen degrees, Fourth five degree angle.  In the Central Part around the city is the dome: VR-Virtualer’s to weather they are in television acting Performance, or Virtual gamers’, they are selected and employed similar to Famous Stars.  Not all want to join; they have their own reasons.  

 The Professor studied and written his book while he mingled with the community: Got to fly in Aviation Plane, Cruiser Stellar Starship, and Oceansea-Crewship to see the cube connected to the Entry, Apart leaving from the Rotational Fiery Heliosphere. The Professor got to see globule world and the unseen Stellar Nation’s throughout the Galaxy: The Problem: so many years in the nation his home became alive and a Pyrimidines transference inter-dimensional vector portal that could take him anywhere, thanks to reconfiguration of the Animainian’s.  His House created a duplication copy into the World Realizational Realm; leaving a Empty Professors house with furniture and Appliance. Seems the Professor could not go back home however he could see the real realm through a virtual Screen.

The Board Game:

Morning: when the Professor Brother was eight years of age he invited his best friend to come to his house, Joshston Zombia brought a Game Play Board: Mystic Book of Magic: King Author Court, with dice, Placing the Instruction book on the Ion printer to get a copy. The Book morphed his brother, his friends into Castle Monarch Air’s, Monarch Knights; The Magical Magician was aided by his Magic Assistance’s; similar to Scavenger Hunt.

Their cousins or friends are required to getting items from the outside Region Community, magically rubbing their palms, pressing the hands by touch on the original piece, duplicate the item: Goblet, Crown, Swords, and mallet using their enhanced abilities. They must Invent their own transport vehicles, or exercise: Brisk, walk, run or cycle, Kenosis Elevation: Navigation Direct (object’s) without machines, Aviation of area Air Flight, Velocity fast Speed, Flight Levitation, and Invent Transport Vehicles: Mecha’s / Zoids.

They were suppost to retrieve Items for the King or the Magician to gain points. The closer got they must find the magic items: the book became more activate however to gain Immortality the problem: one would have to win, (not aware of the Little Professor Experiment.) The Mystic Book created a field barrior shield perimeter around the user’s house; later the professor brother brought his friends and family to play the game: Those who lost did not win were morphed into figurines. The Heroic Defender the King or the Magician became more command directive and got meaner: with abuse did not want to change them back.

Trapped they were suppost to retrieve the item for them while racing against time before it was over. The Hero used a telescope to gain advantage over his opponent to see the further in the future however he grew fraidle older, bit by bit into elder, similar to a video game. The Professor Brother and the Magician could not die however Fraidle age is reverted backwards as children once the game was over. Family and Friends is resets; regains their soul-life back. The Participators is given back their youthfulness, the game is restarted again. (Each time the Professor looked in the Telescope: the nation map: an Island fault land becomes slowly conversion into a dreamensional ionosphere stellar space continuum. The Globule World is slowly disappearing becoming more fantasy.)

Since trapped in the game, Family and Cousins grew wary of game repeating the same game all the time. The King invited their First Chosen One, a friend of the Majesty Hero to become their Narrator/ Referee Rule-Ship Reader to save them all. The next Problem both got caught up in a love triangle. Similar to King Author and Sir Knight Jealous rose between them.

An Outsider another friend of the King pulled her away from the area before marriage could happen. Her mother hid the book in the library, died giving birth to The Next Chosen One. They lived in Canada for awhile her father decided it was time to move back and see his old neighbour Hood: England. The Magician: is an excellent binding spells reader however was not allow to read the Bio-Practical Real Thesis Non-Fiction Books: by touching the magical mystic book could make him invisible, The Book magical book gave him memory Knowledge: fused in brain without readership.

Both needed the help of the Next Chosen One: her name Mandgy. They acted rather acted worriedly, strangely; neither the King nor the Magician, were not allowed to leave the house. The King left the job to his cousins to find her. The Magician flouted while following her to school, Emperor Brother in the basement turned out to be a mean person wanting no part of the characterization script clutches of the Mystic book, he wanted out. The Chosen One was chilled scared afraid of them at first, found the Courage: confront her fears finding the dreamensional book in the library only it turned out to be a fake.

Mandgy once afraid of them had to get away from them: explored the Backyard of the house: once opening the mesh doors the yard-garden expanded into a plain meadow forest, Conservation Ranger Trail Parks and Jungle any place she wished to see. The Yard-Shed could transfer her to distance Places far away. Yard-Shed Converges within: Log Cabins, Wood Lake Cabins and Beach Cottages, Conservation Ranger: Cabin Range-Hut Buildings. She notices the Yard-Shed that did not change. It stayed close to the house.

Opening the Yard-shed she found underground transportor transference energized Branch Portal Trail Path: lead around the Globule Nations. Power of the Stars: give off light Emanation its own power. The dreamensional emanates a barrior between both houses. Both acting a little odd, both personality has mentally changed asking for The Next Chosen One help. The Chosen One decided to block the solar light panel from the roof, blocking off an Emination Star and the Refracture Moon Barrior, light cannot enter.

Not aware of a Min-Acorn: Wolf was watching them though the computer to soon to transfer himself from fantasy, Materialization Image himself into a Real Wolf, Let not get too ahead of ourselves. The Families and Friends were free from the adventurer game. Early Morning return they all got to go back their houses however the Chosen One felt an uneasy tension: the game is not over: felt crepted out from the story, with a wonder to where professor has gone.

The Solar Eclipse:

Like a mentioned: The Sun came up in the Morning deleting the Dreamensional world of Darkness, when the sun goes down: Dreamensional Portal was suppost to be inactivated. Warned about two distance worlds soon will collide within their Stellar Galaxy, It is suppost to happen in the Morning Day. Reports of the televised television tells the public about the Solar Eclipse Period soon to happen in the morning, “just do not stare into the sun; warned to stay home!” No one listening is paying attention to the cast News, The Chosen One once more went into the backyard and visited her cousin in Ottawa visiting the Washington Boarder House of Senates.

Morning: The Solar Eclipse: released materializes the Min-Acorn; converting him into Practical City: the Globule Economy transformed into a Lego Mystic Toy City within the Region. For those who look under the bed saw Mystical Monsters walking out of the house, Demons Patrollers surveillancing the Street. Adults who grabbed their Coats: The Ticket Taker’s took their sonic breath, needed them to scream, making the adults slowly morph into child youngsters until they reached Youngster Tot Age, retracting them no further.

Manikin’s and Doll’s: materialized morphed into real perfectionist people. Children got to meet their child hood dreams asking for their Auto-graph. Manuel Street Vehicles transformed into Tonka, Vehicle Sets; Vehicles became alive; startling the Drivers. Drivers still could direct the vehicles to their where abouts location to where they wanted to go, traveling through the Region. The Builder Constructionist that uses brick, stone, rock, pillars who builds Residential Houses. Homes paradined converted transferred into Lego block sets, even the Intercession and Ash-fault; Leg Street Road, but Sturdy.

Mystic Monster’s: did not push to scare the Chosen One or other children: The problem: They were surprised when they jumped out of the Shelves, Treasure Chest Cabin’s and Cubbert, clueless how they got into the Realm Realization Nation. Mystic Scare Monsters: materialized located a particulate child; Those who are afraid, trembles through their mind thought and dreams, however once when the child reaches bravery and Courage level, the Scare Monster were suppost push back and vanish or Diminish back to their Virtual Relm. Even the Scare Monster’s became confused realized they were not able to disappear, could not return back to Virtual Dream Relm scaring the City, meanwhile the nation public contacted the police.

The Eclipse would not go away bringing the Monsters back into sold form: The Min-Acorn Wolf laughs:” Both the Bio-Practical Thesis Worlds and Dreamensionist World have collided is now one; Thank to the Professor he created a dons a new age”. The Professor Brother does not remember seeing his brother in the morning while he and his friend were playing the board game. He told the Chosen One where she might find the book on the printer scan. Then the Chosen One realized the book on the printer acted as a disk, scan insert, then he she saw the professor in the computer screen asking for her help.

The Wolf- side tracked and the children found within themselves the inner strength of bravery, and Courage keeping the monster busy from entering the closet after the Chosen One. The Monsters almost coincided with the children imagination; a line is drawn here to keep the scare Monster back, they were not afraid. The Chosen One went inside Prime Minister’s closet a short cut, rode back to the Professor House on a hanger Zip Line, reversing her age a year younger.

The Chosen One Opened the Printer Scan: The Professor wrote a Stateship Memo and told the Chosen One “the book is magnetized. She must try and write on the Computer Key-Board, which transformed into a Dell Rod Pen. The Chosen One wrote on the Plexy glass with an Etch magic sketch Pad Dell Rod Pen,” since the professor had use no paper. The Book should unlock, and be released from the Processor Monitor and the Internet Web. Within the House pelted sand filled-up the Front Hallway under the stairs.  The Wolf converted the window, walls, Doors, Floors, Ceilings into a Virtual I-Max Screen; wonders why bother reading while everyone is watching television. The Chosen one holds her left arm and hand vertical in the air in shape of a cup.

Suddenly a converter appears shutting them down Screen; reducing television Disk video, Convert televised internet processor and She Tells the wolf “Access time; the world is not about having an empty brains, learning must also come forward with relaxation”. Then wolf transferred her to a hot Dessert with stones, and Rock in Aliment, left her with a peg, chisel tool and hammer. The Emptiness is nothing but void: a portal was waiting to pick the chosen one up to be part of the dreamensional world of her choosing however the chosen one use the peg and broke the stone transferring her to a cave wall, use a chisel to writing bring her back home sand is still filling from front hall half way up to the stairs.          

City meanwhile: Paper wrapped around the Lego sidewalk and streets converted turned to Inter glass-locks, where the Mystic Monster’s were standing on. She managed to use the dell rod Pen and write: The Title front cover: Books of Dreams, as the sun and the moon separated divided apart weakling the magnet, then the sand dissipated and the power subsided the sand reaching near her feet.

The Min-Acorn offered the Chosen Ones any Parallel Real World Verses of her selection before she could separate the book back in the Dreamensional Imaginary Relm Book of thoughts. The Solar Eclipse started to separate apart. The Chosen One tells the Wolf she chooses the Bio-Thesis Practical Realization, Real Era of her Nation and not just as an Imaginary world of Mystic Dreams which is a part of us. Imaginary Images holds no limitation of possibilities, unlike the Real World; she would like to explore. Both World’s holds wonders and she will always to be part of that, an enteric part of our universe.

The Min-Acorn, and the Mystic Demons, Ghouls, Goblins were descend through the Image Reflection glass sidewalk, and pulled into the Vortex portal, The Min-Acorn Wolf switches places with the Professor back in the upstairs hallway he returned. His child Hood: Soul-body stretched Radiation fluctuation the Professor into a Grandfather. The Wolf warns that he will return someday meanwhile The City came back to Normal.

Authorship Writer: A.GD. Prince